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Sunday, September 13, 2020

can I die yet


9 months with the rediculous ly dangrous clean our car sans budget or feasibility in apt we picked and never mind we decide not to even make budget. 

I had said it's not safe if I can't change clothes.. it will come up to living area. 9mo doing laundry daily and moving piles of clothes around the floor to vacuum. vac died at one point so minus budget to do the demanded task of the car and eat... I opened it and repaired it. so about 10mo in after mold car is gone by 1...im fed up with fact my new friend empty apt dead Clyde in freezer and clothes washing machine with 20sec plus wait to unlatch lid... I yanked a bit too hard in frustration with out realizing it's 2019 and the damn thing is going to have a sensor. ever since I've been with out the ability to wash clothes, bedding or towels and right around that time what I suspected about the apt company was confirmed. they had tried to evict the garage for cleaning mold car.  actually it was 2mo later but the garage fiasco never really ended and it was pretty obvious they wernt going to go month to month. I didn't want them seeing the mess I could do nothing about because I'm basicly being human trafficked and terrorized 

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