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violated by law enforcement. violated by civil court. i do not consent enthusasticly or otherwise.

today im getting commands and indications or implied indications they drive up to stock me via SMS. it's possible he wasn't anywhere near and used a fb post or just the knowlege he wasn't very straightforward communicating the command to take his car soemhwere while he ensured I was multiple days hungry after multiple stranded 

it's almost like civil court actions that don't consider context record or much anything than how soemone claims to feel.. and create a one sided contact and proximity ban.. might be sticky irl 

heres today's verbal powertrip.

note he never gave the number. he will do that sort of thing with frequency that suggests intent to confuse is goal. I've filed a police report I'm about to do that now was a notable example in the past 

he needs control because he wants control 

verbatim and spoken in 2018 

I guess occupying mental process of someone youre violating law to starve is all for kicks 

am I violating law? yep, a civil order applied for as a postion of power enhancer while police in that city essentially enforced human trafficing after a 0 notice lock change eviction. year and a half of go here do this sign this lease or lose everything. so I go I sign I do... I starve. .. I get served in an empty apt. kinda like how ins is known to get a call a day before payday? kinda like dumping a bunch of tea... only I don't want a revolution, I want the criminal law acts against me and as much of the damage to my things and life as can be restored restored. Bonnie and Clyde rabbits obviously arnt on the list of possibilities. I want to be compensated for the skilled services preformed during the time my mom claimed to be my landlord.. at this point I've described elsewhere where the 6.3k in 8 mo figure came from. I also want compensation for the time spent in terror doing hazardous labor on the car she drove to children's and brought molding into the nicu with. 

counting that money as rent and still owed probably isn't that crazy or double when u consider it was a 10x10 room. city of Plymouth lists residential Sq ft at 1.32 usd a month 150 to be safe * 8.

if nothing learned in college biz law or my edu in general is applicable (they paid for that) mean while they can steal everything earned via working... 

I'm really not sure they gave me anything but a 16 year set back to be 32 and in the worst shape of my life and soon to be a criminal via hearsay Civil court 

meanwhile they paid to have the mold problem I detected in 2014 (and deduced way back then was likely mold. 2018 things determined by hired mold pro traced the problem back to 2001, meaning... yeah I correctly deduced what likely made me sick then and threatened value of their paid off house.) 

also had I not noticed details, having been let off a fast food shift 3hrs early in 2004, we beat my cellphone lacking mom to North er by 3 hrs. the clue I could not ignore was as my foot hit the step to the basement (downstairs bedroom in hs) I noted the cordless phone antena protruding from my dad's hand pointed at the TV as if a remote. 

he had a dissecting aortic anyurism. from just above the heart valve to the split in the groin. 8 hrs of emergency surgery and the next year another to fix what it missed but in Huston TX. the first time I flew alone was at 17 coming back to MN because Sr year at mgsh didn't allow for missing much time and hoping to walk 

they play any image that works for them with consistent themes being in sick in the head and or unable to care for myself. 

he might have survived the 3 hrs until my mom got home but in all likely hood I saved his life at 16 and their home 29 after it made me sick years before and the same he's crazy, unwell, anything that sounds good(for winning athorities favor) was tossed. in 2018 they tried really hard to convince me 2014 never happened. I have chat logs with friends at the time and other evidence it did. 

at first I wasn't sure back then, some cans of bug spray were used and my mom's explenation for the white filiments were "it's wax from the spray" 

2014 cellphone cameras wernt quite up to the task of capturing the thinner than a hair translucent filiments. it's still not easy with out a microscope. 
but electronics repair/ tiny surface mount soldering benifits from one 
athletes foot spray is not waxy but the powder helps give the camera a focal point and 8x zoom on moder smart phones helps
so does having gotten into UV lithography for PCBs... and having cone across fungle florescense and or forensic use of UV illumination. 
and or the sheer scale the issue had reached 

bellow this text (next two are current cell/apt) 

considering I worked myself nearly to death Inbetween and what resulted was 16 years of non them income in form of tangible assets  taken by them and largely still held all still being destroyed... 

why did I do anything at all between 2014 and 2018? 

they paid to be rid of the problem their decisions when I was a minor caused. use it like a bio weapon on me commit criminal violation after violation to harm me and use false police reports as weapons to enable them to 0 notice change lock 2018 then get emergency medical hold
they discredit and harm me to save face and do so in ways that make it difficult to escape or stay.. harm or be harmed. file ofps then drive 45min call in welfare check, a month later come up and steal more from garage. 

Yet if my pocket alone answers there attempt to call... if an officer believes I might have answered a call. the way the law works a warent isn't needed to arrest on criminal charges. 

I figure with the way this works I'm already a criminal from the moment they filed. 

they did so knowing the car was broken down and in in sterns. they filed in hennepin. 

so yeah this contact is a violation, every bit of the last few years has violated me to the core and continues to. 

a few days ago Marlene stated I deserve everything they do because I'm a man. 
days before that she is recorded stating she knows the conditions their threats force are unsafe. 

by all accounts she is a medical professional. masters in nursing, cnp. 

so in essence as long as this stands an mn court has ruled if a mother claims to feel threatened that's more serious than non enforced criminal violations that are a danger to life as stated by a medical profession. the mother and medical professional happen to be one on the same and also admit I deserve it for being a man. 

I don't doubt I might end up in jail anyway. if that's the case I didn't stand a chance from the moment I asked to be conceived. 

yeah.. it's not suposed to make sense and that's the point. armed forces require psych eval, MN requires a degree for police but that's not exactly the same or even close. 

in experiancing this and reasoning through the positions and possibilities... it occurred to me that the more we override due process and probable cause, the more insane it is the officers granted increasing power based on their own feels... 

well here's a example of the issue I see that might paint it better. 

hearing help is now reason to kick down a door sans warent. 

but the most common manifestation of skitzophrenia is auditory hallucinations. 

telling is in the age of world court.. people with guns that use them abroad, need the psych eval. domestic enforcers, don't really have much to fear unless they call a huddle and someone doesn't take the knee very well... and that event then creates massive protests to riots. 

authority with out accountability doesn't usually produce good results. though a friend studying in Malaysia noted that in the middle east it might be counter intuitive but some of the most secular and overall equality producing govs are dictators... but then again, try to make a gold based dinar and one all the sudden finds out to whom they are accountable. 

she was at a private international college and studying CS. funny thing more relevant is my mom throws out I've never attended college as yet another form of hope shit sticks. 

I was helping this girl via chat in 2018 and the few times she considered my solution needlessly complex, she reports back she got docked and the professors example was pretty much if not exactly what I suggested she should code/how to solve it. she was and I'm hoping still is... incredibly bright. don't get me wrong. 

you'd never belive the last name. if u are reading this I hope all is well. 

point I'm trying to underline is in being painted as abusive, incompetent and mentally unwell when I'm probably not the best at anything... 8bn people is a lot of competition.. but I was wise beyond my years even at 16.

why so wise but can't see this? well 1 I have its 2 on one gas lit the rare times rage has flared to this level before (npd rage episodes is what I'm referring to) 

also the justification is already known in med world. as someone who can diagnose and prescribe (nps can too, not just Dr) they are taught that emotional attachment clouds judgemdent. there for do not attempt to diagnose or treat family. 

my mom taught at st Kate's as well. turn of 2000 they required she switch to PowerPoint. guess who made them for her... 

around that same time frame she brought home a dummy they used for teaching intubation. I wouldn't dream of thinking I could do a person... ever... but the point is I was interested enough in what she did back then.. to figure thst out to. most kids are born with a desire to please care givers, intact sense of fair, conscience, empathy and sympathy. kids don't know discrimination on racial or gender lines, it's learned after birth. mns stance thst poof 18 no responsibility for now adults welfare is absurd. 

if people were star ships like star trek... with shields, regardless of the age parents usually have the access codes to hit or attempt to influence. societys mantra of honner thy equals most advice is trust them. when selective enforcement possibly due to cultural and personal bias and or other factors is at play with police.. 

at least in my expeiance the policy plays out as almost parents may post term coat hanger abort with police assistance at after 18 years. 

but back to the discussion of the call above 

Paul Wuethrich

note. he still leaves the if i can still have clyde cremated part ambiguous. he is very specific with tense.

what he did was for like 6 mo between weeks of not talking say things like all you have to do is tell me an exact time in the morning that you want to bring him in tomorrow. then call me when you are there and i will provide payment. 

for a month before clydes death every other day to benefit the forced clean our car and as clyde lost the ability to stand... you will have a rental tomorrow. 

also I have emails talking about the need for some of my tools taken. 

texts where he acknowledges I can't was clothes. every time I talk about needing what was taken to handle my problems. my problems is a bit of a misnomer because criminal acts overlooked and or threats to live via them or just malicious acts created this situation. 

what I'm getting at is when he insists he told me to have apt management fix my washer. it's yet another extension of when he said 

"I need control because I want control" 

he's trying to decide for me how to deal with issues and situations he created. he knows via what was stolen or kept after illegal lock change eviction that everything I do have is on the floor and it's not hard to reason that management would not like the state of the apt. 

in other words it's... I'm deciding things bad for you

from a police and later court granted postion of power. civil/family court... a year and a half after police enforced 0 notice lock change. court date made for a court an hr and a half from the tiny cell /apt they picked to continue forcing threat to life with their moldy veichle and clean it or lose all. 

Marlene Wuethrich

the last bit of her total avoidance is throwing out lists of things she claims I do. 

other than 8 mo in 2018, counting the number of xmases and adding 6mo in 2014 (where I mostly tried to avoid the conflict that arises from existing in her eyesight) 
would be a little short of an accurate total for time spent togeather since 2006 but not far off. 

in other words it's throwing shit hoping it sticks. but throwing it from a police and court created position of no fear of violating criminal law to threaten my life with actions and crimes.

 it's throwing shit from a postion of power. 

things to look forward to

i will have cptsd, death  by heart attack, starvation, it will be murder if its not suicide. not only is criminal law being repeatedly not enforced by mgpd... forced to drive away from all my things...ive said the rest else where

enforce and or create danger to life for a year and a half .

officer handson showed a pic of car forced to clean "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

incompetent sons previous living spaces 

2012-13 apt in fargo

2017 apt st cloud
the pic of the tree on the left; i was one of the most requested office max print center workers in st cloud. a local couple that did modern pointilism left that for me. I had been making prints of their work on their request (part of print center job) and they were repeated customers that if i wasnt working a day id come back and find "save for john" on theirs orders and several others.. one day i found that print give to john labeled. I had made a bunch of them maybe the week before and commented that i liked the tree. 

note.. the 11x17 listing different types of plugs, I made that and tons of required docs helpful to the task at hand when there was one. ill explain elsewhere. the pic on the right is one i took in 2005. its the cathedral at the top of Mont Saint-Michel. its probably shit... I liked it. 
2015 apt st cloud
bedroom 2015 /16

vs now
view from end of bed today (2019/2020 apt) another view is a few pics down 

my stuff returned.. still poses issue /being destroyed 

bedroom 2019 it's still as barron. 

my vocal range on the call. 

i really wish i could hold my volume. i can with everyone else. when i see these tactics applied i by strangers or people im interacting with online or watching interactions. i hold my own and or calmly call out their tactics as a possibility they prefer tactics

rather than communication.

if you havent been me for 3 to 32 years you dont have the context or data set to judge if i am or am not doing that in this call posted bellow. reason if any police would have a hard time and judges not trained in diagnosing abuse from npd and or aspd is probably that there is more than one reaction to abuse

i would hope all the above understand when life is threatened by actions emotions run high.

though it would seem im being hung for words while mgpd refused to do anything about even reporting i have calls where parents indicate they use police reports like weapons. 

if u look past the points my voice is raised and or even listen to yesterdays call...

they adamantly deny responsibility for their actions while i  was a minor (finishing their basement) or will tell me to get over it. but they decided to change the lock 8 mo after i moved in. she decided she wanted to kill me in 2018 and tried to do just that. he decided to say he owns me 2x he bought me once and another time wanted me to repeat the words slave.

i hammer on stoppppppp stoppppp stopit because she is basily flaunting she now has the courts and police excusing all of her actions (him to) while before anything vulgura was brought up or came out and for a long relative period im yelling things like 

here is 2017
Clyde apparently thought I should get a second opinion too. he is chewing on a st cloud clinics care insturctions. 

that particular doc thought maybe jock itch unchecked was what was causing issue. I never reported any groin issues and was awake the entirity of the visit... my pants never dropped 

2 Dr's during apt wwhy the duck am I bleeding and eyes swelling shut 8mo of hell... concluded scabies. they might have been a factor. what added this to consideration was the owner of a business I did web admin and it support for reported "oh um yeah when u were over last I didn't mention I was geting over a case of.." 

many docs will say it cant be transmitted by sitting in a desk chair. the same docs will also ponder if the reason it's coming back is you failed to clean the environment while treating yourself. tons of anctidotal reports indicate its very likely transmitted by sitti g in something like an office desk chair the host has occupied for most of the day every week from infection to detection. also who are we to insist things remain static? go tell corona virus not to evolve new strains. as far as I understand the less complex life forms are the more rapidly they change. 

for the sake of avoiding he talks to animals as a faciaious attack... "clyde apparently" is my attempt to lighten my mood and the tone. it's a joke 

but as marlene insists im sick...but not how.. mom i mean it when i say the world would be better

I would have rather died thinking i came from half decent people than know what you two are. then have been forced through this corrosive incestus destruction. clyde is chewing on one of the first doctors I went to after the now professionally confirmed and paid to be remediated for parents but used like bio weapon against me. 

they say i wont go to a doc because it sounds great to pass  blame back on me. paul drove me two 4 docs, made the appointment i attended for another. marlene and paul forced the mental hold with fraudulent reports. I have the audio she then tries to tell me otherwise about from the police encounter

they are sick to the level of "i wasnt there for it but thats not what happened, you are sick john"

thats not much of a paraphrase. 

in the past ive frequently found myself screaming
at one or the other (during this ordeal)
"you do not get to set others reality by what lie you feel like telling at the moment'

the post yesterday again shows her trying to tell me what the vet told me despite her not being present at the vet. aka "no you didnt tell them that, they didnt say that" .... and i call her on it.

she uses same lie scheme in one call admitting to trying to push me over a railing

one thing that i slowly realized is tell tale... the most emotion in their voice is usually in a lie. they are most of the time otherwise flat. tonight was a bit of an exception but anyone listening half decent at non verbals...if you want a larger set to analyze. 

ha no one cares. police will help them starve me. I dont speak out of fear but rather experience. 

pick a lie for my reality. pick one last. the laud the attention for wow at least troubled john is gone. 

note on the call above:

she later pulls the same crap  trying to tell me that i surrendered to medical hold. 

there is every bit of incentive for mgpd and my parents to collaborate lies at this point. cant say it has or will happened. can say my dad held a union position that means he already likely has the head of the police union in his phone book.. wait, i dropped a phone in 2017...had his moto x as a back up.. i can probably check for myself right now.

edit: I've yet to power up that phone, in logicly debating how much if any this might contribute to what I've experianced something stands out. scpd overall has not been as overtly accomidating to my dad's lies and requests. though there is the odity of.. this complex has police presence probably bi weekly, rarely is it two squads. the first time my dad called a welfare check to get his way (post ofp) was 2 days after the ofp hearing. the oditiy was the officer that engaged ended up giving me a ride to the Ford dealership where the still failed car sat... but before that wanted to go talk to my dad for a moment. I ended up pulling my phone and hitting record as I watched them give elbows (covid hand shake) before he came back to the squad to give me a ride. 

the next welfare check I seriously appreciate what appeared to be an effort to balance what I assume is a level of personal concern, positional concern and the ability for one to exploit this. my phone was on sile g due to it blowing up with calls and I had taken a nap so I missed his attempts to contact me via text. 

he ended up at my door but didn't make me open it. which if I were in that postion, yeah I wouldn't want the what if.. had it been valid concern by citizens father and I totally wrote it off. through the door he reported I don't need to open it he can hear in alright. then that my dad actually hung up on him for offering a bit of reluctance. followed by a something like : I assume when I get back I'll get questioned by my supervisor (I forget if that was the exact word) because I assume he will probably have called...
aka the reason was, if he's going to be that way and knows that much likely he knows how to create hell if he doesn't get his way was my read on what I was told. just waking from the nap didn't help with exact wording. nor the fact that before this I was under the impression the ofp was active while my dad was driving up daily to sit in parking lot... I had wanted to get a meal but all the sudden my phones blowing up first from my mom's number then from my dad's and texts indicate he may have been sitting outside. I turned off the audible alerts and took a nap. 

bit hard to keep to only relevant bits witg this little cobtrol of anything including coping mechanisms and 2 years of covid like isolation pre pandemic.. but the though that struck me is I'm not sure how many police union locals there are in MN 

it might have nothing to do with it at all. anothere explenation could be dropping the right words and knowing the elbow has more limited pull at a further out / different branch of the same org. 

the buzzer(in recording above) 

also of note. the buzzer for the door going off at end of that recording the almost 2 years here now. EXTREAM rarity its pressed at all. it could have been someone locked out or kids. 

edit: today (sep1) I opened the door to find a guy with a clipboard. I'd be willing to bet yesterday was also the us census worker. not expecting someone standing Infront of my door as I went to exit, I let out a yell which I adapted into Jesus hoping to comunicate startled. he moved back a little too.. we both caught each other off gaurd. 

i love you Cosmos. Bonnie. Clyde. I would have never taken him. He loved the yard too much. They wanted him to be an indoor cat in 01. I took him on a leash until as i left for NDSU in 2006 they were installing a cat door. 

the reality is i was only really present for the first 6 years of his life.

in 2016 -17 sick for the last time. (zoom on the white on fur...cant say i know what it is...mold plus imuno compromised is a known serious issue...i hate myself if it is/was.

sick as i flew to CA in California for a project i was hired to do. I stopped at my parent's house st cloud to msp.

cosmos was on their couch upstairs. I put my head near him. his paw came out and pulled my hand into his chest as a loud pur erupted.

this is the day before he died in 2017. I took my old friend outside one last time. no leash. carried him for most of it. 
cats wink both eyes and squint to communicate "I love you"

then there was also this
you cant really argue this is because i fed him. for the majority of his life I was not regularly present. Im sorry Cosmos. I decided to name my new friend in 2001 after the night sky. Between him and Bonny and Clyde.. The closest thing an only child and violated lonely adult knew to ideal love. Turned to a weapon.  

at best police and courts in mn and hen seem to want to enforce condtionts that cause psychological distress TO THE CPSTD and PSTD levels. while overlooking repeated criminal acts by paul and marlene. continuing to this moment. 

then seemingly arrest the one witch was cryed on in family court. or sentence to the sick demands of sick and danger to patient at children's st paul nicu...marlene. 

current apt (next two  bellow)


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