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Saturday, August 15, 2020

they paid for the right to execute their sob

I just realized my my mom once displayed one of the traits of borderline. I'll have to look it up maybe it's not specific 

turning over in my head I remembered a 

know your neonatal nurse practitioner corner. Marlene dortthy wuethrich cnp childrens st paul. 

I have a feeling she threatens my dad with false reports though I have no doubt he's cluster b as well. I know they saw a therapist but have a feeling they lied to him/her

garbage in garbage out. usually an expression about quality of data a program runs or the coding. applies to story and responce from the therapist as well. or entry and exit from the office

no seriously. I detected their mold issue 2014. they make sure I'm still dealing with it. they took my id, have all my thifns, picked where I lived.. click the right nsv bar for how I usrd to cook. 

kitchen contains Clyde rabbit in the freezer summer. she knows after loss purpose is most important. likely she knows if infected or sick it's equally important. if she's brought up drugs as a smear.. stop and think.. take all purpose take all nutrition. force exposure and hard labor on your mold. 

threaten to lose Bonnies ashes 

cluster b

vacation to WI dells. the neighbors 3 houses over had a time share. the next door neighbors went as well. 

the trait is a tendency to feel attacked. I think Mike Dorn said something about her being in the dog house for soenthing. she would not let it go. I suppose it's possible I don't know the context but every memory I have of thst family Mike is somewhere between chuckling and a belly laugh. my guess is even if this trait is more common with bpd it's sharable. my read is still npd or aspd. both are good at imagee but really comunicate very little. 

I know a bit about my dad but usually when my mom shares its short or she's stuck in feminist and trying to talk about her sexuality. 

Sr year physics teacher she had a thing for. why when u are married would u tell your 17 year old son how attractive his teacher is while waiting for parent teacher conferences I'll never know

other than her tenancy.. both of them actually. I serve their immediate emotional needs and they won't let that go to far away.. they make sure I'm beat to a pulp and this time possibly not far from death. 

"you're problems are boring and take too long" 

then it's proven hers and the false police reports tear downs terrorization and isolation plus gaslighting begin 

here's the car she was driving to children's and we'll before I had regular use of it. 

I'm not a doc, I do recall I couldn't visit the nicu for lack of having had the chickenpox and hating needles. imuno compromised patients plus cotton clothing plus mold is considered an issue to hospitals 


I know when they started dating she was living at my grandma's and the story is all her things ended up on the front lawn. 

fitting to make sure I'm alone after running myself out. run me out more keep all my things give me their mold 

they paid to have their house fixed Nov 2018

in 2014 they did a mini version of now

I am not safe untill .. idk there is a safe anymore

police in maple Grove Minnesota have contributed to the loss of Bonnie and Clyde rabbit

refuse to allow assult or attempted murder reported. I call to make a report or try again and officer Hanson leads in circles back to "I'm just gonna put they are still holding your stuff"

Nov 2018 0 notice lock out 8mo after moving in threats to all of my things and continuing they make sure I'm still dealing with the mold and directly because Paul and Marlene rapetrick the last 6 years actually more like 16 being destroyed if police would quit with the bias..

I end up starving only to hewr how good I have it and if my dad said he didn't say he owns me then.. 

I hope the le

ss than moral maple Grove officers children know what they actually do some day. 

hero? you assist tourturing and human traficing, illegal lock out on oral lease and forced labor, illegal imorisionment, attempted murder, another assult from my mom and one from my dad

then there is this 

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