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Backflips off the balcony

 Constant of onslaught of Lies.

 From someone who pretends to be a parent but really if I'm in the middle of a panic attack will keep poking and poking and poking. Destroy me for their mistakes break the law to do so.

 Starve me take all of my things laugh about having taken the time with Bonnie and Clyde and Cosmos

or that I might have even had human friends

sound offended or not acknowledge at all having stolen my id, commited check fraud etc to make sure I go hungry. the police one day will chastise me for having driven to the house they help Paul and Marlene keep my things with out my id. next as I'm saying hey I can't even get food stamps with out it (snap program) same officer doesn't care they stole it. 

right now I'm hungry and can't even shower /bathe. well I could if I want to stand and dry by air. they stole tools to prevent me from fixing the washing machine and the clothes in there are probably so moldy.. stupid fucking lid sensor anyway. but then knowing they have created this hell and between loss of clyde and 2x 4 days hungey 2x3 I ended up punching walls, my dad threatens subtly he will call my landlord and have them come fix the washer... aka ensure eviction. 

spend almost 900 on parts for a totaled 5k car to try to try to corrupt my understanding and show he will burn my life, my earnings and their savings as long as it looks good, gives him control and I am kept from having enough to break free. 

I've lost track of how many days I've gone hungry this year. something like 6mo they had one of 2 required forms of ID to seek any employment. 

Tell me I've never been independent when I could have moved out at 18 probably not even needed Section 8 (minnesota low income housing) and in fact I did move out in North Dakota. 

still managed to maintain a few clients and the first business client I ever did It support for, over the next 10 years. 

3rd year of ndsu I picked up a paid internship and switched cs to mis. 

Type of erosion where they try to convince you that you don't know your own basic senses but backed by false police reports to seperate you from everything then force labor on toxic mold you also happen to be alergic to.

theaten the remains of Bonnie rabbit while Clyde is in the freezer in the shit hole they picked out. 

tell you it's your fault for not seeing yet another doc when your primary said get away from the mold 

cause u didn't see an allergist even though your cnp mother determined alwrgic to amoxicilin 22 years ago and you know what penicillin is. 

then despite obviously forcing possibly dangerous remediation of a a car they made snow blow through your mom says it's not moldy if it was you would be dead 

I Love you Bonnie and Clyde

The thing is the more I try to follow the command the more they just go right left left right cuz I go one way following the change it if I have Bay they come and steal they take my ID will ask me why I don't have a minimum wage job while having destroyed everything I did 2 have more claim I've never worked before us laugh at the thought that they took my last year's pets that has since 2007 I don't have my kitchen I have a fucking filthy mattress Bal Diaz apartment that they make sure I can't even wash clothes and they starve me repeatedly by stealing they filter my mail to make sure I can't touch my credit. Police helped separate me from everything zero notice ignore that my mom tried to kill me sane we might be liable if we put even unreliable witness on record this is fucked up this is human fucking trafficking forced labor for 9 months on a moldy cars

based on false police reports I've also been thrown in a mental ward. all purpose has been robbed and continues to be. they launch court battles then come and steal from me with 20 days pre covid. I think they sabotaged a 6000usd car to make sure I couldn't make court.

Unless I do to them the worse they get but I don't think the Court cares. Horsham Police lawyers will tell you police are always case building God damn microphone is fucking plug the matter what they say they're there for

He's had me days hungry you're in a half to two years without having seen any friends took my keys on my birthday let me year later telling me when all I have is contacting him and my mom because of are fucked up instead of nastiness he's telling me I can enjoy prison that I'm going to he's going to make sure I go to jail and I can have a boyfriend there and I probably have the recording

When I was bleeding from his mold he's out flirting with a girl my age you had rabbits. Now been like three years both of mine are dead and he's calling me gay fuck you faggot Paul you fucking garbage why don't you go fuck yourself right to death you piece of shit incest fucking cretin

Recently he tried to redefine my time at NDSU. I probably have mathematics is Lexi I figured that out late got fuck this microphone fuck you Paul. Do not construe this has me thinking I'm in the best at anything but one of my professors in a coding elective had a PhD Tim's Computer Science Masters him Information Systems our final project was a group project the best compliment I've ever received was if you really wrote this you are one of the best I've ever seen. I've never had a problem writing even Advanced code I'm pretty good at it I'm pretty good at a few things Paul tries to take even that from me so does Marlene. They are fucking sick

The recent endeavor one part of it for the stressed anybody to the max they push me to commit everything I have both energy social connection time resources and they took it away even when other people paid for things they took it away I didn't fail it take it away. Now they're trying to rewrite my past to say I've never been good at anything well they make sure I don't even have a comfortable place to sit or lay down my body is suffering from how hard I have to work and then kept having to work and still have to work just to deal with the problems they caused when I was in elementary school with their house

Dec 2018 after Bonnie died Paul admited what's he's about "I NEED CONTROL BECAUSE I WANT Control"

"Lord knows you could use someone to talk to"

mean while Marlene "oh you wanna talk to your dad cause uve got him wrapped around your finger?"


thing is they use lies to police and courts, theft, mail fraud check fraud and my pstd therapy animals remains to keep me trapped in this hell and losing or starting from the street and that's no gaurentee they don't follow anyway. it takes resources to get away. in 2014 I kept thinking if I only could record, then blanked it...

now I'm thinking I need a tattoo but don't have the cash to eat. 


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