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enforced poision

 the problem is this place they picked and forced a lease after draining me of everything then stealing more... 

problem is its over a non climate controlled garage. it's shifted one. my garage is under my neighbors. this summer on days I didn't run water I'd regularly see 60 to 70 percent humidity when one of two 30pt dehumidifiers in a 600sq foot cell/apt filled its tank. 

Exaust fan has run almost non stop since moving in March 2019. with noting this was happening when I visited the day the lease was signed. aka this Exaust fan isn't doing much because it happened before I lived here and despite two dehumidifiers and bathroom Exaust its happening again 

above and below toilet pic is my garage wall. the actual wall bellow it is the neighbors garage that said, the black mold growing up is from a nearly identical garage below me and in mine.. kinda easy to see it's not just the bathroom.. aka the back wall is the same as wall in bathroom one floor up. it's stick construction though so there is a break but nothing about this building is done very well in regards to stuff growing. or people living. pretty sure there is one section of fire rock on the garage ceiling. there are units across from one side of garages on ground floor, the moment someone hits remote start in the morning but either garage door doesn't open or they forget.. the hallway is negative pressure by observation. 

worse yet March 2020 among other things taken from broken down car by my dad was a caulk gun. the bathroom subfloor is rotting and caulking around the toilet is non existant and along shower/tub to linolium is broken. every time I walk in there I get a blast of a smell I've only smelled strongly 2 places before

helping clean a house hit by hurricane sandy on a volentering trip, and when my parents house was moldy. 

can I buy a 5 dollar caulk gun? yeah but I'm falling apart both physically and mentally from 3 years Mal nutrition 30 days hungry in 2019 everything I worked for held and growing their mold.. while they steal and terrorize at will make sure I have a filthy matress for cleanest place to sit or lay 

use their mold like a bio weapon and set budget with no regard to what they take, take things I went hungry for once.. threaten ashes of Bonnie lie to police and courts. 

he knows he took tools I needed to fix the washing machine. I have texts where several months into buying clothes.. like jeans and a shit every 2 weeks then longer.. he then scolds me for spending money he gives me while he's also holding my driver's liscense taken with the tools. 

my primary doc said start of 2018 I need to get away from the moldy environments
I don't think he had 3 years Mal nutrition and forced exposure for all but 6mo in mind. 

they took tools they admit I've earned with and things most would admit are essential to adult life. my mom is a neonatal np and admits conditions they forced are not safe yet thinks I deserve it because I'm a man

it's been like 4 years since I had a social outing. insane isolation and suffering. unable to mourn as basic needs are kept from being met 


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