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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

EHR appears to be a disgusting state if affairs



with out someone enforcing compliance the privacy part is non existant and its a bit too portable. with out the audit logs, u thight you were getting we're getting your tonsils out and instead had a vasectomy but who knows who made that decision borehole the drug that would have been a known interaction with a new one an interaction just went missing from the patient's chart

More I read about HIPAA and ehrs Mark seems like Monica under the desk was getting an easy

Absolute horror stories about the custodians having to clean the Oval Office soda machine on days she wasn't there. slick just couldn't resist anything that said insert bill here I know I told my mom says she's going to make me suffer for taking her time with her husband while her husband says I need control because I want control and is referring to my life

I call him a monster and he says thank you

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