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create the harm to justify forced treatment

 I think this is a new Twist on the concept of entrapment. I think it'd be easily avoided if the justice system and or police would decide on something like mathematics and logic order of operations or if Family Court would uphold the the same standards of evidence that Criminal Court does. Especially as States like Minnesota make laws that were once either primarily used to defend women or only about protecting women applicable to almost anybody in theory I'm not sure how they're actually executed. Because as that the later happens I think we move towards recreating Salem in the 1600s

 order of operations with some bass lines for if everybody is to be protected and what constitutes protection of life in this modern society would prevent the problem I'm experiencing . Multiple felony-level thefts and crimes have been committed by the same parties against me this has left me without so much as a printer or proper desk . All the sudden I have a 4 days notice that I have a court case an hour and a half away without a car 

police in the city which the majority of crimes occurred had 6 months or so prior told me that if they so much as put unreliable witness on record they might be liable. I was told this after having explained I have managed recorded phone calls where the parties against me admit to falsifying police reports as weapons and the reported dv against my mom was actually her trying to kill me. 

I've been told it a previous encounter that I would be able to press charges for mail fraud and check fraud what explain the night of the meeting was what I'm really looking for it just to get the false police report says weapons to stop . The reason I find this extremely relevant and or order of operations with health is because these crimes bite into one's ability for defense and in Minnesota as I've learned the public offenders program is still under Finance that's been ruled unconstitutional

Sort it likely comes down to his cry witch in family court and strip another citizens of their rights and or have them sentenced to mandatory court-ordered consumptions of time and violations of privacy . This probably flies under the radar of most cuz the moment you mentioned Port people think back to standards of justice and everything they learned about what we consider Justice .  from what I can see not much of that applies to Family Court .

But more to the point in the title and what family court apears to sentance...

A lot of the things that can be overlooked by officers as crimes even felony-level create right to life anytime someone's hungry and unable to eat its severe trauma . Trauma tends to trigger things like fight or flight pstd maladaptive and or dissociative behaviors risk-taking behaviors and or cause or further substance abuse

Psychology knows all of this . How can the court and the justice system be ignorant to concept some of which are a hundred years old well also ignoring its own pillars of morality and logic or its own basic truth whatever you want to call it . This court would seem to ignore the basic truth that people lie . It would seem to define justice as whoever makes the hearsay claim first . I'm a psychological standpoint there's narcissists tend to create this feeling in their victims are Target's of walking on eggshells because a lot of them figure out baselessly attacking puts a neurotypical person on the defensive trying to live up to them because they don't want to do that harm . A court where the standard of evidence on the accusation is low to non-existent and the burden is on the accused is about as close of Legally substantiating narcissistic abuse as I can think of. Because you either commands the person's time and usually take their rights or they're unable or unwilling to show and lose their rights anyway

further more  it said for things like a ofp police will often suggest them to a victim . It's not hard to find that they originated as violence against women laws it's not hard to conclude that a male would be less likely to know of their existence . In what I described above could you think of an ideal time that the police could have notified me of the existence of this option ? If it's first come first of Justice what police can refuse even accurately reporting thus eliminating the possibility the prosecutor even pick anything up up . If instead we're relying on this somewhat esoteric new set of charges or Court in which to raise them I think they're probably should be a bit more free-flowing information to all demographics that they even exist 

Not to be a pessimist but in researching what I'm up against I also uncovered the existence of violence against women law grants from the federal government . Despite Minnesota's new language that either gender and almost anybody can now apply for them I sincerely question how often certain demographics cases are allowed to court and or Triumph . It would seem there's likely Financial incentive or women versus men cases with the man being the accused party 

Psychology probably is the highest margin per patient lowest marginal cost per patient healthcare service there is in a world where the division of wealth is primarily with a very small set of people and or corporations in a country where any states can lower taxes I also can't help but wonder if court-ordered Psychological Services corporations with money in the healthcare industry 

It would also seem a great tool for cleanup of liability for misdeeds or misconduct by agents of the state

That's a indications that that's what this is about I found in the fact that there is no statute of limit and it's free to file . From the looks of it only the accused needs to act the part of a lawyer or pay for one . Yes public defender probably happens but if they're that over work to the point that what I read about them being declared unconstitutional in Minnesota is true the chances that you'd get Fair representation would seem to be pretty low

It also seems like the court acknowledges money is crucial to Modern Life . It really shouldn't take explaining that there's going to be a dollar Factor in even being able to appear . But if police are able to ignore actual crimes that protect a person's bank account or money already in their name let alone theft of physical i d like what happened to me immediately preceding the parties filing it would seem wave legally Justified preventing someone from appearing in a case that has far greater than normal civil potential consequences it literally strips rights and creates warrantless arrest without a provision some people can't make court at all on that notice it seems like the port is doing a hypocritical backbend or circular logic . 

It also seems out of sync with nature because what does a colorful insect  represent in the natural world? If you eat me you will die. Or in other words most are poisonous . Anthropologist and evolutionary biologists have actually come to the conclusion that in humans oral threats might have evolved as a way to avoid escalation to physical contact which might threaten the life of eitheror both parties . No one could claim that in modern society that's what the police are there for instead of making threats you called them except as I've experienced they are allowed to totally ignore any actual crime and or repeated criminal acts one party against another via enforcement bias and no oversight.

The combination makes this the perfect tool for abuse by abusers it also flies in the face of flies in the face of centuries of Lessons Learned in human Justice mostly Written in Blood like Salem witch trials standards-based Justice was not an easy thing for our species to come to I can't believe the willfulness in which we have abandoned it

Worst yet check out the post titled I'm not the only one with problems with the DSM. it too gets criticism even from those involved in creating it for lacking objective standard and causing more harm than it can possibly do good.

so what is this court subjecting people to? it would seem based on the image it's lesser and for protecting vulnerable but in reality mfiht not be either.

After all who's more likely in your case of severe abuse to be able to access the computer access a printer drive to the court and submit their case? If as a police officer I can separate you from everything required and then allow subsequent crimes and threat to life Force physical relocation surrender of all assets to the party that then accuses did I even have a chance? Somebody decided they wanted to abused me and now I'm without legal rights at least all of those of someone who wasn't accused. Meanwhile right after that court case they drove 45 minutes 7 * to intimidate 2 welfare checks called in. Then a month later they stole $1,000 of assets from my garage this is hopeless 


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