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death by state, disfunction, infestation, abuse and death for profit.

despite the dark title I intend this to be first a statement of what I see wrong with this system, some of my story and why I don't think it has to be this way. if things like job creation and revenu steams are the main driver I think similar can be accomplished in ways that are congruent to what adacemic medicine and psychology understand as likely to produce postive outcomes. I need to further develop this last idea in the text bellow. 

The state says:

it's here to prevent discrimination and protect its citizens 

it has laws to enable things suposibly in line with that desire. the more I look I can't conclude any of the for their own good civil, doctors become Jailers and or family court modifications achieve their stated aims. 

the bester fit I find for why (not nesicarly only) would apear to be job creation, revenu streams and criminal case building through data collection but presented as a modern progressive state concerned for its citizens. 

Personal Perseverance and Best Pracice/adaptive behavior 

over coming a loss, staying healthy, odds of surving infection, odds off beating an addiction, emotional inhebitiom and cognative function in general. 

what do all these things have in common?

they are all aided by sense of purpose, proper diet, variety and balance in work play

(edit work in autonomy and innovation) 

for 5 years it's been GOGOGGO  with the last 3 being TO AND DIE GI MORE TILL U DIE DO 

do not pass go, oh look ur friends invited u out for your birthday... tough I'm taking ur keys. 

why haven't u done more faster? wanna go to the bar with me?  I'm so lonely cause I don't have enough friends.  - actually Paul like 2 weeks before my 30th birthday 

go forward you idiot why arnt you going back and sideways 

"mom, those are conflicting directives" 

"I know that's the point" 

I forget what the actual directives were but the quote is verbatim

She started out assuming I made up the bugs saying the mold despite the fact the bug already been proven

they both have said and usualy with a condescending "John John John your have to understand"

"I get what I want when I want"

mn has set a system where abused children are born into sudo slavery and even with talent likely to end up dead or in mental hospital. esp if cops worship their own defects and check the door instead of personal bias 

officer Hanson "he said he didn't make u say the word slave"

but for flip of the coin and luck of chance, an officer can be your best defence as well

"I put up some resistance" (to my dad demanding a second welfare check like a a week after the first and ofp hearing) "and your dad hung up on me"

said an officer though my door with out requiring me to open it.

what do we risk? 

I was under the impression that America was suposed to be about multiple paths to sucess and some risk of failure. MN would apear to be absolutely nuts with suggesting one path to sucess. stay in school, please your parents through college or move out at 18 and even then if parents come and rob u

u should known better. 

if parents poision u, u must be a brat

just my read

it's like we took Europes tracking to a career but added the risk of Mario's hatchet throwers along every path. 

I would think it's not hard to see that this is mn betting against its people innovating. ie the state has decided its in its best intrests 

that some starve or off themselves
some are slaves to a female (though I just noticed the court rulled something on child support that might have improved it) 
some are in conditions where someone else is killing them and the state would prefer these people provide job security to courts and mental health services
some people are running the edu to Corp rat race with or with out hatchet throwers

what we risk could be put simple in the form of a historical example:

remember when Tesla and Edison graduated with honners from their electrical engineering programs? 

how about Bill Gates? from what I read of his 20s it was mostly in his dad's basement. don't forget if you look him up, that degree is honnery 

what in suggesting is not that I am or am not on any level. 

what I'm suggesting is we don't always know who has the next big thing and or the business sense to keep it. 

when we allow cities like maple Grove (and all this applies to mpls and blm as well.. it's not all racial) to hurt people with police playing judge jurry and executioner. 

to borrow a feminist phrase we are victim blaming. the abuser often becomes the system looking for its fed funds, job creation etc. it's not hard to suggest or see evidence of if you consider incentive. 

how can we fix this?

family court must recognize it some concepts like exparte and or only considering data relevant to the accusers claims is going to be likely to cause the psychological and or life long harm it claims to be about stopong and preventing 

futher police reform:

well if you want to throw health care a bone from a different state coffer, let's start by psych evals mandatory to become or stay a police officers. there has been a lot of talk about requiring officers to stop use of force If it apears excessive.

it wouldn't hurt to require them for judges as well. 

people with npd, aspd and bpd are unlikely to produce u personal bias ruling how ever they bend words to fit law. 

of course this isn't expected to be a fix all. there would need to be oversight of the doctors and orgs that preform the evals. 

we tend to fear and demonize substances as they pretaint to likelybood of indivigual harming others or themselves but having come to understand how thowe personality disorders manages sober or intoxicated people with them lack some key things that it's not hard to see contribute to daily experiance of most peolple don't harm others and esp not strangers. 

I think depending on the condition it's only there in the sense that they don't under stand others can understand something they are unaware of or can not.

aspd npd and bpd all feature 
limited to damaged sense of self vs others
-ability to conceptualize others as having their own possibly not understandable to observer thoughts drives and desires.
-trouble seeing/thinking in anything but absolutes (splitting) : good, bad, all nothing, perfect, trash.
-weak to no empathy sympathy and or consience

if you can't put yourselves in the shoes of another, feel guilt or otherwise afterwords I'd argue its hard to say you arnt more likely to take an action that may harm and or cause someone the "feelz" 

also with no conscious it's easy to tell a court "I feel threatened" and as far as parents with this go.. they tend to conceptualize offspring as part of themselves. 

so the mind set might even be its not a lie "threatened part of me won't listen to me while I beat and poision it" might be in their heads but you hear calculated statements on the other side like "our son who won't take his meds" 

despite... I'm not required to be on any meds and even when I went to police with recordings indicating false reports were being used to harm / punish me.. which ultimately amtely lead to a forced probably illegal emergency medical hold.. " if we put that on record we might be liable" the only report on at the time 30 years of record that I have been violent was my mom falsifying a dv report when infact she tried to push me over a railing, I backed up and she kept pushing with my back to the railing 

I had a promising future that I had carved out through hard work. now I'm not sure what street I'm going to die on but it's highly probable. 

with no protection of criminal law violations against me by mom and dad how do I ever get ahead? they can sign my name on even a check from mail addressed to me but it's a show of my incompetence or failure if I go hungry? 

clearly another reason I need therapy because otherwise someone wouldn't have the job security or state have created the demand... cause after all if that PhD tells me I need to budget and have and ibcone

that overrides the 2 forms of ID required but stolen with everything else I worked for over 16 year or was ever given by anyone right?

if they teach me I just need to work it will stop police from ignoring a stated land lord Tennant situation and 6.3k in services I rendered from resulting in police helping landlord take and desteoy all my things 8 mo after I move in right? 

are they going to also teach me adaptive thought process is that work.

no work. 

why didn't u budget why would u think u need anything to do a budget? 

why didn't u have money for I'd. 


not the psych but e.e. definition here. logic and or psych even physics would say time is an arrow and events of the past lead to this current moment and its state of entropy. 

either court or court ordered psych Geting to chicken peck or pigion hole what context is allowed or exists... 

not likely to identify let alone treat a problem. esp when it decides human nature only applies to one party and the other has to abide by how the other felt in absence of consideration for what lead there or both are human. 

this might not be profitable... Minnesota might not be the land of the free.. I shutter to think what they would find if they dredge the lakes (dark humor to lighten a serious matter) 

I'd argue what usually stops an officer making the group huddle(take a knee) a but too long is the normaly inate ability ability to look down and put themselves in the others possion.. while processing "I can't breath"

legislative reform:

copy California's "abuse of dependent adult law" . or go our own way based on something like factors of economic Mobility and using it to create a differential system of diagnosing when someone is being  forced down vs failure to thrive. 

if I am to belive what maple Grove pd tells me I deserve the total loss of everything and soon my life because my parents claim they gave me money over the years

I'm not trying to deny it with claim. the point is the word allegedly and that it apears if orange is the new black then badge has become a gavel and syringe for lethal injection 

it has also been a trend that if I offer counter to the alleged what was given to police as story and justification, most mgpd officers don't want to hear it. there are exception a small handful or so have always returned respect given and seemed to set appropriate levels of concern with a keen eye to situational awareness and historical reference 

but focusing on the bad to look for the issue that is correctable or tell tale; I think we come right back to cluster b. with some potential injection form policy along the lines of pathological psych( not sure writen or otherwise when a department gets annoyed with the same family and looks for the easy button instead of justice) 

but some officers absolute refusal to accept there might be another side to it is directly along the lines of what psych calls splitting. 

splitting: all or nothing black and white thinking. 

the last thing you need on the shit end of this stick is:

officer robempdandsyringe to borrow a line from the kid in big daddy (I win) during the perfect storm (while you are north of the Mason Dixon line) and he can't seem to process that one partys story was so salt less not a grain was to be found. 

can this work? 
I think so. it seems some parts of the police force are adapt at using the health care system to build probable cause as is.  for example if an officer is going to bend the rules to force someone to a hospital where he knows the doc is going to sign off on a medical hold... 

and he goes out of his way to suggest which facility having communicated with the suspects father.. 

I'd suggest what he was probably aware of is that if I had a ehr release signed he could pull the resulting med records. 

the irony of this being from a guy who likes Geting blown under the table is palpable.(bill Clinton and HIPAA law) I've heard horror stories of the days she wasn't there from the costodians who had to clean the oval office pop machine (insert bill here) 

it seems under the acceptance of the arctypal battered woman mn created an un civil /family court that is mainly set to order people into the mental health system and or criminal injustice system

muwahaha they can't blame the state because the family member brought the charges. i but look at the jobs and revenues streams we created. would be my dramaticized vision of the first person to come up with this from a postion able to implement.

I have to get food so I wouldn't call this done. 
getting food is about all I can do today. my apt is a toxic shit hole with 3 folding tables. growing mold. tools needed to fix washing machine or in general stolen. funds not provided to replace or get and clean my kitchen stuff. like a year and a half or more now in empty apt cleaning toxic mold parents caused while parents even steal my things given back again and wage court battles b having robbed me of even a printer let alone the ability to care for my self that I developed over a decade not living at their house. 

follow though on police encounters other than case building is another area I need to add here. 

2x it was discussed Infront of mgpd that my bike was my bike and I can have it back. both times "but can he give it to you tomorrow" followed by some version of be the good guy and save us time today. I still don't have my bike. mean while I'm being told I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. I didn't move out. I moved in my mom said she was my landlord, 6.3k services were rendered by me for them and that's only counting market rate for something I've done professionally since 2k4 not thinks like ripping trim out in the basement.  8mo and attempted murder later they 0 notice lock out evict. aka fhey changed the lock code on garage door while in at a hotel. 

part of where I see the conflict with nature of the police and state telling us they should be involved with families is in this, is it really just case building. 

if exercise helps emotional ihebition and my words are more legally actionable as threats than her words while trying to push me over a railing. could I at least have my fucking bike? 

the image of some cops were bullied in school then got a badge and gun to become bully... mgpd is helping a dad steal his sons bike. worse yet when I reported he claims to own me "its not illegal to say you own someone" and that came on my like 3rd attempt to report mom and dad are opening my mail and forging my signature. 
it's really hard not to see this as a system of the most abused then end up job security for professional abusers. I belive I recall part of the reason mail is protected is to protect an adults ability to enter and maintain contracts theoufh it. generalized, basic functions required to adult are being violated and violations get a blind eye but violater scream things that might result in civil asset forfiture or vawl grants... and even when I report I have recorded calls indicating false police reports used as weapons and the Dv incident was her trying to kill me.. what I'm looking for is unreliable witness and or this terror to stop "if we put that on record we might be liable" 

other topics 

I also intend to hit on lack of psych eval plus being able to bust down a door for hearing help, skitzophrenic probable just cause? 


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