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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

caulk gun

 things left in the car Paul used to harm and steal again. things once again not returned

caulk gun

isolation transformer

40 lb propain tank(and not mine)

cordless vacuum (ryobi)

I have a feeling this list isn't complete my i d was in there

He wouldn't tell me where he had a told until after he was having towed scrap yard

cordless vac 4ah battery also needed for ryobi power drill. 

I have to buy the drill twice already and went hungry for buying some of what's listed up there once then again the second time I don't want this to be a third time but I need some of these things back. Meanwhile officer Hanson and Maple Grove assured me that despite the toxic fucking mold problem he will refuse to acknowledge. I brought up May 22nd and said a lot of officers have been in there and he said well he has it well good for you mmbop the ss cop. What does the concept probe boundaries between people object permanence not trusting an adult because you were likely I don't know had it rough with your parents so you have some point rolled it over to anybody who might experience the same needs to learn to respect parents that once anything close to home cuz I call it whatever you want but you're the one holding the gun if you decide this is disrespectful you're the one who's kept me from everything mine based on hearsay put me on the street and endangered my life . And it's not just you what the word allegedly is probably a good dictionary word for you also maybe judge but hey I'm not an expert here I'm also not the one with a gun or trying to paint the other is violence because it's easier for your job I'll probably never have paid vacation I might not even survive this. $6,300 of services just on their computers that I want built for them without charging labor rendered during the eight months I left there and then you guys help them zero notice lockout. That doesn't cover all the work I did on their basement but somehow I pay for that with being a DV statistic when someone tried to kill me and losing everything and everyone I love and work for let alone was ever given

But a bonus and I I think it's more than a chip more than just for a second officer Hanson goes out of his way to tell me my parents give me enough. When they taking taken everything I have work for an everything given in the last year-and-a-half has been already spoken for by the toxic problems they cause when I was a teenager and used like a bio weapon. They paid to be rid of them. I make sure to show a picture of the car in January most officers had seen it maybe you had you have me so fucking turned around enforcing their crimes I don't even know who the fuck I'm talking to on that Squad most the time and if I had a place to write it down how can I keep it. The police let them come into my garage and take more from me after the fucking ofp

But when I show officer Hanson in that picture of the headliner. I didn't see that put the phone away. One in the same with are you arguing that there wouldn't be a cost associated with keeping slave alive if slavery was legal. I just paraphrase that a little it's hard to hold onto exact wording. It's easy with his the response was I'm not going to entertain that conversation. I don't want to have it either but you're the one telling me how great I have it well I'm going hungry and being made to repeat the word slave two times being told I'm owned once that I was bought

He spent $900 replacing things he knew weren't broken just to show that you would bring money if you got to starve me and destroy my things. He was doing this during the fucking court date. Why does Minnesota insist on empowering  abusers and theifs? 

Heil you fucking assholes

Something's wrong when someone who was 25 years VP of their SEIU Local and on the Minnesota labor Council retires and thinks he owns his son. But that's nowhere near as wrong that's when police overlooked Crime After Crime that directly threatens life inability to escape this because I can't make my ass ship money. I can't ship admendment to the legislation to get a job without two forms of ID and I can't shit ID I can't ship back the hell that is being taken now that I have the ID or shit away the mold. I shouldn't have to explain that things like this take money. They paid to have the problem fixed at their house. Their decisions when I was just entering Junior High and before we're what led to that problem that then spread to my apartment. I was down for being born

 if I was the person they lie and try to paint me as they would be dead. 

I wouldn't have even had to do anything. I got off work 3 hours early in 2004 and would beat my mom North Memorial's ER by 3 hours. Maybe he would have lived if I hadn't noticed maybe not I'm guessing not. That doesn't entitle me to anything from them. 

Nor does accepting anything offered in any sane world give them the ability to repeatedly violate criminal law with the intent to harm well taking and destroying everything I worked for. Nor in any sane world will anything I ever say be a valid threat to their life. I can't say abracadabra and if they died after I said that that wasn't me that's not how the world works that's not out realityworks actions kill not words. The two people that then lied to the judge in Family Court well one of them head directly tried to tell me that my words are always worse than his words and or actions. This is fucking insane

This law is fucking nuts. I now arrestables if an officer feels like it despite no past criminal record. Are we in Salem or what the fuck is this? The best I can figure is either my dad's affiliation with ctw or something like any state can lower taxes Minnesota develop the hankering for healthcare jobs and Psychiatric Services are pretty high profit margin considering there's no stints gause anything like that and especially if you already have the facilities.

Cuz I have to believe even with minimal education in law almost none but the ability to research on my own in one class I don't just believe I've already found very old and more recent indications that law understand people lie. Standards of evidence are required. Minnesota creates at least the illusion that wants to protect the lives of its citizens or the rights of its citizens but what the fuck right do I have when things needed to each or to earn to eat our take and it's also the prime but selectively not enforced well if the people doing it run through Family Court...

taking a knee would be far more humane

If you read through this blog my mom literally says in a recorded call I deserve it because I'm a man. It's not something I chose nor is it to be born. What I did choose this working myself nearly to death. If nothing is enforced in their ability to take from me there is no sane way to tell me that that does not also take my ability to escape the situation unless you're going to argue but I just don't need to have anything arbitrarily that might be required to sustain life or that I work for cuz then how are you going to explain to me that I have to work are you doing insult to injury and tell me I'm free on top of it what am I free to do work or die work for nothing and die? Someone committed crimes against me someone continues to but this court considers nothing but what come on after they drive to the courthouse and file a petition but it carries with it a automatic warrant the negating to step criminal it's fucking nuts.

And without considering anything context wise with why things were said or what's actually going on you put the lotion on your skin until we fuck you again. But if hey if we were Define the word free if we redefine the word slave at that just doesn't apply cuz we say so who the fuck am I to say otherwise. There's just saying if you ask someone for a smoke and need the lighter many people will reply if you want me to smoke it for you too? If you can decide what's real based on essentially hearsay with strict limits to what you will consider in the scope and contact if at all I'd assume that if you're not doing this to hurt people then whoever came up with this decided that the police wanted to allow this situation to happen where someone can be separated from everything made to work for it having done labor unpaid told they were a tenant by virtue of homeowner saying I'm your landlord. $6,300 in IT services 8 months. I couldn't find Maple Grove dollar per square foot per month but Plymouth is a dollar 32. I had a 10-foot by 10-foot room you tell me a fucking limit for me fuck I don't need to be alive there's nothing I say nothing I do is protected nothing and work for matters. What's really fucked is I know this happened to one other person by Maple Grove Police.

No one is truly self-made. Even if you're not successful did you do that by maybe earning some fiat currency in a system that someone else devised then someone else watch is over? Or did you build the printer to print the money? Did you build the loom to make the shirt on your back did you build the womb to bring you into the world after demanding that you be made oh whoops we just lost the logic

But regardless of that I had enough self-made money self-made money working before leaving their house in 06 and enough income that I might have been able to rent in Maple Grove without Section 8

So what if I'm really truly abhorrent is that buy a hearsay officers that aren't judges are telling me that if I accept anything from my parents they're always going to have some control. Where's the fucking standard for what I needed to meet ? How much do I need to earn or is it a continuous thing why don't you define this you leave it ambiguous which can be a lot of things. As in an officer standing between you and everything you ever learned putting you out on the street off of here safe and then telling you you deserve it because what two people told them it's going to be taken verbatim and now we feel justified in risking your life stands Judge with no due process. Oh you don't like that we're going to paint you as crazy then violent...

What I'd like is explicitly stated metrics so I'm not at the mercy of Officer SS. Maybe be education system should have matched that. Or maybe there should be act to protect life instead of act in ways that will destroy evidence so it's an easy cover up if I'm found dead

I don't see any way that I can achieve the arbitrary well somebody else said that you didn't do this ever and that you accepted something from them how can I ever disprove that when you remove everything from me? I've got a little bit of evidence that I can dig up of what I had when what is bullshit cuz there's no protection here there's no reason to try anything when this to happen but I don't want to die with the last woman to touch me in my mom trying to push me over a railing this is fucking state-enforced incest State ignored murder or extrajudicial executions

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