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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

City of Maple Grove

 I found a Maple Grove police activity report for random month I think it was Town Square.

 They will investigate a wallet going missing.

 Punished shit tons of petty theft.

another article in which an officer decided that probable cause was shopping while black.

cause like, that's probably easy to avoid presenting?!

As always and as Oprah demonstrates if you can pay for lights... the batteries might break even her wallet though. I digress.


The most common thing they respond to is even the theft of a toothpick by a biz.

yet they participate in helping parents endt heir family line and steal from their children repeatedly

brush off a mn citizen claiming said parents claim to own him you  by responding with 

"it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

or parents force labor from their adult children after making them sick.

or force labor under threat to things stolen as the theft continues.

 They help cover up someone who endangers and endangered the life of sick newborns

And when I say toothpick I'm not that far from serious. One of the arrest was for running off with a bottle of wine from a restaurant. Even if you think none of this will ever apply to you the logic here is that if police can both overlooked crimes and crimes that pertain to one's ability to stay alive let alone independent and Overlook all scientific knowledge in deciding that if the legal system can eventually likely to apply to you slippery slope isn't by default a fallacy it can be it's what the argument behind it is

So I know some people won't see this there's pretty sound scientific backing that even if racism is at play racism requires a mindset pretty much along the lines of a cluster B personality disorder. The specific brain damage would it manifest says that is bad enough but from a position of power such as the police I would say that pretty well explains why the last time I looked at the numbers it was something like 2X black people experience police brutality to One X white people and 1X other. Because in any case it's still a person that is experiencing judgement and Punishment by the arm of the law that is supposed to enforce it and bring them to trial not enforce vigilante personally bias possibly deadly extrajudicial

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