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conditions and context

 if a court can decide that the alleged utterance of words one party to another is grounds to strip rights from another with out any of the standards criminal court would be held to that's bad enough.

with out regard for context is even worse. 

I keep thinking it over and I'm not sure how this doesn't kill free speach. 

I'm going to kill Fred mcmadeuperson 

if Fred Mc madeupperson is familiar with mn ofp law, from the little bit I've gleamed between starving and combating toxic mold with out the budget while waiting for my mouth to rot from needed dental implant (baby tooth with no adult under it was wedged untill dec 2017). 

from the little bit I've managed.. he doesn't even have to be a mn resident to now seek an ofp against me. 

if all that matters is he claims we were once roommates or lovers, and that he now feels threatened. he can type a patition to an mn family court put quotes around the text above and minus the context of I picked mcmadeupperson to demo this logical incompatibility with any speach let alone free... and maybe singled out the Irish.

Minus context anything can mean anything. 

Minus context one better submit to one commanding it put the lotion on its skin because otherwise any responce thst might preserve ego probably risks ofp. 

and if it makes you arrestable as a criminal if you cant defend every claim or even if u can; I fear mn is headed down a dark road.

on the plus side the 3 years Mal nutrition with intermittent starvation, isolation to deprive of human contact or even with my rabbit friends, or mourn their loss, exposure to toxic mold, forced labor even under threats to Bonnies remains (which happen to have been a usps package addressed to me making them held mail)

I doubt I'll be around long to watch this road traveled.

but should I be dead or arrested on criminal charges... 

if one looks around this site. there's an admission via recorded call that my mom thinks I deserve all this for being a man

maybe next time I chose to be born, I'll pick the other gender as well. 

should I be made criminal, MN police enforced a 0 notice 0 ability to recover my things at first 6mo bounced between 5 hotels 3 cities and a mental ward probably 14 rooms in 5 hotels due to short bookings made by my dad and while I'm spending savings bonds to eat and have gas...

I ended up recording admission my parents falsify police reports as a weapon and dv report (the one and only in now 32 years) was actually my mom trying to kill me

to which mg responded "If we put that on record we might be liable"

but in basicly enforcing human traficing conditions you make it pretty hard for me to keep record of it

so mn basicly assists in the destruction of evidence before making a 32 year old wirh no criminal record into a criminal after 3 years of horror I try but can't actualy find words for. 

making a 32 year old a criminal because his mom says he deserves it all for being a man. 

I figure in arrested either way. it must have been opposite day every time compulsory edu talked about land of the free.

what's ubendently clear even in the human traficing conditions I have to try to study is that this was a result of vawl. possibly male arrests after application result in fedral funding from grants vawl provides. 

there's multiple paths to consider for why this is even worse made general application with almost anyone able to apply.

but id first like to see how often male on female (accused) is granted /passes /I forget civil and family courts word for this. (you can count how many times I've been to any court on one hand and still have fingers left over) 

or how often it's even saught. I wasn't aware of a one sided dv restraining order or how to get one. I can find tons of feminist lit with intent of informing females about what's now a supsosibky non gendered process.. but I'd bet I'm not the only male with no idea. 

I'd bet men applying for them is a lower sum than women and I'd wager partially cause we have no idea

I'd also wager that even if those that seek it fewer are applied /pass but this is a inference and I'd be happy to stand corrected by data. 

well as happy as one can be knowing that on me it was used a year and a half into police enforced human traficing by one parent who tried to kill me and another who claims to own me. 

knowing that since it past March 18th said parents or singular have drive. 45 miles 7x that I know of to intimidate steal or call in welfare checks. 

if he wasn't in the freezer and or his favorite toy and Bonnies remains (also held usps parcil/fedral crime) held and threatened while I'm repeatedly starved in empty now moldy cell like apt.. there would be little to be concerned with as it applies to my welfare. considering how fragile the power grid is doesn't help my anxiety either. it's also funny because 2 x Infront of mgpd it was said the bike is mine and I'm suposed to get it back. 

well diet and exercise probably play no role in immune function, risk for type 2 Diabities, over all health, emotional inhebition, coping mechanisms the court may order me to spend time learning via psych services (hearing again with no ability to execute from either povitery or as an executed person) or cognition at all right? I can show you medical journal articles that back just how sarcastic i intended that.

there's pretty good indication Mal nutrition over the course of years starts to decrease immune function as well. 
Clyders at pale and marburg (hemerogic fever))(he likes westerns and she has a masters in nursing, honner less and deadly... a coping mechanism) 

mushrooms in the rented 10x10 room at parents. pipe access for tub on other side of wall

my dad made it take till 3hrs past check out on a negative 11 day. to give me one key for a car he didn't have remediated.. after threatening if the hotel added a pet charge I would go to empty apt 0 money. Clyde pissed his travel cage and no towels one key put me in a shit postion while Paul and Marlene sat maybe 10min a few miles away refusing to answer. can't let wet Sr citizen rabbit in - 11 can't run car with out only key in ignition. I dried him on my shirt then eventually brought him under my jacket into petco. at one point while I ate Arby's Inbetween he was sitting on the center console and I look over to see a mom and her daughter looking in the passanger window while the mom is saying

March 2019 empty apt first night. at this point I had basicly Clyde and a pillow. I fell asleep on the floor after I took this. woke up 6hrs later to Clyde nibbling my fingers softly because he needed food. my parents and their willingness to lie to police and courts plus maple groves recognition their actions may have created liability but refusal to change corse.. continues to threaten my life body and sanity 

moon roof of car we drove up in

Bonnie at a house rented in West Fargo 2010ish

previous apts mostly set up alone. mostly is an understatement. I had one day of help where all the shelving is. 

10x10 room.

pretty funny when u can take everything someone worked for, physically relocate them under thewat to it and animals, force labor before and after.. take id file ofp with them in empty apt Mal nourished, then call in a welfare check or 2.

actually I'm not sure if there is a valid ofp against me let alone 2. they passed March 18th. parents filed knowing the car was broke and picked mpls when they also picked I live in sterns. 4 days notice.. broke car.. 

but for what ever reason (maybe the welfare check 2 days later, maybe covid, maybe stuff I'm unaware of) 

sterns made no attempt to serve them. 

Maple Grove pd did may 22 meaning well over 28 days passed. I'm not a lawyer and when maple Grove figured out I was sitting lights on across the culdisaq from the house with my id and all my valuables under lock and key.. they were chomping at the bit when about 18min after I arrived and flipped dome lights on leaving headlights on they rolled up enforce. chomping at the bit to arrest that is. 

"no sterns didn't serve it its not active" 

"oh thanks that's helpful" 

one officer to another outside my rolled down window 

i can't say how thankful I am that the scpd officer had an issue with the second one in two weeks 

it may get lost in my terror and or fear and anger expressed with words, but I'm not against police. I do see a serious concern with near absolute authority of modern police and next to 0 accountability for how that authority is used.  I've also said in the past that at the moment the best hope somone has is those officers that are upstanding being involved. 


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