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Conditioning Terror Paralysis

 If anyone bothered to care about more than what people placed in a position of power by people with guns allege...

Is Minnesota the new salem cira 1693? well, parents claiming to own an adult offspring made sick by black mold and aspergilis from their house gain police assistance locking him out 8mo after he moved in 0 notice and ive been forced around under threats to everything mine since. then for a further power trip as covid starts and ijm in empty apt 45min from where all my assets/personal property is under lock and key with a broken down car i dont have title to and 20 days to move out due to cleaning moldy car in garage of force dlease.....

hey lets serve him with family bcourt ofps on friday the 13th for morning court an hr and a half away with out traffic despite a broken down car and year and a half of forced labor and human trafficing like conditions. 

for those unaware its theorized that ergot contaminated rye lead to the salem witch trials.  ergot is a fungus. molds are subsets of the set of things called fungus (i forget the biology terms but set theory will do genis and species filum ...something somethnhg ...same concep but which is one cares if i die so fuck it find out for yourself)

but speaking of death and latin. here is old french

 Ou est elle la Mort? toujours

future ou passée. Apeine est-elle

presente, que deja elle n’est plus.

aussie... figure it out yourself. its something that stuck with me since I toured the catacombs under paris alone at 18 in 2006. 

actually ill give you this one

Ou est elle la Mort? toujours
future ou passée. Apeine est-elle
presente, que deja elle n’est plus.

Where is Death? eternal
in future or past. As soon as she
appears, she’s already gone.

I always want to remember it as when... but 

"Old French ou, from Latin ubi (“where?”)" apparently the grave accent that makes "where" vs "or"(Ou) in modern french was a middle french adition. 

funny thing is, a 16 year old girl from somewhere in the states that had been educated in latin was able to tell me this standing in front of the inscription in basically a cave surrounded by a lot of bones. puts life in perspective. 

on the bright side...according to old french at least my mom trying to push me over a railing in 2018 probably wont be the last woman to touch me (the french reaper is apparently elle...aka feminin) 

I have recorded phone calls dating back to aug 2018 maybe before but I would need to recover them from a flagship 2016 phone slighly damaged could have sold for $300 easy using tools i had paid for but nope... mold car forced labor 9 moths starvation notice to vaycate 4x at end of forced leace for cleaning mold car. reminders during covid start that they didnt care about eviction ban i am to leave... then like last month note in front of door...not registered mail... oh you can go month to month

I have texts from the same time period

I belive it could be made pretty clear to a judge or even jurry that the parents doing this are aware of what they do and do it with intent to inflict intense emotional distress.

11 mo in 2019 including 9 with mold car was all about  WHY HAVENT YOU FOUND A COMERCIAL SPACE TO RENT?


while answering maybe once a week telling me i dont know what a text is, is that an email?! EMAIL IT!

then he sends texts

then my mom does things like story changes from you need medication for your delusions, to you need medication for your anger around the time they paid to have the mold removed. now its back to delusions. im sick in the head. 

they purgered on the ofps 

but apparently that doesnt matter ... if you live in maple grove you can have your son preform 6.3k skilled labor after inviting him in, police will help you lock him out, ignore you tried to kill him, take everything he worked for for 16 years of earning, basically human traffic him as long as you pay for an empty cell to force labor in by threating his remaining pet and all his possessions. then the ashes of the pet that died in your care... pretend to lose them 

indicate the storage garage you wont tell him the address to 

like the store name you said once....

indicate work on the car faster idk why we pay for that garage

despite the fact they picked it and start of 2019/right before lease started acknowledged its a 2 person move because its stacked to the celing

deny there is any mold at all any more even as stuff you decide to grace me with is actually a bio weapon and no funds are there ...

ask why i dont have a job while holding all second forms of id then take drivers liscense

officer hanson jan 2020 is telling me its illegal to have driven with out it on me then may doesnt care that parents have it while he serves and activates the ofp that sterns sherif had indicated they would make no attempt to serve. 

through a mask officer hanson is asking why cant i just drive to a friends?! not caring theres been a year and a half or more since 0 notice lock change... year and a half of mgpd forcing me to drive away from all my worked for and given possessions under lock and key in a car i dont have title to. 

0 notice...oh hey nothing is yours we wont let you in there cause they say this and that. \

isnt it criminal to streal over 1g of service? 

this is unreal just in IT support on computers I BUTILT for them as i have for small business and paying homes in past... 6.3k in 8 mo. that doesnt include upgrading their under cabinet led strips to have an RF dimmer and on off remote. that doesnt count the labor pulling moldy trim and trying to clean their infested house.

its like mgpd is INS in a border town... invite an adult son to your hell hole home, say you are their landlord, accept and demand labor. mgpd helps you put him on the street 0 notice and you keep and destroy everything 

heres what my most expensive ham radio being destroyed is going for on ebay

but more importantly fcc part 97 and scanner law would make it illegal for them to posses any of my radios and or transport them with out a ham license. then theres the 1k of destruction of property becomes criminal? nope not to officer hanson or any of mgpd

whats more upsetting is hearing " you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

thats not mail fraud they can open anything that goes to their house. as far as i can tell thats a hella half truth. they can open it by mistake. they cant open it remove my bank cards and hold it using police to make me drive away then police not caring im freaking starving. or open an envelope addressed to me remove a check made out to me endorse my name and decide whats done with it sans my knowledge or permission.

they do not have adult gaurdianship over me. they do over my aunt... which should be kinda disturbing. on xmas they invite me down no one answers when i show up, aunt with out drivers license comes out drives away. i never stepped out of the car or drove off public property. 3 mgpd squads roll up. they've been told i was on the property and or inside and told to leave but refusing and causing a scene. 

I do give that officer credit, he at least made it clear i didnt have to leave maple grove...and tried to understand /not just go off on hearsay. 

still this was well over a year into 0 notice oops your stuff is ours

the worst part is April 2020 they drive to st cloud take my mig welder, desktop work station pc(another pc i built not on the 30 by age 22 list) and compound miter saw. aka the most valuable things i had bought since or gotten back

the mig welder was the only thing i had bought since. it was bought with part of a mature EE bond my grandmother had left in my name. 

when i wasnt being told " you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out"

it was that i have to drive from the st cloud apt they force the lease on to family court in mpls to get my things.

how practical is this esp when they are allowed to pick where i live while threatening all my things.

move in 8 mo later gee shoulda known better they now get to keep everything and force you around . 

3 hotels in maple grove 2 in rogers 1 mental ward, before a year after leaving and minus bonnie rabbit..minus the time and EE bonds from trying to find my own place and food at hotels

SIGN THIS LEASE or lose everything

then snow blows through vents of car right before lease starts

clean our car or... 

clyde gets sick from games forced my mgpd the last day of hotel stay. from infested car and probably infection from fact he was covered in piss from 3 hrs waiting for car past check out. my dad threatened to force me up there with 0 cash if the hotel added the pet fee then takes 3 hrs to get me car he had nothing done. forces rental key back by having mgpd show up at my hotel door. 

i get one key to moldy car on -11 F day with Clyde rabbit wet from pissing travel cage my parents are 5 miles away wont answer. no towel no ability to turn off car or run it with out locking myself out key in. Clyde was probably a year old when I got him in 2007. 

this is beyond trauma im laying on the bed he died on typing this. hes in my freezer

they pretended to lose bonnies ashes

a lot of what they claim i said is completely devoid of condition striped of context and minus the fact that it might have come after something like I OWN YOU while im watching my health and life raped and perhaps more importantly, my friends Bonnie and Clyde.

in 2006 I had made enough to pay for 45 days backpacking europe ALONE at age 18 come back start ndsu and still have spending cash the first semester and second. this was after buying a 1k 32 inch lcd in 2005, xbox and yamah surround system. I was doing it support for 4 businesses and 2 dozen homes regualrly and had an 11 an hr telemarketing position

did i mention, i went to euirope alone the summer after i graduate hs? i called home once. I had a dream cosmos cat got sick. one of the crazziest things in my life. they didnt tell me till i got back, he almost died of a kidney infection. I cant explain that it was really weird... point was...

several entities apear to be covering their asses or for what ever reason insist i have never can not care for myself when even at 18 ...

anyone care to clarify where the law is that has a fucking explicit definition of when parents arnt allowed to forge my signature steal my id create dependence falsify police reports allow me to fix problems their decision to play general contractor on their house when i was a minor caused after pro identifies them. i was right in 2014. 

they commit criminal violations repeatedly with intent to harm me police look the other way.  

i cant even orally lose my temper from 45 min away in empty apt... my words for some reason are deemed more of a threat than my mom trying to push me over a railing and saying "you bastard i brought you into this world i can take you out"

shes a cnp... nurse practitioner. she admits the conditions they force are not safe for life. 

she flat out said i deserve what they do because im a man. 

so mn is about making 32 year olds with no criminal record, no mental illness into DV statistics for violence against women while allowing said mother and father to take 16 years of earning?

b because my words and their feels?

yet medical professional states whats done is a threat to life.... 

nope i didnt go to family court in salem Minneapolis and cry witch? 

how can i expect to get out of this if someone can ccontinusiously steal

ive been run flat out with out the ability to mourn let alone cook or even touch my bike\

or any coping stress releasing ...healthy .... emotionally regulating vitiman d et health producing in gener habit at all. 

and the bike was 2x in front of mgpd admitted to be mine and i was told id get it back. 

i assume im alreadsyy going to be arrested on criminal charges because civil ofp they blocked me from attending court for... was year and a half and attempted police report after attempted police report... 3x battered by marlene and paul... 

they beat the shit out of me mostly figuratively and emotionally but did try to kill me, threatened to put clyde in washing machine....

but no im a criminal if myself or my pocket answers the phone.

after ofp passed... 2 days later they drive 45 min to still empty apt call in welfgarer check over next 2 weeks 4x in parkinglot and another welfare check . 

more calls from my moms number than since 2006 in one day. 

they also had my photo id/dl during the trial. does family court check id on entry? 2 months before i was served officer hanson of mgpd is telling me its illegal to have driven down with out a license. I knew that to be a half truth/lie...iirc from driverschool, id be given a window of like 48 hrs to prove it. 

but then he doesnt give a shit on may 22 they were in possession of it as he activated the ofp sterns wouldnt touch. 

showing me he opened the usps package with bonnies ashes. still held. was addressed to John Wuethrich at their address.

everything i made on the vps set up site transfer and SEO for a business was spent on the crazy task of their car and being told i would have to clean their mold off my stuff while they decided when i got what back. But it wasnt just money spent.. this is a floor drying fan/air mover, by far not the most complex thing ive done and it needed washers i didnt have..but i made it into a hepa air mover via fabricating the plexi box where the black plastic guard was installed when i bought it. 



your son teaches himself enough EE to make functional circuit boards and makes contracts with gainfully employed peers to make it worth while... lets make sure he cant finish them while destroying everything including his body. 

2019. shark vacuum breaks. i had told them its nuts to make me clean this car. its more nuts to not have budget for tyvec and or make me get in it to get every meal. it likely cant be done if it is only means of transport. in the mean time best i can do not being able to change clothes between mold car and living space... vacuum like hell...oh but yeah, anything u get back goes on floor
how sustainable is moving piles around to vacuum...

then vac dies... lucikly i am fairly competent with a soldering iron. it should have been crimped but it was crimped and failed. i installed the shrink wrap to catch WHEN not if...the solder joint fails. anything that vibrates is usually best to crimp because solder is relatively brittle. soldering iron was just already on moldy table and ready to go ...plyers? i have no idea i cant even find the freaking nail clipper in the hell they design and steal to force. 


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