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clearing some potential confusion

 Both of my parents in one way or another have communicated I am supposed to suffer because they say so

the tldr version is, I tell you I'm going to try to hurt you, I start by using falsified police reports, charge aren't pressed but I end up winning police favor and I'm exploiting social norms and end up separating you from everything furthering my position of power. Police began giving me carte blanche running forcing crimes that threaten your life imagine how you'd feel if the same police basically say you deserve it.

And while this terror is happening Buehler's the animals you care as much for if not more than any other person you've known. Then these people terrorize by threatening the remains of one of them that police help keep you from. Injury to insult is what the non-civil family destroying Court then enables. But put very basically it becomes hey I'm going to tell you what happened for things I wasn't there for. 

No you don't know I don't care that you were there I'm telling you what happened and how it is.

If this continues I don't think I'll have to kill myself it'll be murder whether it goes down as that are not more likely than suicide but it's not worth being alive when the above is the case and the crimes continue slavery By Any Other Name Is Still atrocious. Outline getting angry and words well someone physically tries to kill you and says they own you and says they want to make you suffer people in positions of power in this state should be ashamed of themselves this is a bastion of injustice and fascism cloaked as protection of feelz

I'm not sure if I should use the word officer as a form of respect or if mgpd prefers the Nazi salute 

as I type this another fungus gnatts just buzzed my face.. this is really fucking sick

My dad has directly communicated I need control because I want control in reference to my life my mom has told me she's going to make me suffer for taking her time with her husband

Nowhere in law do I see where someone accepting the contract verbal love you can have this much money entitles them to everything you ever make or excuses them from theft poisoning attempted murder mail fraud check fraud Etc

I do see in the Constitution that if flies are to provide any protection they are supposed to be applied equally to everyone in the land or every citizen 14th Amendment Section 1

I do see in Minnesota law repeated violations and not just of law or criminal law but done with intent to hurt done in ways that it shouldn't take explaining make it harder to escape someone trying to harm me

If this isn't aggravating enough as is and potentially lethal if this isn't hard enough to escape there's than the fact that certain members of the Maple Grove Police and the department as a whole through the actions of these members on check unrequited or even check up on the little bit of wind that I should have had like two times discussed it is my bike I should have it back where my dad admitted such in front of it Maple Grove officers but no follow-through no checking up on follow-through except the officers tell me at the time can you be the good guy you know where we're busy can can you do it tomorrow.

But the less than admirable officers and largely I think officer Hanson no there's a few others turn it back on me while applying personal judgment and watching violation after violation but telling me verbatim if your parents give you anything they're always going to have some control 

after I show him a picture of The Moldy freaking deathtrap that they've been threatening all my property if I don't clean for them 

But not before telling me he didn't see that put the phone away.

9 months  the first three of which I wasn't even allowed a respirator a full face respirator that I had bought for etching circuit boards . Rather for mixing the acid to do so . There was a small risk of free chlorine gas . After its stable it stays pretty stable within temperature ranges one would expect to encounter with the world continuing and without applying heat .  It still isn't something you want in your eyes so the hundred dollars for that mask that could protect against the chlorine with the proper cartridges and served as an excellent splash guard afterwards  seems like a wise investment . It also would have been ideal  we're not blowing black shit out right now . 

next time I run into him he's telling me that give me enough while they're still holding on my property and have stolen some since

And this is stuff that I have recorded call they admit is mine they admit I bought it with money I earned and have used it to earn above minimum wage with some of the tools in the past.

So if it's arrest of all or likely to cause me legal hell to go against the police not enforcing violations of law but enforcing that I can't touch my things after enforcing I zero notice lose access to all of my thing enforcing I have to drive away from my things under lock and key in the car I don't have title to

I think the anger is pretty Justified even without the poisoning aspect

What I think is abhorrent is then I further face legal consequences because my parents go to a different Court and say that they feel threatened alleging that I said other things and said or not the court doesn't appear to care about the context or the fact that this situation has created one where they were able to control that I cannot even attend court

Let alone have my things related to personal hygiene nutrition self care and what works for me to be stable let alone but earn or go anywhere in life

I don't think it's a far argument from state-enforced disability disfigurement or extrajudicial execution unless you're going to argue that things like ID stolen don't prevent income or income despite federal law requiring two forms. I get yelled at by Officer Hanson one night for not having driven down with it on me they take it from a car up in St Cloud in between and as officer Hansen's activating the ofp s he doesn't give a shit that they have my ID. 

And this is from behind a breathing mask for covid-19 after a year-and-a-half of enforcing drive away from where my property is under lock and key with no legal precedents to do so after what I believe was a zero notice lockout eviction

Unless you're going to argue income or assets liquidated will back to cash or cash in the bank isn't required to even move a mile 

Which is hard to do because even walking if you don't put calories back in you won't be around for very long

But especially when the only thing you have is a car they picked and you don't have title to. And not even the bike which is a more efficient form of human-powered Transport without the miles per gallon dollars per gallon factors.

These crimes aren't enforced aren't just related to my future be related to my ability to escape what is likely to be in Lethal abuse

And then factor in that there's no enforcement of theft. These people are my parents meaning they have my social security number they took a copy of my driver's license so they have that number they have no qualms opening my mail and forging my signature.

 I really shouldn't have to explain this to people even if it's not on the front of their mind all day

Especially not having to fight for my rights now in court because I might have felt some way with my life is endangered and said something and now the people endangering it and the people not enforcing the criminal violations that create the danger God this is bulshit but if you're wondering why I sometimes sound angry that would be it also Marlene and Paul between the two of them three times have met the definition of battery once was attempted murder

I'm not going to try to argue if they feel or don't feel anyting other than to suggest in my opinion they've never felt threatened of me hurting them physically risking their life they might feel threatened but in my opinion it wouldn't be of that because my dad literally says he thinks he owns me and the thinks part is me applying that. He says he owns me

But it's it should be scary and if not just scary a little bit of raging when the people who threaten your life can then tell the court they feel threatened even though they have taken physical action to attempt to harm or end your life but now you face government punishment stripping of Rights because the people who say they own you and tried to kill you are still poisoning you well they feel that way and police have told you it's not illegal to say you own someone it's like narcissism games embodied in law and law enforcement 

oh well we just won't call it slavery  and indentured servitude we outlawed the contract haha

Appropriate time to notify me about what an ofp was If This truly is something that would have applicable to any of the parties involved here not gender-based or well if a woman applies in her husband does too and it's for somebody else then we'll let that one through if it is what the court claims is now and from what I read Maple Grove had several opportunities that the police could have told me to apply for one of those but instead we might be liable if we put that on the record when I sought unreliable Witness to at least stop the false police reports and told them I had call recorded indicating my mom tried to push me over the railing when she reported DV and that the other calls indicate they use false police reports as weapons.

Which I believe even without the bar association's help this part of the reason there's a charge for fraudulent police reports but if no one can launch it except the police then we've given police judge jury and executioner powers in a sense because someone can steal all your means to get to the Civil Court beat the shit out of you open your mail threaten you like crazy or actually like put explosive somewhere do any kind of crazy heinous nasty things repetitively and the police can decide never to even initiate an investigation let alone charges and if the person on the victim and has no awareness of this even if they have ability to get to court how did they know what that law was. There's several websites that suggest police might suggest this to a party


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