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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

State enforced pandemic highway robery , human traficing forced labor, attempted murder, 3x overlooked assults.

 this is so crazy. why even bother eating? i cant i cant go anywhere but on foot. 16 years of things taken. aug 2018 to now ordered around as mgpd enforce 0 notice lock change

march 11th 6 days car broken down in city they picked 20 days to end of lease with notice served to vaycate in 2020... still none of my stuff back

police ignoring all attempts to report its being destroyed, refusing to acknowledge attempts to report attempted murder or oral lease existed... year and a half forced to drive away in car i dont own from house with all my assets under lock and key.....

served with ofps. 

0 criminal and speeding tickets for civil. 

they got their paid of 430k house fixed of the mold that made me sick nov 2018 while i was in mental ward and i tell doc "i have email with mold pro and extermination docs from last apt on my gmail on my phone", "patients aren't allowed phones on ward. ...(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs" i wasnt itching and not a mark on me, i told him the story of how i got there. i stuck to how it was confirmed, i told him id been in a hotel for 3 months (actually several) 

i actually started the remediation when the mold was confirmed jan 2018... they got 6300usd in computer work done, some lv electrical work, trim ripped out of basement while i suposibly rented a 10x10 room. plymouth is 1.32usd /sq /mo aka on site it consulting market value of 150 an hr... one hey come help me... a month and rent was paid. ive done that for small biz since 2004. 


aug 6th 2018 ish i left for 2 weeks max at a hotel. ive got recorded calls the second week telling me not to call again or go around there. Bonnie and Clyde rabbit and all my things....garage door code changes

its like calling ins on payday near the Mexican border. instead paul and marlene used me to identify a massive issue with their house that had spread to my previous apt when cosmos cat got sick and i visited there house. 

here was apt pre 2018 at their house

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