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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

April 2020

 I realized what happened in April is pretty much personal confirmation of what I suspect one or both of my parents has done to my aunt Mary since as long as I can remember.

I highly doubt every story she has told has been related to Marlene and Paul but I wouldn't doubt many are. 

I say that because the moment knowing or otherwise someone starts messing with you in the terror methods I'm about to describe, personal sanity checks not previously established could lead a person to unravel. even with one may begin to attribute things they forgot to things someone else damaged took moved etc. 

what happened in April 2020 was my mig welder, workstation pc and Ryobi compound miter saw walked out of the garage at the apt.

my dad has now 2 or 3x indicated he has them. no indication that's the truth. I tried to file a police report "if you think your dad took them how do we know he didn't pay for them" was a bit irritating because how do I prove anything when Aug 2018 was a 0 notice lock out.. yeah let me find the receipt probably at a house where two people who want to make me suffer, claim to own me and filled ofps March 2020..

or the house mgpd has facilitated the lock out and insisting I must drive away from public property outside of since.. roughly Aug 2018. 

ever leave for a short time at a hotel to learn that your pet rabbits and almost everything but what was on your back is not only not yours but u can't file theft?

they picked this apt. it's the only one that has ever happened and other than renting a house from a friend in West Fargo, it's been apts since 2006. 

not only did they pick it. my dad admits it's too small for all my things and it wasn't well suited for cleaning the mold. it's also empty to this day. 

but after sign lease or lose everything. they admit the storage gargw they pick is two person move(packed to ceiling) use it to spoil a associates relation /trust. "I'll pay him 16 an hr to help u move but you have to ask him" 

this person had just turned 18. 16 is a more than fair wage for that at any age. I said dad yeah I'm sure thats fine but cash up from he lives a ways.. nope only if u ask him.. so of course weeks later when my dad addresses it again he wants to renegotiate down to 14. then my mom starts demanding they have a key or it will not be made livable. they have never had a key to my apt. this demand comes roughly 6mo after 0 notice lock out. 

after they made it seem highly likely they starved Bonnie. she would have likely died soon. she didn't have to die that day. if Clyde had been brought with... 

that's an even wilder story but the long and short is did or didn't foul play... 

in npd fashion they did everything they could to make it seem they killed her. they still have her ashes and once pretended to lose them. then March 04 2020 I'm trying to be reasonable on phone while my mom is throwing out wild accusations. 


in the call he did that he made sure I could hear the drawer in the living room slide open. 

he also plays a game one could summerize as tense lighting. she took this moment to show she does too. 

gaslighting of tense. ie you said pretended I'm going to claim to hear pretend. 

all the sudden I'm hearing the draw role.. we didn't lose Bonnies ashes, nope right here.

Bonnies Ashes were addressed to John Wuethrich in Nov or Dec 2018. she is mail still held. 

not mail but nasty to hold and refuse to acknowledge is an envelope with a lock of her fur. Bonnie and Clyde's fav toy

repeatedly I've asked for the toy, something of theirs to hold to help mourn. 

won't even acknowledge. 

email sms, vm, phone.. nope

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