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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Domestic violence

 Last I checked it's something like 1% of the stats that are reported it's also only about 10% more women than men wind-up attributing injury that required or benefited from urgent care to ER after incident. This was an FBI report maybe 10 years ago I can't imagine it's changed except for women are probably more likely to hit today than ever.

Making this a binary issue is evidence to me that people in charge of these movements the problems where they can't comprehend in between or they don't want you to.

, I got to wondering though what are we doing with the police force? If we answered more calls what does the train counselor we probably have less mass shootings as well. People seem to have forgotten that their rights end where another person begins police are helping my parents violate me in every way there is risk my life

Some lawyer sites indicate that whatever the mission of the officer who arrives or heard of them in Maple Grove whatever the stance position whatever what they're doing is not peace officer its case building is what the lawyer sites will say. This is so bad because in between they can literally kill you by just making sure Crime After Crime After Crime those without so much as a Stern warning well anything you might have said is up time to meet crippling possibly lethal consequences

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