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feedback loops In HIPAA

 Notice of disclosure

Individuals are notified about law enforcement access to medical records only in a general way—by a HIPAA-mandated notice of privacy practices (NPP) they’re asked to read and sign when registering for treatment by a doctor or at a health facility for the first time or that they receive annually from their health insurer. This excerpt from

so let's say police can create the probable cause used to access more records and or cause harm before any charge or conviction is even saught.

well when i called the state bar hot line I was told no one touches emergency med holds. which I doubt is the truth but might make an interesting argument on conflict of in intrest or corruption.

so if police are aware this is the message someone gets what are the odds they care about the letter of the 3 to 5 day abduction.. er detainment laws?

If you want to ensure u gain more access and probable cause for minor risk, how much intelegence would it take for an officer to realize his or her best bet on an illegal forced medical hold would be suggesting a health care org the suspected has visited before. 

go to a new clinic? what are the odds while sick and feeling like hell you really read over every form?

so u sign the hippaa consent and from what u just read it apears it takes even less for law enforcement to access records anywhere that's signed than for the patient themselves to do so. 

let's say there was a true racket going on though, which... idk how can a doctor you've never seen before sign off on a hold type not named what the state revisor lists them as and by stating you are paranoid.. with in 10min of u walking in the door?

if what's going on is cordnated or even otherwise.. the health care org still stands financial gain from holding you longer and or creating justification to suggest or demand you are seen again.

with no regulations on a stardard of evidence maybe they note what they want in your records. 

these records are now accessible by police 

well let's say no medical mom, no union dad, no personality disorders at play. 

there is incentive for trying to bust certian crimes and to escalate something to criminal level it as far as i can see will require justification for why you singled out that person.. probable cause. 

so in case where parents or loved one isn't using feigned concern and false police reports as weapons.. with no knowlege of the system. say they go report little Tammy to try to keep her safe from her self. officer knows what might indicate something benifical to department and or his career to bust. psych at a academic or non Corp level knows that anything that officer suspects is also likely caused by abuse and might not involve anything officer might find helpful. 

but my question to you, how likely is any Joe or Jill average going to find it when officer concerned then casually asked, "have they ever been to this health care facility before?"

cause there's a pretty high shot if u can force the hold under illegal pretense and direct it to a place they've been.. now u have access to the med records generated via hippaa law.

saying nothing of colaberation potential this already looks kinda sick


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