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thermal expansion or attempted murder?

as the cell my abductors pay for to hold me in lacks blankets... last night I fell asleep with door unlocked and quarts ir heater shining on me. it was 3ft from the end of the bed on a folding table. I awoke to find it face down on the carpet. 

luckily it is equipt with a tilt sensing cut off switch. 

my abductors filed ofps March 11th 2020. note one of them attempted to call me at 530am this morning. 

July 2019 maple Grove MN police responded to me communicating :I have evidence police reports are being used as weapons and my mom was trying to kill me 


if we put that on record we might be liable. 

MN Justice... but on a human level this is so many kinds of terror. Police can selectively not enforce most anything. once u exxperiance this a few times it's conditioning against even calling 

no telling that this was the actions of a murderous parent. but the 530am call from someone with an active ofp...sarcastic ly speaking I'm so paranoid I fall asleep with the door unlocked. less sarcastic, the state law enabling ofps on hearsay.. that pass automatic ly if one cant attend civil court. make no provisions to realize one party may take actions to block another's attendance... also strip ones legal right to bear arms. if nano bots for gene mods become a thing maybe I'll test it with actual bear arms (joke)combined this wirh police able to overlook attempted murder and repedative theft.. what's the point in being concerned? I either go to prision or am murdered most officers care about nothing Inbetween.thefts have included even my photo id. aka I get a lot of shit for not seeking employment but last I checked... 2 forms and photo ID for food stamps 
Maple Grove police the encounter before they served the ofps were yelling at me for having driven down wirh out it on me. 
parents file ofps and police don't care they stole my id. just activating the ofp. no concern for the fact they have enforced a 0 notice lock out where all my valuables are still stored or overlooked attempted murder. forced me to drive away from my valuables in a car I don't have title to. 
Authority without accountability. I can foresee some instances where it's good that the police can legally lie. Overall though not listening to them can equal physical injury to oneself. Truck becomes a bit traumatic when they can tell you whatever they want and you have to listen or risk injury yet they are allowed to tell you anything they want regardless of the law

And with little oversight to that almost ultimate power today I believe what's happening to me is a predictable result. There might be some liability in what they do but there's little hope of extracting that or even me being alive if what they do can separate me from all property all things required to even get a job. Someone on the street is unlikely to wage at court case

then the extra go fuck yourself is when state bar tells you no one wants to touch emergency medical holds. pretty sure mine was illegal executed. 
stated reasons "paranoid behavior, suicidal threats to dad" this was 3mo after they changed lock keeping all my things and 2 live pet rabbits with 0 notice. hotel 3 room 6 because my dad is making bookings 1 week in length and I'm burning saving bonds to pay for gas and food.
What I can find on the state law says specific reasons should have been listed more specific than the general paranoid. Which makes a lot of sense because how can a doctor you've never met before determine what is paranoid if they don't want any information on the situation and have no Baseline to gauge it against.

But why should any requirements be lifted if no one's looking over this if there's no oversight? What we've done is legalized state sponsored abduction with zero probable cause for 3 to 5 days

There's an old truth in the saying dead men tell no Tales. That's why I'm talking here while I'm still alive

The result of medical hold was my medical records now says that mold and bugs were delusion. Despite me not having a mark on me nor complaining of mold and bugs in the holding cell referred to as a hospital room. Despite telling the doctor I have the email from the mold inspector hired and documents confirming the extermination at my previous apartment on my Gmail on my phone. Their response was patients aren't allowed phones on the ward

Combine that with the police ability to overlook attempted murder and theft of absolutely everything. Combined with repeated or subsequent steps of things needed to get a job to get away from this

Combined with Force physical relocation under threat of all of my things being held with police assistance being destroyed or gotten rid of.

State-enforced infestation torture and death under hearsay as probable cause

I'm not sure if this could happen to anyone. Complicating matters are the fact that my dad was vice president of his SEIU Local for probably 20 years and also sat on the AFL-CIO and later ctw labor Council for the state. If I understand correctly that also includes the police Union. Another possible explanation is early on they screwed up with false reports and as I mentioned above there might be liability I can't tell for sure but this is not anywhere anyone should end up

The day I got out of the medical hold I was sent a picture they literally paid for having the basement and their house remediated by professional while I was getting the diagnosis claiming it was delusional

Then the first of 2 rabbits I've had as pets and Friends since 2007 died. This was November 2018 3 months after the locks changed at my parents. Zero notice change 8 months after moving back in. Bonnie rabbit had been allowed to get so thin that the day my mom decided she needed the vet was the day she died. The vet pretty much at the start asked if they're going to be okay with syringe feeding her.

I'd say this is about Minnesota doesn't want good men. Except that would be narrow sighted. The thing underneath all of these is the rodents constitutional rights. What ofp actually gives the state is hearsay eliminates the need for a warrant to arrest. This started under protecting women but I believe in that was a r u mose or a cause that appeared just and would be accepted by the public

 the only thing on my record before this started was speeding tickets from 2006 to 2018 I did not live at their house
The Maple Grove Police are telling me it's my fault for accepting anything that they offered in the form of money and that they'll always have some control if I accept it. They're telling me this over a year into standing with guns and badges between me and everything I had earned and all those years before or ever been given. We know now as a species that what you eat contributes to Quality of Life how long you live and what you die of. They're not separating me from just toys they're separating me from things I used to cook nutritious meals in the past from things I used to earn money in the past

I asked one officer one night if slavery was legal are you arguing it would not take money to keep the slave alive but of course he  didn't want to entertain that conversation

The reason for the call was I drove down three days hungry to the house that held all my valuables. I told my dad on the phone call before you make me feel like a slave. He responded what was that just the last word. In other words please repeat the word slave. Then he hung up. The reason for the call was I was sitting on public property outside that house not having set foot off of public property. This was well before about three months the restraining order

Results of the night I was yelled at for driving down without my ID on me. So I leave it in the car to make sure I won't not have it the next time it gets stolen by the people who filed a restraining order and the rest is police and state-sponsored murder or incipient murder or manslaughter whatever you want to call it

Stearns County actually refused to serve actually refused to serve the ofps

Maybe it was the fact that the people who sought them and got them then came up two days after and tried calling in a welfare check and two weeks later another maybe it was covid-19 maybe there's things I don't know Maple Grove Police had no such reservations. May 22nd I was again down there without the means to eat all my stuff held since August 2018 still in their house. My ID taken with the last Maple Grove Police encounter being yelled at for not having it all they cared about was activating the ofp I pointed out I can't get food stamps or Minnesota snap without it they didn't even care they basically sent me away to starve


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