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diet and imune, courts and reality

 of the list of hell making life pointless is the discovery that mn has a new court.. dv court. 

Yet another thing I was unaware of that might be used to abort justice in the traditional sense.. 

most of these courts seem like pr maneuvers to applies lightly lesser punishments then we first you wrote it justice to allow for additional courts to do but they come with the presumed Assumption of guilt from the start. If not no way to prove innocence and there's something no one accusing would lie

it's the legal system defining that the moment someone calls you a witch you are no longer equal.

People lie is a very basic tenant AB logic and the creation of Justice or the coat hanger abortion there of.

I chose that metaphor because no matter what the pr messages about men are now protected it still seems like a woman's right to choose. 

This isn't equality. 

And for the record I do support it when used in the traditional sense not my metaphor. But even in that sense it's important that we then create a slave out of the man who pays for her kid and or goes to jail

But that's rather old hat if I truly face this. Because we've now allowed the mother to enslave a son

You can argue no it's not none of that means any of that but point of fact is if the police and government enforce something and at the end of the day it comes from her word versus mine we're not equal

also it's abhorent that mn was the state that did the study to raise the questions is any psychological medication ethical with out first treating diet/nutrition deffieciencies. 

and has now come to the point where if someone runs to a branch of civil court yells witch then all that matters is what that branch of court considers relevant to the hearsay accuser must prove otherwise 

while police have overlooked criminal act after criminal act to put one parties life at risk while their rights and protections are more of a joke than anything protected. 

emotional inhibition is likely strongly influenced by diet if you can steal everything from someone required to cook the meal they normally cook or eat the diet they normally cook well you're telling the person you want to make them suffer with or without Marlene trying to push me over a railing after threatening to push me down the stairs with or without that making sure my animals are pstd are dead fuck this fuck you the people doing this know what they do aren't they don't they shouldn't be in that position it's hard to say because there's a known thing that absolute incompetence would be hard to distinguish from malice. But that doesn't begin to get into people swallow their own head and think that their plight is just and some people just deserve it

And they're likely is a level of incompetence because we know so much now as a people it's hard for any one person to know let alone apply anything and everything relevant to any given situation. An example of this would be lead exposure as a relates to one being violent and or angry. Or that sometimes a verbal threat is the human way to avoid confrontation that might take someone's life. But if we only look at one side of the story or what someone else besides is relevant to this case then like I'm experiencing the other party that's a tusing you might still be trying to kill you but the court wants to frame it to know a wear only details relevant r did you say something we're done from emotional based advertising too emotional Injustice parading itself at Justice creating Neo slavery,includes%20these%20types%20of%20foods.

Their decision when I was in elementary school created the mold that spread to my apartment in 2017 and resulted in me moving back in at their house. Their decisions during that time kept me from completing contracted work or seeking an employment after moving 45 miles to a new town. We know moving around destroys both friends group or social support network and probably didn't come unless you're just like a transfer within a corporation. I just want to make these arguments anymore I want to life I am still being poisoned

Will police help them hang onto and destroy everything I worked for. We've somehow come so far.: in the inverse realm of perversion that Maple Grove Police will help a dad steal their kids bike

And Hennepin County Court well then try to hang the child or words after police have said it's not illegal to say you own someone and turned a blind eye to mail fraud check fraud assisted in what's basically human trafficking forced labor the end of two animals that I love turn the Blind Eye to attempted murder two other assaults or the fact that the mold is provably there's they've provably paid to have it remediated 11 months after it was confirmed

Of the crimes police have turned a blind eye to forging my signature on a check from mail to me that is pretty serious implication. Not just for my ability to be independent but now I'm reading the Minnesota website where I either learn how to act as a lawyer or pay for a lawyer or here's what people are known who have had court experience call the free option it's known as a public Pretender. When I look into it I see that most of them are lawyers looking to get into a practice there's a conflict of interest in the state paying them especially when in criminal matters the state only prostitutes what the state has an interest in prosecuting yes they have an interest in pain someone to defend it at the same time that doesn't make any sense to me. All the big theater of what family is fucking destroy themselves oh take live didn't ask to be slowly slide from you have to fuck up to anybody can just claim you fucked up now we're going to fuck you up and then court order you to accept responsibility for it or accept the criminality from not this is a very sick world

8 years ago I borrowed a friend's welder. Taught myself how to lay a bead. What's savings bonds my Grandma had left me I bought a usually $400 + wire feed of 140 amps in 2019. 8 years since I taught myself that I watch the price go from 350 at minimum up to as much as 600 usually hovering 450. The wire feed I picked up was from Northern Tool their new clutch line. In that time I had had looked at what bank should welder good with wire feed one thing that makes them last was all metal wire feed Hardware. This had that it had lovely reviews and they were about to come out with version 2. I bought it when I saw the price hit 150 on clearance. April 2020 Paul and Marlene stole it from my garage. Police refuse to take any action despite the fact that it also went with my computer and my compound miter making it over $1,000 stolen. They filed ofp March 11th 2020 I was served Friday the 13th. What's really messed up is they chose this apartment 6 months into bouncing me around 5 hotels 14 rooms because they decided to change the lock with zero notice 8 months after I moved in. Two cities by choice with those hotels well the second City wasn't by choice it was the first one filled up. The one that really wasn't by choice was Minneapolis Riverside inpatient mental because the same people who changed a lot 8 months after saying they were my landlord with $6,300 of services rendered decided to decided to use the police said an emergency medical hold that I believe was completely illegal in execution. The officer himself later 

said you won't find law I used in any La book I don't need it. This conversation was being had the night my rabbit died Bonnie. When I said sir I believe the law is both what Grant and limits your power he responded with why do you shove your mom around. I don't she tried to push me over the railing. What I was trying to get through with the welder is it was a great investment the other thing they make me fight is that I'm incompetent while they're stealing my funds stealing any assets that I buy doing things other people by for work to do to prove I'm worth a job. And not just a job I start a career type position and one of them was six figures both were in California. Which doesn't even matter though because it's something someone else paid for it's not mine or my parents to steal. There should be some consideration just because Minnesota says parents aren't responsible for the welfare of their adult children does not mean that a parent cannot violate the law against the child and end up negatively impacting it. It seems like setup Court so apparent or the state can then ignore the actions of another party and say well that person isn't faring very well I guess we need to step in and do everything instead of enforce the laws that are violated against them that are known to lead to very negative outcomes. I have a feeling someone figured this is a way to entice Healthcare create social worker jobs but it's essentially prison for the people that get caught in it not by their own doing this might even be okay but there needs to be an order of operations like math has and how loss is applied and enforced. What I was trying to do that with the welder is fixing that snow plow what's the second fucking time I've ever welded I took a lawn tractor manually lever operated snow plow and converted it to Electric linear actuator figuring out the design in my head then weld it altogether also repairing the frame at the same time. That's one of the easier things I've done what's better for Minnesota's economy? It's a moot point if I never get anywhere because Court cuz well you're not anywhere is what they'll say but we also know that with Vault distribution as it is it's big players be at corpse or individuals that provide jobs and bring money to the state or keep it here. If we don't allow any of our own citizens anything to get there God help us all. Bill Gates lived in his dad's basement till he was 30

At 18 after graduating Maple Grove senior I was on a trip I paid for 45 days alone with a backpack in Europe


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