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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 listening to mn pr about the pandemic and hearing this person talking about how it set so many back to struggling to meet basic needs.

I do think I should have had to try to argue this once. 

except parents and police (esp after "we might be liable if we put that on record")

play this game called feigned ignorance. oh we put you in an empty apt kept your ID and what was needed to keep Clyde safe let alone what u learned u needed over the period living in apt since 2006 

oh we took everything why arnt u over it?

people systemize to get into a Groove. basicly to make it universal they have held me in the first week or two phase after a move. you don't know where anything is in boxes... except there's no boxes and if you drive to where your things are no one answers and 10min to 15min later police are there demanding to know what you could possibly be doing at the house u moved into then 8mo later they changed lock with 0 notice.

then police ignore check fraud mail fraud forced labor on moldy car under various threats. 

create the harm to justify forced treatment

 I think this is a new Twist on the concept of entrapment. I think it'd be easily avoided if the justice system and or police would decide on something like mathematics and logic order of operations or if Family Court would uphold the the same standards of evidence that Criminal Court does. Especially as States like Minnesota make laws that were once either primarily used to defend women or only about protecting women applicable to almost anybody in theory I'm not sure how they're actually executed. Because as that the later happens I think we move towards recreating Salem in the 1600s

female owned company

 it's not that I have anything against the concept. anyone who wants to have a business should be able to start one. infact that's usualy been how it works 

I'm not the only one with dsm issues


military readiness, cause & effect, and corp profit

i recently read about the navy submariner who turned his 9mm on civilians then himself. I wont at all try to deny the fact he was likely mentally ill. 

I do want to raise a question...

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 due to the theft of... everything than even some things given back and all earned in between. I have a filthy matress and a laptop. I dont have a place to eat other than floor or matress. due to that water spilled on the matress almost took out the laptop. 

splitting applied to forced dependance

 my mom and dad do this in slightly different ways

my mom will layer on what she will spend if attention is given to her esp on things like family vaycation in the past.

Which from the vantage point of a only child is pretty gross. what am I going to do otherwise? play with my imaginary same age peer?

word games and gassious light sources

 January 2018 well the hired mold inspector was busy telling my dad there were problems oh, my mom was in the master bedroom likely drunk and my dad was busy braiding about the solid wood doors in the house and calling the guy by the wrong name

Monday, September 28, 2020

Non Sequitur & Thirsty Horses

I wanted to post something constructive. I haven't seen a whole lot of articles on how to support those experiencing npd or aspd abuse. I have a feeling some just dont get it. Others have got it a bit too hard too often. Not claiming this is great but here's a crack at "it" 


If your house is burning down... 
Do you blame the passing flock of birds? fish in the river?

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Backflips off the balcony

 Constant of onslaught of Lies.

 From someone who pretends to be a parent but really if I'm in the middle of a panic attack will keep poking and poking and poking. Destroy me for their mistakes break the law to do so.

 Starve me take all of my things laugh about having taken the time with Bonnie and Clyde and Cosmos

or that I might have even had human friends

sound offended or not acknowledge at all having stolen my id, commited check fraud etc to make sure I go hungry. the police one day will chastise me for having driven to the house they help Paul and Marlene keep my things with out my id. next as I'm saying hey I can't even get food stamps with out it (snap program) same officer doesn't care they stole it. 

right now I'm hungry and can't even shower /bathe. well I could if I want to stand and dry by air. they stole tools to prevent me from fixing the washing machine and the clothes in there are probably so moldy.. stupid fucking lid sensor anyway. but then knowing they have created this hell and between loss of clyde and 2x 4 days hungey 2x3 I ended up punching walls, my dad threatens subtly he will call my landlord and have them come fix the washer... aka ensure eviction. 

spend almost 900 on parts for a totaled 5k car to try to try to corrupt my understanding and show he will burn my life, my earnings and their savings as long as it looks good, gives him control and I am kept from having enough to break free. 

tooth and lies

Im pretty sure this is going to leave me permanently disfigured. The Cptsd is already setting in but heres the other worry.

maybe 2002 I should have lost my last baby tooth. Technically I did. Except the 2 on either side of it weren't having it

So of course... All these fucking years and it has to go with December 2017 to exit stage pttt.  

Thursday, September 24, 2020

pulled this from my head

 Also Marlene in a call I'll post just told me she thinks she's justified in taking my stuff because it was on my credit card that she did not pay so I didn't pay for it was her reason. Maple Grove Police allowing moms to try to murder their adult children after exploiting 6.3 Grand of Labor having their house save and fucking over 25 Grand of credit earned not missing a payment since 2006

The reason it was pretty much maxed was the agreement made with Paul. She has no idea though what was paid for cash what was paid for credit with my money from working. They did hold my 2017 tax return at their house which is the first payment I have a fucking mess oh no not my language Minnesota might have to protect people like them from having too much fun while they kill their kid. Maple Grove Keith who has to have some police officer hanson

I really don't see the point in being alive anymore 

Not in Maple Grove apparently that's probably what they're liable for


Another event relevant

 A day or two before the emergency medical hold I'm talking to my dad in the parking lot of a hotel that I basically spent the night in because the overnight girl but didn't have my room the next day I'm talking to him in the parking lot and he's playing every game like he does and I start having a panic attack and I dropped the phone. It goes under the seat and it was on speaker

Police evidence and defence

Once again the hungry on a filthy mattress what is fungus gnats and Clyde in the freezer

This is the sickest thing I never could have imagined. Cuz even if I tried it would just be gas-lit. 

hennepin County racket?

 I read about dv court. yet another I had no idea existed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

City of Maple Grove

 I found a Maple Grove police activity report for random month I think it was Town Square.

I don't want to live like this

 there are no rights in MN. parents can force labor then poision their children and Ault offspring. 

Some Medical Fact 

to best of my researched knowledge. 

diet strongly influences the function of the immune system.

 outlook and purpose strongly influence general health longevity as well as odds one recovers from operation infection etc.

dental health strongly influences heart health. 

Minnesota Justice; protecting Buffalo Bill from feeling threatened

 history notes that friendly relations or status and a bit of pre existing relation with the police  police 

diet and imune, courts and reality

 of the list of hell making life pointless is the discovery that mn has a new court.. dv court. 

joy to the world a rotten slave

 ima call it how I see it. if maple groves officer Hanson is unconcerned about theft of physical id 5 months after I reported attempted murder false reports and a year and a half or so into " u just do t live here any more can't file theft you g a ve them your things moving out*.. 

control freaks

 They need to be stopped. Both parents to children those telling us that parents aren't responsible for children's Behavior because they are and more discipline generally isn't the answer if a child is acting out a child isn't getting his or her needs met

EHR appears to be a disgusting state if affairs



with out someone enforcing compliance the privacy part is non existant and its a bit too portable. with out the audit logs, u thight you were getting we're getting your tonsils out and instead had a vasectomy but who knows who made that decision borehole the drug that would have been a known interaction with a new one an interaction just went missing from the patient's chart

More I read about HIPAA and ehrs Mark seems like Monica under the desk was getting an easy

Absolute horror stories about the custodians having to clean the Oval Office soda machine on days she wasn't there. slick just couldn't resist anything that said insert bill here I know I told my mom says she's going to make me suffer for taking her time with her husband while her husband says I need control because I want control and is referring to my life

I call him a monster and he says thank you

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mental Health crisis moral crisis

 We've got vets not getting help  from  19 years of war. 

We've got a likely created by the medical system or states that implemented 72-hour holds realized it can be used to entice the medical system to create jobs and or stay in the state when you can only cut taxes so far

Domestic violence

 Last I checked it's something like 1% of the stats that are reported it's also only about 10% more women than men wind-up attributing injury that required or benefited from urgent care to ER after incident. This was an FBI report maybe 10 years ago I can't imagine it's changed except for women are probably more likely to hit today than ever.

Making this a binary issue is evidence to me that people in charge of these movements the problems where they can't comprehend in between or they don't want you to.

, I got to wondering though what are we doing with the police force? If we answered more calls what does the train counselor we probably have less mass shootings as well. People seem to have forgotten that their rights end where another person begins police are helping my parents violate me in every way there is risk my life

Some lawyer sites indicate that whatever the mission of the officer who arrives or heard of them in Maple Grove whatever the stance position whatever what they're doing is not peace officer its case building is what the lawyer sites will say. This is so bad because in between they can literally kill you by just making sure Crime After Crime After Crime those without so much as a Stern warning well anything you might have said is up time to meet crippling possibly lethal consequences

No fuck you.

I do not deserve to lose everything. Somehow I always become so divorced from any reason that we let parents kill their children in adulthood after forcing labor so the parents can have some attention and keep their standard of living.  threat to their house caused by the mold they caused

I guess that's the privilege you pay for in Maple Grove. I don't think any of these officers would allow this to happen to themselves or never would have. I understand it's partly where laws that but I also see quite a bit of evidence that this is done for specific reasons we found family court  more profitable and job securing would be my best guess

But if it's going to and has ordered Millions to Psychiatric Services perhaps if she pay some heed to the sort of incest it supports  in some cases

Minnesota is looking to Dethrone Michael Phelps we might be on the right track

filper children for some, the abortion of critical thought and ultimately justice for the rest. 

a society helps parents pray on their young doesn't need covid to have a pandemic on their hands 

When police endanger your life

 I can't really believe that anyone in Maple Grove as a decent shot if for whatever reason their parents are less than truthful. And maybe it's not just that I'm assuming that it's because of that relation and there's a lot of possibilities within that as well but the Constitution refers to law as protection for citizens and says everybody is entitled to it. Which would imply that if you specially repeated refusal to enforce just about any law including attempted murder check fraud mail fraud left human trafficking forced labor under threat to everything stolen, move in pure that they are your landlord perform $6,300 in IT services only to get a police enforced zero notice lock out while you're sick pstd therapy animals or still in that house. Insult to injury is then the same people say that he's acting paranoid so let's spend if not shatter all criteria required for enforcing an abduction called well I don't know because of the title doesn't match anything in the State revisers website. And I have a feeling part of the reason that on the 72-hour hold and documents that can be found from healthcare providers it's very clear that the reason that a hold happens needs to be explicitly stated in clearly descriptive and elaborate text. This is probably partly illegal thing but also has to do with psychology because I bring that that all functioning tries to avoid trauma and any sort of forced detainment has been shown to always be trauma

Yet it was unclear why other than I'm paranoid I'm the official sheet which was labeled medical officer hold even though that's not in the revisers site and I was told three different ways that I'm Goin In I'm Goin In I'm Goin In step out of the car or I can remove you with Force. The contact happened because my dad went to them while I was at a hotel three months into this I've worked on a web server all day I hadn't made a peep there was nothing I did there there's nothing other than the malicious intent to cause that. And even if there's going to be word games about specifically what was said well when I have it recorded the interactions with the officer who forced me out under threat of physical Force I guess Sports will be what's debated most likely he told me he decided before he met me I'm going in tonight. He told me I'm going in because he already got the ambulance there then after he tells me I can step out of the car or you can remove Me by force I think he said vehicle I was told to turn and face the car put my hands on the car someone tells you that if you don't comply they can use Force now you're supposed to just submit to the search but on top of that before I got out which I'd never submitted to the search before I got out I also tried to turn it around cuz I figured I'm calm I was working on that I was just talking to an associate on Google about another web server all he wants to see is that I'm in a good mind State I'll be fine so when I tried to turn the conversation to its conclusion I said officer sir you said this at your discretion and he cut me off and no I decide Ed he really hesitated with the ending possibly trying to leave himself plausible deniability that took me awhile to figure out except at that point yet already told me I decided before I met you and that one was a past tense. Then he says what I just said then the ambulance is already there so I'm going in anyway something about not wasting their time and then step out of the vehicle or I can remove you with Force does any of this sound optional? But worse yet if it's a 72-hour hold well by the looks of it the doctor actually made it official but this is a doctor I haven't ever seen before how the fuck do you know if I'm paranoid you have no Baseline to compare it to and you don't want any details.

But then when I see that officer again some weeks later right after Bonnie dies (my rabbit) give yourself tells me I didn't use any specific law you won't find it in a law book

But the worst part about that has been given since August 2019 when I recorded I have recorded calls indicating to use police reports As Weapons falsified ones and that the TV report was false I have had nothing but pretty much taunting and harassment with non question whatsoever hard-ass responds with police judgment well my parents continue to steal from me to make sure I go hungry to force dangerous conditions on a poison they created. That force is not about protecting lives though there are some exceptions on it

The more I read about DBT and combined it with things are known about psych for quite some time like em PD and AZ PD really benefit from treatment nor do they speak it out Nora are they likely to tell the truth if they're submitting or voluntarily going to any sort of Psychological Service. Especially if there's an ulterior motive to doing it. This whole system seems to be set up on praying on the victims of these people. Especially their children. What easier class to rule and profit from and those who have no idea how to communicate I've been traumatized and disturbing trends that I've seen less than honorable corporate sites mentioning is how great it is people starting to find themselves based on their disorder. The APA American Psychological Association knows that borderline is three to four times more likely with only emotional neglect and verbal abuse parent to child. Yet these corporate websites like Psychology today talk about how these things probably are strongly genetic. Most people because the news that I've seen has never covered it aren't even aware of how regular genetics actually works in that it doesn't really find complex behavioral traits and especially not in a binary one gene on one set of thought patterns it's never going to do that but on top of that a more recent discovery but not really just recent in the terms of no one's heard of it is epigenetics and that seems aren't set in stone for life some of those changes are even able to The Offspring. AKA DNA can change and it can be heritable Works RNA or whatever I'm not looking up the specifics this is like most things I right off the top of my head

Like no that's not slavery we just more than once now have allowed them to take everything from you and commit multiple and frequent crimes against you but will tell you that you deserve it for accepting anything for you from your parents I don't see that anywhere in law other than abusing selective enforcement endangering my life because literally attempted murder you didn't tell me about what an ofp was I'm not so sure the court would grant me one even if I saw it because this whole thing I could be wrong I'll leave it to your incompetence as another route that this came to be but this system has every aspect of being raped and I doubt most people could communicate that I don't think I'm the smartest or even very smart by any means people tell me I am I do know that I have a very wide breath breath of knowledge and deeper within that breaths than probably anybody else I've met. I can talk almost anything with you and do it with a decent degree of accuracy and not just 101 law is one of the few areas I've had little need or desire to look into partly because it's didn't really seem logical or like to science to me and the more I've learned about all areas of science and logic this makes me want to vomit because if she can feel and he can feel threatened with us cementing their ability to destroy everything I have ever worked for what police can reject attempted murder reports even when what I said is I need them to get at least a slap on the wrist what I need is for these false police reports As Weapons to stop I had deadlines to make that my dad's communicating out well this is going to happen then and doing it just to make sure I extended the deadline and look like a flake then I've got police telling me they give me enough well police are enabling the destruction of everything and drinking your own City to City won't my rabbits die I don't need therapy 4 crimes and severe emotional abuse police enforce I need my basic and preferably my time back in working order which requires some degree of compensation I don't want to live off anybody forever though that was never the intent if the court makes for the police make no effort to ascertain this then hey I said I gave you money they're going to help me hold on to all your stuff right no one's really safe if this can happen

Monday, September 21, 2020

pondering the 14th

 If I had a printer a proper dust without a moldy chair or moldy folding table I might look up case history to further support this

clearing some potential confusion

 Both of my parents in one way or another have communicated I am supposed to suffer because they say so

Pending societal possibly just economic collapse likely

I'm not even sure if that's clickbait. It's not necessarily going to happen or set in stone but here's what I fear. Three or four years ago now I realized currently available at that time levels of Technology Kirby lemonade or we're about to be able to eliminate long-distance Trucking retail and fast food positions for humans. I then looked up how many people in the US were employed in each.

needs for stability at the moment

much of this is driven by fact eviction ban stopped notice to vaycate at end of lease needing some basic organization that's being kept from me by theft when necessary. Making me fight this battle between I'm incompetent or any thing that works today to win the favor of God I hate this. I cannot drive down to 4th District Court every time they come up and steal something of mine this seems like a total racket. How do I prepare a case without so much as a printer when I'm hungry in sometimes a month old clothes because he knows the washing machines broke he knows there's holes in the wall from when he starved me they hold on to my credit card thin sister gave me one of my out when they give me another space steal anything they gave back when I could actually use it to make money they admit they know I've made over minimum wage with it in the past. But then the next day they don't they didn't they won't they will it's all your fault you bring it on yourself for telling people we're not doing anything you deserve it because you're a brat. I cannot keep going hungry my mom version is ice told your. I cannot keep going hungry my mom version is ice told your computer why don't you do better budgets. Or they have my ID and that's why I don't get a job 

my mom has admited she thinks I deserve this because I'm a man. What I want to know is how can this court usually end up sentencing Psychological Services when they don't recognize any aspects of psychology? Narcissistic parents and NPD is about 50 years old but Sigmund Freud new of narcissist full-blown narcissism well before like a hundred-year-old concept. The fact that parents with it will sabotage their even adult children again fifty-year-old to a hundred-year-old concept

immediate needs and wants to achieve stability:

  • can of mold killing primer 
  • mold control solution 
  • to borrow a spare for this car to have key blank I bought programed. 
  •  a trailer hitch /tow bar for this car. cheaper to rent trailer than truck if I have to move 
  •  industrial shelving unit for apt (currently have 3.5 in garage. 1 side 2 free standing other is 1 extended. aka 3 end posts not 4)
  • replacement vac filter for the  certified hepa vac ($100) I could vacuum off the current one but the shark is plugged and needs a new filter and Paul wuethrich took the ryobi stick vac and batter needed for it and my drill. 
  • a nice meal
  • my friends 30lb propain tank (he will need it shortly for heating and Paul took it. anything they can to ensure I have no social support or bonds outside of incestuous monster murder parents) 
  • 4ah 18v ryobi battery it was attached to a stick vac and probably with the propain tank
  • my compound miter saw(stolen April 2020)
  • my bike, my bike rack bike shoes. 
  • vit d. it's been like 5 years since I've had time to go out during the summer, with the car went a 12 dollar bottle of d3
  • My welder
  • proper desk 
  • kitchen stuff 
  • fix washer 
  • lies to stop. threats and harm to stop 


They reinvent the past any time it's inconvenient. also insist on I gave you 2k always have, when it was 1500 and now it's approaching 30 days as of today, 300 deposited when I first published this but insists on 2k. if he had I wouldn't have had to return the mold control solution of be hungry waiting for 40 bucks back on card. as he put 300 in he says he will call management to have washer fixed. months ago repeatedly I explained how if they come in and see the state of it.. aka I create your hell and control how every dime spent with veiled threats, destroying everything u earned and repeatedly playing that by default u trust me. 


 I have four of them. Including a Richo work group laser with three trays. This was given by a CPA office I managed IT for for 10 years
aparently tell police in Maple Grove that your son never earned and will help you kill
 him while telling him how entitled he is and making sure he's made to leave public property outside the house his valuables are locked in. 

but what's nuts is launching court battles keeping me from so much as my printer while every time I turn around somethings stolen to set me back again. mgpd says either I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out or I have to drive an hr and a half from the apt I didn't chose to Hennepin County 4th district. how practical does this sound? how to prepare for court or find a lawyer? oh I don't even get to try because in in empty clothes on the floor molding shit hole they forced lease then forced 9mo of clean our mold car through the death of clyde while threatening Bonnies ashes (addressed to me via usps still held) 
Pretty shit situation when you can admit that if you put something on record you might be liable then watch as the parents start civil court battles while you still make sure I have no access to any of my things this is freaking ridiculous

 My compound miter saw, my welder. These things were taken from my garage with my computer which I could also use back April 2020. What I need is an air filter I had bought the Plexi to upgrade one taking it apart and then the saw I need to cut it blocks out of my garage. My dad has indicated he has it but just like the power inverter he took from a car he wants to know what color my welder might be. Meanwhile Maple Grove PD insist that nothing is ever theft and the only way to get this continuing every time they take anything back is to apparently drive an hour and a half to a different County to see their family court. Cost-saving and population reducing you get to cut out a whole family line. 
further item by item rationell below pictures. These pictures are all within the last three months except for the mold car moonroof but having to clean that car here is why my air conditioner looks like it does and why it's upstairs other than the back wall of the bathroom. That's likely been here well before me and painted over every time. It's the same wall That's molding in the garage a floor below. And despite the exhaust fan running pretty much 100% since I moved in the paint is it in peeling over the tub. I'm also running to 30 pint dehumidifiers in a 600 square foot apartment this place was picked more as a murder cell than anything the moment one kicks off at usually edges back if not passes 60% humidity which is not good for controlling mold grow under 50 would be ideal


I drive a car I don't have title to. But more than that mild physical exercise or activity lowers hunger craving improved blood glucose is an escape or a coping mechanism is good for clearing the mind. Doesn't have the cost of dollar per gallon miles per gallon they literally control how far I can move from the little ship all they shoved me in. They make itself if I'm having to get out of here and not walk I have to calculate if I can afford the gas to go on a 10-minute drive to clear my head without going hungry and then just make sure I go hungry anyway. Two times in front of Maple Grove Police in 2019 it was said it was my bike I should have it back they agreed it was my bike please do not follow up. I haven't been outside in like five Summers I need the vitamin D3. I bought a bottle of vitamin D3 which isn't is bioavailable they stole it from the fucking car I don't have the $12 to replace that I'm hungry again while they insisted give me 2,000 when they gave me 1800 from January of 19 my dad knows it's a two-person move to get my stuff out of storage and you can look right here I cooked like crazy when I have my kitchen but they make sure I have nothing they make sure every dollar is consumed by either their mold they paid to get rid of for them they use it like a bio weapon or I'm fast food which is killing me I've been alone for half a decade as well. January 2020 I see it's probably going to be a warm spring and again I'm asking for my bike I'm dad I have a move approaching and I can barely make it up the stairs anymore and he says well if you can barely make it up the stairs why would you need your bike this is the level of sick fucking micromanagement because they are trying to take out their mistakes with their house on me they will tell anybody anything to accomplish the end. Presser took a moment to highlight when we covered civil and torts that minors can own property. My dad says he owns me Maple Grove Police have made sure I can own nothing I don't want type 2 diabetes and to win a court battle fuck you

mgpd doesn't seem to get it.

 when some officers are outright excusing assult and battery others won't add unreliable witness to the record " if we put that on record we might be liable"

makes me wonder what they were told at the start. 

I know at least once my dad told them I'm sick in the head. I overheard it from the split powow

Sunday, September 20, 2020


 every time I hit the garage door opener I consider leaving the engine on. 

Paul Wuethrich and Sheet Rock

 a new addition to:

you're a brat

you're hurting your self

we arnt doing anything to you 

after we (rape) support you for number du jour et je suis un cul?

I'd suppose or won't be as popular on countries with out split phase

 anyone want a foot activate problem solving device for 240v split phase n American dryer sockets?

like ins on pay day, but at the leaky nuke plant

 you play liquidate maple Grove pd plays exterminator 

Peer group and presumption

protecting those who torture




should be noted. my mom is recorded indicating i deserve even false police reports and attempted murder because im a man. 

i am so hungry... i had a kitchen 2007 to 2018... haven't since, i have clyde in freezer. bascily mgpd enforced human trafficking hazordus

three links that shed some terrifying light on how myself and Minnesota ended up where we are today. note the time article is a highly sanitized but not contrary story as compared to the mpd150. what i still haven't found is when say a suburb is formed, is their policy cloned or... who and where do the specific directives come from? if the mpd150 page is to be believed it would be likely to suspect the union sets more policy than any official attempt. 

I know my favorite (sarcasm) mgpd officer and a few seemingly decent and intelligent human beings with badges of power we vest in them (that display restraint and respect when exercising it)... have mentioned they aren't from anywhere near maple grove. mmbop is from somewhere in southern WI. why is that relevant? the mpd150 page talks about "


 quite frequently I wake screaming the name Bonnie or Clyde. What I dont Need is court order to someone to teach me what coping mechanisms are, or how important a sense of purpose is. what i dont need is court order to take time for that or basic skills, ive learned them and ive learned what personally works efficiently for me, what matters to me what im good at. 

it takes cognitive effort and time to recalculate priorities. it takes nutrition for cognitive function. terror and esp the type caused by trauma and denial is starting to gather medical evidence it may cause brain damage. go figure when someone lies to put blame on you for things they do in mallice that risk your life....while telling you that u never did never could... it starts to cause issues with areas related to deciosn making/executive function (prefrontal cortex?(top of my head no pun intended) ) and memory.

thats with out starvation by means of theft, police selectively non enforced theft, threat to life and lives of what were technically ...er well first friend, but technically therapy companion animals? why did i have bonnie and clyde? I was given a pass by dr to override no pet policies because 2nd year at ndsu i had been seeing someone on my choice( and while my parents demanded to know why i thought they screwed me up so bad i needed psych services...guilty conscience?) seeing someone about the anxiety caused by getting off work 3 hrs early in 04 and as my foot hit the stair to go to my highschool basement bedroom, in front of me i saw an antenna rise over my dads shoulder. asprin, 911, note, cosmos in master bedroom, grab phone book, pocket cordless phone, falling back on basic aid training trying to find pulse in mean time and couldn't on his wrist maybe on his neck but ear to his chest i knew his heart was beating. called my best friends dad from the ambulance because my mom lacked a cellphone and i figured a note wasnt the way you want to learn this news. he went to the house and waited. it would be 3 hrs before she made norths er. i was 16. i didnt think i just did and then realized i might want to see someone to help the process. 

that anxiety was something he played while condemning me for wanting help. how? all through my time in nd... if he wants to talk to me, no matter how many times I explain, my phone ringing non stop 3 to 10 times in a row then sometimes he would even call my girlfriend. ... DAD THAT TRIPS MY ANXIETY. 

"i wanted to get a hold of you"

2018 - "I need control because i want control"

2020 - " why are you telling everyone what im like? and you are telling everyone. Everyone who knows me already knows how i am"

and if his words to be believed the judge is ready to order an execution of me for their mutual perversions . 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

mn starvation experiment

 I was looking for an image to suggest how it's known and been known repeated starvation and Mal nutrition plus labor causes issues.

thought that came to mind was "Arbeit macht Frei"

and associated imagery. 


 I want to eat a decent meal. I have flat out said that cannot do this they kept me from having anything if I move forward they take it away they break the law to do it they break several criminal laws they made sure I have nothing. I don't want to be in this infested shit hole because they couldn't take care of their fucking house I don't want to die here I don't want to die young I don't want to see a counselor I want to ride my fucking biking complete the contracted work that I was doing I don't want anybody cop or otherwise telling me that because someone lied to the police and tried to kill me I have to go to counseling let me fucking eat address the criminal matters done to me that threaten my life you fucking cowards. Or at least back the fuck off with let people speak their mind without implying legal consequence otherwise we've gone a long way from what this country says it is

Friday, September 18, 2020

sicko paul ouidick

 consent or otherwise.. yes you are getting it

both Paul and Marlene have told me they get what they want when they want. 

Which extends to telling police what ever they want to get what they want. 


 more like wishing I could mourn. Instead I keep being forced to adapt to crimes committed against me but selectively unenforced. I think if people stopped and put themselves in the position where someone else had drains them and make them stick for 16 months then they found all the sudden they were locked out of everything and being bounced hotel to hotel. Without even having the notice that all my things were going to be locked in that house after that long I don't think anyone my age maybe 10% or 1% would have had fun with left even if they had had proper savings.

Logical Oddity

 I find it funny there's been a few instances where people have been charge for hypnotizing someone to then violate them. Or the deaths that occurred I think the last one I heard was the principal who hypnotized teens.

It's not funny b

how far our society has come (a u turn might be advised)

from realizing that in the days of farming, prosperity and continuance of a family line relied on having multiple children

to police helping force labor rob and poision an only child with no male cousins on his dads side.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

mgpd and hennepin County wash each other's hands, assists in destruction of evidence while man poisioned and robbed

my freedom and life may depend on ability to prove anything with docs and numbers. 

death by state, disfunction, infestation, abuse and death for profit.

despite the dark title I intend this to be first a statement of what I see wrong with this system, some of my story and why I don't think it has to be this way. if things like job creation and revenu steams are the main driver I think similar can be accomplished in ways that are congruent to what adacemic medicine and psychology understand as likely to produce postive outcomes. I need to further develop this last idea in the text bellow. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

threats and false plans used to discredit and triangulate

 They Drained Me & Continue to Poision 

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich try to paint this as the story of an incompetent son. 

police at one point plank blank refused to put evidence of attempted murder on file 

and now while in infested shit hole cell with little to nothing but Clyde in freezer.. 

I'm not sure it's worth being alive anymore. 

maple Grove Police enforced incest trafficing and murder

 it's funny how in 2004 I notice my dad has one day taken to using the cordless phone as a remote. 3hrs later my mom joined me in Norths waiting room. 8hr aortic aneurysm surgery

I left for Europe for 45 days in 06 then ndsu in Fargo.

2014 I suspect mold in their house 

Jan 2018 my mom says she's my landlord as I move back in 6.3k services rendered on skilled labor done for pay in past 

false police reports as they gas light the mold and Marlene Wuethrich cnp tries to get me a mental diagnosis by anyway she can. while dragging aspergilis into children's nicu mn

Eventually resorts to trying to push me over railing. I've been throwing away stuff other people paid for four major projects that were contracted. Paid for by an associate in California's company. Throwing away my stuff throwing clothes I laundered and put back on my bed into the basement on moldy carpet into the garage. Every time I turn around something's hiding they both threatened Bonnie and Clyde rabbit. My dad's wanted me to go to the bar taking my keys on my birthday cuz he's lonely well if I manage to leave for an hour I'm up to no good but if I insist the mold that's already been proven by an expert is not in my head and told to leave a few times my rabbits threatens then all my stuff threatened then. She threatened to push me down the stairs and maybe two weeks later my back was to the railing and she keeps pushing then she falsely reports domestic violence claiming I shoved her across the room when I did no such thing of them have laid hands on me or second time she did was slamming a door on my leg well I was seated in car and ask her to back off and she kept approaching while she was talking. At one point living there I had told her fuck you. She turned it into an excuse to try to vent about her sex life to me. Well they were any time I turn around also taking my keys disconnecting the battery to the car and taking the keys if I put a tile key finder on it I might as well as lit $25 on fire because if I somehow got my keys back it was minus the key finder. My rabbits needed antibiotics about the time I left for a hotel for what was supposed to be 2 weeks Max and ended up zero notice locked out which I still am but thanks True Lies to the court a year-and-a-half later there's now a ofp is very independent MC after I've been starved for 30 days in 2009 and I don't even know in 2020 I can't even get my bike back to spect despite the fact that it's been discussed two times in front of Maple Grove PD that it's mine. I am worried about diabetes I usually cook well I'm worried about heart disease I'm worried about every aspect because I have not had control of my time under threat to my life to my things to my rabbits to the remains of my rabbits. All well dealing with their mold that they paid to get rid of in November 2018 but now use like a biological agent of Terror. From a position of power lawlessly enforced and entrenched by Maple Grove PD

maple Grove police, no rights violated if he's dead

 don't worry that's fairly likely.

my dad decided to text taunts

 he has stolen, my ryobi compound miter,desktop work station pc and klutch mig welder. this occurred April 2020

betwen that, 4 days appearing u. parking lot starting after March 18th and 2 more days calling in welfare checks from parking lot

7 times that I know of, with out counting starving me 3 days because I once again had o e key for a car. a car I'm suposed to be grateful for and again one key and the 3rd time he starved me over an issue I saw miles away. 

an issue.. I don't want to do this anymire

I don't want to be Alive. in 16 years of my life and my therapy companion animals wiped out. 

while Marlene had started theats to get me a mental diagnosis in 2014 for the mold proven real in 2018 and had been there since 01.

it spread to apt 8mo of wtf hit me while I tried to keep up the pace on work other people paid for me to do and my dad had agreed to support. 

When the bleeding started he was out flirting with the girl my age in the parking lot well I was dealing with the apartment people in an exterminator inside when I was working so hard I broke a pair of glasses when my head hit the bench he came up once sat on my couch and told me about all the extravagant social events he's going through. The only time I took off was one 2 days for my great uncle's funeral. A week when a friend from France came

I can't even stay on track they have everything I've ever worked for or been given or what I have back is still growing their mold Maple Grove Police assisted in the zero notice lock change eviction 8 months after I move back in with my mom and said I was attendance by saying she's my landlord now they accepted or demanded $6,300 in computer services that I have performed professionally since 2004. Both of my therapy companion animals are dead one is in my freezer the others ashes are held despite the fact that they were mailed to me the police excuse them opening my mail signing my name on legal documents and checks holding my mail

I went August 2019 in Hazard To Life mold car they were forcing me to remediate under threat to get rid of all my things and having pretended to lose Bonnie's ashes I went through Maple Grove to report that I had recordings indicating that the only DV on my record was supposed to fight report and that my parents falsified reports as weapons in general I was looking for unreliable witness I wanted the false reports to stop I wanted to forced labor the destruction of things other people paid for project I built from the ground up taken and destroyed while they were calling anybody I knew for the two years before telling him I'm sick in the head with no such condition existed. I don't know if it's perjury or not but what they said about we picked our son was off his meds I've not required to be on any meds. The pstd was from finding my dad almost dead in 2004 and I sat help for it I was also the one to get them to North and we beat my mom by three hours because I called the ambulance and I called the friend's dad after leaving a note but I figured my mom wouldn't like that kind of news in a note so he waited at the house. I don't know if I saved his life odds are I probably did odds are I probably saved their paid off house as well and I'm looking to live off anybody forever but they have taken everything ran me to the Core

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...