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Thursday, August 6, 2020

words and lies in minnesota

due process; as I see it this concept is dead in MN and possibly the US.

dependent on what you are accused of doing legal and criminal penalties can be applied in your absence at court. As I found out in a civil matter there seems no provision or at the party that brings the claims against you is also capable of blocking your attendance of court.

A few years back I remember it all the rage in the media at the point out slippery slope is a fallacy. This in itself is a fallacy. Slippery slope can be a fallacy it's not automatically a fallacy. It was a half-truth rephrase presented as a Truth. Presented as a binary truth.

What we have is erosion of Justice. The haves with financial means and the time afforded by that can apply legal penalties to the Have Nots.

authority with out accountability is not a mix that is likely to produce juste outcomes. yet for some reason we have given police the power to say and pretty much do what ever they want and at most they usually fear paid time off. 

the slow creep of things like ofp restraining orders that one applies for in civil court and on passing they carry ability to arrest on criminal charges no warent required.. combined with ability to selectively not enforce most other laws at a police level...

weve creates an end run on justice 

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