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This is fucked

 its like police deciding no one gets an advantage they didnt have and to let abusers beat the hell out of an only child. 

how so? well 0 action over 3 attempts to report assault idk why i would ever call the police again they outright deny any claim i make while helping make sure parents can destroy evidence or im dead. 

this is the sickest shit storm i could not have fathomed. I've lived my life as non violent as possible. I haven't hit either of them or pushed or shoved. 

my mom tried repeatedly to push me over the railing while i was barefood on wet tile. i stepped back. she kept pushing back to railing "YOU BASTARD I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT" as i slowly walked us to the corner because i couldn't go right or left safely. 

They got 6300 in computer services/It consulting out of me in 8 mo on computers i built. just to take everything of mine with police telling me how grateful i should be ignoring that parents are opening and holding mail while police enforce 0 notice lock out. 

paul in my humble opinion probably boned kids on his school bus route. he told me he was accused of sexual misconduct later at the seiu under john youngdal i belive. I dont care anymore. Im tired of being hungry and blowing out black shit because someone I personally known to have molested a child wants to kill him later in life and lies to police to form a position of power. He told me about a girl on his noble route that probably had a stripper for a mother and how she was caught more than once giving a 6th greader head in the back seat.  paul used to joke about once apon a child. as union stuwart one of his fellow drivers was accused of something or another and that was the joke paul just wouldnt let go. 

if im gonna be arrested im going to be arrested. im sorry for the genocidal incest promoting peace of something officer that thinks this is ok. 

ive done nothing to you. you are killing me. you are the reason my animals are dead. you are helping two fucked up parents off there son in a different way than they tried when he was little. 

but hey at least we made sure he lived with clyde in an empty place otherwise after his dad also physically assaulted him. the guy who helps her report i shoved her did shove me across the room hes standing there saying 


"I stoped giving them their antibiotics they seemed fine" the term being bonnie and clyde. "know what makes me better than you john??" , "i dont lose my cool" i pick up a wicker hand broom slap the dining room table it was the image of damage 

call me disrespectful hell beat me like the fucked up sadistic cant check his bias at the door got the badge cause he couldn't beat his gf with a flacid night stick pos you are if thats your choice. but again. you'd be doing it in support of victim groomers and probably passing on your family traditions. 


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