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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

control freaks

 They need to be stopped. Both parents to children those telling us that parents aren't responsible for children's Behavior because they are and more discipline generally isn't the answer if a child is acting out a child isn't getting his or her needs met

No child has ever asked to be born generally people who are at least in their teams start fucking because it feels good I'm in a vast majority of them assume that made them a parent than anybody else just won't understand now that made you someone who can assemble Ikea furniture with Rod p and hold v.

Easiest way to detect parent like that is how dare you? 

ie if you rr respectfully bring up something that my hurt the child but you know say it's less than ideal do it with tact or ask wife ask questions when possible like why would you think this would lead to that probably a good diffusing mechanism but the point is those who get upset at the concept you might suggest that they might not be perfect parents well they haven't really considered the potential harm your trying to bring two light for them are they?

If you're more concerned with being offended you might possibly do something less than ideal then learning about ideal or learning what might be ideal what might be good what might be bad what might be toxic if it's all about how you look not what you're doing 

you're doing it wrong

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