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female owned company

 it's not that I have anything against the concept. anyone who wants to have a business should be able to start one. infact that's usualy been how it works

with that comes the fact that regardless of gender most people never will start a business and of those started most fail. 

to further clarify my stance on equality before going further I don't see gender as determinant in ability to do anything all the time. if we look at strongest female vs strongest male what's the diff 30 %? who's a better firefighter if she happens to be dating a male professional video game player? who's more likely to win the fist fight? ie black and white is foolish the world is diverse. 

it also pissed me off that so much of k-12 history was hearing a new teacher repeat "it's his story" weekly, think of if stories of Madame Curie or any of the prominent computer scientists who happened to be female or any real history of prominante women was taught in those spaces i can't recall her name but a female musician during ww2 actually came up with the concept of frequency hopping as an anti jamming technique for radio signals. Bluetooth actually uses this 80 years later.

it's like division and revisionists came togeather to form public school curriculum. 

also my parents had me when my mom was 40. this put them old enough to be some peers grand parents and my grand parents were alive turn of the century. I never knew either grandpa. my grandma on my dad's side died when I was in 2nd grade (iirc) and on my mom's first year of college. it always stuck me as odd though because all this talk of women couldn't do this or that was often blury with things like his story... and I knew my grandma on my dad's side owned her own business and on my moms had one for of out of the house employment or another the entirity of her life. aka it didn't jive with the history I was learning. 

then there's also the fact my mother has a masters degree in nursing and my father doesn't have a bachlers. 

but back to modern female owned companies... 

my issue is with attribution error, unfair advantage and personal experiance encountering this phenomenon. 

Now that I know that it's actually to find them also rather confused as to how most of what I experienced was able to Define itself as that . Perhaps I should explain. 

at a big box office store with copy and print center my job was in the later . Actually in just about every aspect of it they Outsource their IT but that had the caveat of if a computer was brought in so virusred or otherwise corrupt that it couldn't hit the internet over Lan.. more than a few times I had more than one laptop set on the back counter of the print center doing what the outsourced techs probably wouldn't have known if they could connect. I digress 

at the print center there was a stigma against one particular set of clients... the tree trimmers were known to be the ride and unruly ones. which I didn't really find to be the case. to me it was more a manner of communicating not how I understand things but trying to match what the cliented had for knowlege or find language to avoid confusion. I think anyone might get or seem rude when confused or talked down to. some are better at recognizing what I try to than others.. two to tango theory. 

but in a "service" or "employee" postion despite two to tango the customer seeks a service like help designing a flyer because the company and employee are suposed to have a specialty they don't (or they would do it them selves. there's a hardware cost associated to be this is enough thesis length already) if you want repeat customers and or recommendation you need happy customers  and that's only achieved by both being able to produce and comunicate. 

critical thinkers might have already arrived at this conclusion but most of the tree trimmers wanted "woman owned business" on their flyers.

on the rare ocassion it wasn't the slightly battered looking husband, in my subjective experiance, their/the owner was 2x the effort to deal with.

but having now found the definition.. keeping with sole propritater llc etc... in a two person operation how does one actually certify the female has 51 percent control?

furthermore doesn't this create a class  of companies where men cant expect promotion on the sole bases of being male? 

if it's wife owned, how does this work with any chance of equality in a divorce? 

maybe I'm just not the right class gender or rotay wing aircraft type serf to understand these complex things. perhaps someone could mansplain them to me? 


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