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hennepin County racket?

 I read about dv court. yet another I had no idea existed.

describing what I first termed lie stacking. my parents play a game consisting of make sure he doesn't have a desk printer his workstation or any org furniture and throw out financial lie after lie but modify the value and or way they haven't done it or how much they claim to give

they steal and make false promises about giving back

the point is what they say appeals to general public or image of caring giving etc

but amount and details arnt just consistently off, they change way and how much they diviate so if I don't want to be a lier I need to track a lot of particulars with 0 environment to do it efficiently in. 

of course for any hope of getting back to anything but death (which is coming in the fast lane) I need to be able to budget and make plans to be active not reactive.

but there is the rub, most plans require some predicted stability and earning in the only way they make possible requires stability and at least short term commitment. 

And what I mean is I have recorded calls they admit despite how many times they've told people have never worked or any variation thereof they admit the things they took I have learned over minimum wage with well into the past. The other one is more obvious when you steal someone's ID well federal law to forms.

But back to the ever-changing and track a lot of values then add theft mail fraud check fraud and police unwilling in Maple Grove to pursue anything they do no matter how hard I run or how far the pedal is to the floor if they can come take something at any moment the car is pretty much on fucking blocks. But in the meantime amount of effort to try to factor around and refactor Henry Factor when they've made sure that essentially I left for a hotel with what was on my back and haven't been able to have unfettered for even more than maybe half hour between two trips in a multi-car access to my valuables and it took 11 months to get the address to the storage garage packed to the ceiling to the point where it requires two people unless I want something on my head or crushing me

It's sad to the cognitive burden constantly and even if you jump that hoop they can just invalidate it and add to it again meanwhile Minnesota did the research on starvation and malnutrition how it affects the body and a lot of conclusions were made about the mind the Minnesota starvation experiment. To the point that late 1940s the question was being asked is it ethical to suggest or prescribe psychiatric medicine before diet is addressed? The same state with 80 years 70 years more experience since a basic truth got some backing has moved on to party a can enforce State enforce penalties for their feelings set to a Court against party be. No context is considered no valid reason and it can be as little as words that made someone feel threatened but it's really alleged unless there's a recording. Unless the justice system is arguing that people don't lie. Is the state arguing that there's never a valid reason to say anything that might be perceived as threatening?

There's the potential that this was all done in the assumption that police would never create a situation where you move in somewhere and 8 months later lock changes with zero notice. But the reason I start to wonder how much did this is designed to single out you already most abused what are those in the weakest position and paint them as bad is Minnesota lies anything but explicit on a lot of things related to this.

A lot of it has to be found or only comes up on search on Law Firm websites . For example I seem to remember finding that Minnesota if a child has never left the home and is 18 or older they may be kicked out. It's very understandable for a law firm to remain vague for the state not to starts to hit some ethical issues like informed consent. The law firm is corporate NDSU business ethics the other two actions of a corporation are to its bottom line and or stakeholders. When I Google this that still what time. And was for a long time before me. In other words the law firm on their website why would they give that away or make it explicitly clear that's what you're paying them for. The state on the other hand the both claim it protect yet such basic necessities in Minnesota like a roof over your head or ability to think you own anyting or store your things in the roof you think it's safe over your head we make that vague as can be. I'm not a lawyer but I am good with logic and unless the lawmakers don't care at all and have no idea what logic is which I suppose is possible but usually when I've seen laws are written with careful choice of wording and what I found could be a paraphrased but going on it's not because it might not be explicitly stated it might be more of a case history decision but going with those words the point is what I read the point is what I read they ad the closet about has the adult child left the home lived outside the home there's no need for that there if it's blankets you can kick an adult child out anytime any reason with anything before. It would be totally needless because all would have to say parents of offspring are never obligated to provide notice or something along those lines always can catch Offspring out without notice but it made the point of if they've never left before. Furthermore the Minnesota renters Association homeline the tenant hotline has a guidebook for police. In it the validity of oral Lisa and services for rent are mansions it's also mentioned that it's illegal to hold property after kicking someone out even if there's a unpaid rent.

So there's some case to assume that somebody might have assumed the police want to participate in this. I can't see how anyone ethically creates a situation where the only way do we have any justice for someone first putting you out on the street then continuing to steal send  having attempted murder  also using  something that grew in their house to poisoning you if you see where I'm going here because if the only way you can have Justice is go to civil court All Eyez can and will be ignored we start to look at ratchet situation and a situation where please sir casting the Judgment not a judge. Or Minnesota needs to declare the only people entitled to write are those who can any number of times start from zero because someone else violated a bunch of lies to put them there and or his doing so to keep them there because there's also no explicitly defined well when does he actually become entitled to protections of the law. Like there's no objective measure but that's even a step past should police be allowed to enforce the you drive away from everything you work for in the car you don't have title to even for sitting on public property. The same part that wants to punish me because someone said I said something and doesn't care about the context will write on the ofp form it talks about are you requesting money from who you're accusing so it would seem to be some indication the court realizes that money is necessary for life I don't think I need to argue with anybody intelligent or in-law that at least in some fields personal property is considered a tangible asset. Another word something that can be liquidated back to cash. As far as I know snap requires at least a driver's license number and Maple Grove Police haven't even cared when my driver's license is taken. So the cord is arguing that under no circumstances even while being starved with ID stolen check fraud mail fraud police enforced theft of everything situation similar to human trafficking because then under threat to all the things held sign this Lease. looks like that car got wet when snow blew through it I'm not giving you the title but no in this place we picked out that you might not even be able to do it you better fix our car. But not before three months into the lockout words said over text message but not really what ones despite Minnesota emergency medical hold law stating there should be a very well documented explicit verbose reason stated and likely along the lines of force detainment is trauma healthy brains avoid trauma you can't do that if you don't know why. I kind of backwards this sentence but three months in emergency medical hold when I have been working for a business for pay in the hotel room had it made a peep but my parents weren't happy with maybe he actually recovers or does what we're demanding he does and starts moving on. So instead of working on the job that had liability and was influenced by downtime the expected pay I get ripped from setting up a web server than planning on going to get food at 5:30 p.m. because I got into it I lost track of time work the whole day 5:30 p.m. hey we took the car from the hotel lot 3 months into you leave for at maximum 2 weeks then basically end up on Gilligan's tour. Everything about this is teaching that I should expect absolutely no right maladaptive anything I thought I knew it was wrong but then the most likely thing I see as an outcome is mandatory Psychological Services and or social worker but that only work where is required if you fucking destroy the person or in any just World Candace can prove they were incompetent to begin with.. but who's the prove otherwise if there's no protection of law that allows one to even control money or credit or have assets. If there's no protection against theft and not just once time after time to set someone back you can't get anywhere and argue that those laws aren't about protecting an adult ability to be independent and or adult well if they're not and there's no protection from that then everybody's already guilty of something if the right person wants to screw them. But let's avoid State looking like State doing it by implementing Salem 1960s protocol. How can anyone who can have anything taken at any moments noticed commit to anything like a job why would they win anything made can we take in and if even accessing money already in their names by forging their name forging their signature doesn't get enforced then even if they make money they don't have money and when it comes through then another party another citizen can bring this court case with these consequences well what are the odds you can hire a good attorney? Another word pretty easy to see it setup to pick on the most already at risk but it shouldn't be that way because the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution Section 1 States no State can override this and every citizen is entitled to equal protections of the law. Which would also imply that without that equally enforced la we know it possible to harm someone. I'm sure the argument can be made it's never been used in that context but it's more of a anti discriminatory against race sort of thing except from what I can see most laws aren't written with regards to race.

Everybody is protected from discrimination in Minnesota? Well if this doesn't include bias or discrimination in selective enforcement of criminal law then how protected really is anyone if they can't make it to court or is it that nothing covered in the range of the domain criminal law is capable of rendering someone a mobile in any definition of the word. Just doesn't cost nothing in criminal law can leave someone literally unable to move? Or what I'm really trying to do that more practically speaking is if police can put you out on the street you might be civilly protected but you still don't have very good odds of being protected or compensation. Because that would require the time to end the resources to start the court case which now you're on the street with nothing that's bad enough if someone still allowed to do things like open your mail sign your name I'd like to hear how it's the homeless AZ ability let alone responsibility to what convince the police to make it stop when they refuse and refusing refuse to so much as give a stern word to one party? I'm not seeing how anybody is protected especially when you didn't factor in statues of limitations. Or to further apocracy in cases like mine nothing seems to really matter except either entirely what the court wants or the court fines not entirely irrelevant well what percentage of people would you say we'll make it to court to find the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow before the rain shower of ticking clock to Statue of limits Runs Out? And then back to is Minnesota saying there's never a reason and that nobody lies? Where's Minnesota saying that the only person who has the right to feel not threatened no matter what they do it doesn't matter but the first person to make it to court is going with rights? It really seems like we're back in Salem

Minnesota Human Rights Act has like this weird delusion that it's about human rights I haven't actually read it but it's defined on a website run by the state as the act that protects everybody from discrimination and then the website goes to detail who's protected from what types of discrimination but it's never even really well defined it's categories of discrimination or includes the enforcement bias selective enforcement. Like familial status and age plus police enforcing illegal lockout with landlord seizing property police protecting landlord right to seize property making former tenant drive away from public property outside landlord live in unit (my parents house) with no legal precedent well ignoring 16 years of things work for are being held and destroyed but if selective enforcement or any sort of police enforce or not enforce isn't protected from any discrimination and like I keep trying to make the point here good luck

And that's not the only example because my mom slams a car door on my leg I'm sitting in the car haven't gotten out since I arrived there there's like 10 to 15 minutes of talking and she's coming closer to me she's coming closer to me I tell her to back off so she slammed the car door at one point she was on the other side where she would have been in full view of where my leg was relative to the door. Then she has the audacity to call the police and I never know what they tell them except for Christmas 2019 the story that they heard that the police heard my parents tell them was told to me for once it was told that I was inside or on their property causing a commotion refusing to leave I'd never left the car in the cul-de-sac no one had told me to leave but this earlier event the police show up in they don't give a shit she slammed the door on me verbatim telling me that's not assault that's not battery what are you doing here John? So it almost seemed because either slightly before or right after there was a meeting that I requested drove down in The Moldy Hazard To Life Car 45 minutes from the apartment that they forced me into after 6 months burning even savings bonds in hotels and I told the Maple Grove Police I have recorded phone calls indicating my parents falsified police reports as weapons and they responded if we put that on record we might be liable but now because of a falsified DV report look where I am and I might have to have a social worker mandatory counseling. They have starved and tortured me one of the things they still do is make sure if there's a card a bank card in the mail I can't have it the place they picked up pissed about having to clean the car here tried to evict I was sure and I was correct which is a life skill I would need that I was going to get notice to vacate the only reason I'm not on the street is because of covid-19 . They filed the ofp is knowing I had 20 days to vacate the least they picked knowing the car had been broken since March 6th they filed in a court without traffic an hour and a half from the apartment they forced me into the lease on knowing the car was broken down knowing I had 20 days to vacate and having stolen my driver's license.

So every bit of the ofp here seems absolutely insane because if it's really meant to prevent imminent domestic violence unless I can fucking fly I'm 45 minutes by freeway away without a car I never filed a forwarding address because from the start like there wasn't more than a month that went by that having to clean the car here then it had already started to cause commotion the first 12 months I can't go like more than two weeks without a letter under the door about something I was doing wrong which is unbelievable like I've rented since 2007 never had anything like this. Everything psychology says about conditioning Terror positions of power trauma it all goes out the window yet the court is going to try to send you that to retrain you in fact you never learn so you don't ever contact the victim? Yet By ignoring United States Constitution not enforcing La equally even as it pertains to the other citizens ability to even eat which is hard to argue isn't the execution of a threat to life you give the person that's being attacked every reason to do more than say something but that's it doesn't even take saying something that just takes someone claiming you said something doesn't matter why doesn't matter if just the old witch which brings me back to State interest because any state can cut text is to attract corporations. States can't print their own money so they're always kind of hard up for organizations that have money because otherwise who funds the state government other than Grant but that doesn't really pay people or keep your steak growing because Grant only go so far but they're sure nice to pad. So if it's a Level Playing Field where any state can pretty much cut taxes and take it out on the citizens what else can we do hey Healthcare wonder what has very High profit margin a psychiatric cuz like there's no. As stitches stamps well I mean I suppose there could be but you're probably doing it wrong. Dark humor is kind of like food especially when Minnesota protects you. It would seem it's in the state's interest to have police not protect some people because any state can cut taxes what are you going to do to keep a lucrative industry or attract them? How well do you Orwell? It wouldn't be entirely new either because the UN rather than this crazy everything is racial push the UN notes the driver behind bias and unequal law enforcing and justice tends to be income level. Which isn't to deny that when it comes to things like brutality there ARe racial factors. And I've been talking to cancel culture on Facebook because I shouldn't have to defend this or not talking brutality were talking something about protection that doesn't apply to race so can equally affect anybody in fact it in dangerous people of all Races they think they're protected and they're not

But I'd say a further indication of what lawmakers were thinking Pandora describing the state's best interest  from Layman view of it it seems that once you have an ofp in place the police without psych eval( so for all you know a schizophrenic cop) can believe you violated and you're arrested without warrant. And I guess this is when DV Court comes into play so now you're in presume guilt from the start and the charges are criminal but the thing that got you there was in no way the standards of evidence usually required to produce a criminal. But violence against women laws and the federal grants they created might now produce funding for the state we can create a social worker job and a Psychological Services need for our friends the corporate health care providers. We've done so now under an acceptable to the public guys of no one wants to see women get hurt. And I don't either but as I found out that's not really what this is about is it even if I'm wrong here I haven't heard anyone neither my mom or my dad can claim that they haven't laid hands on me in the last 3 years in anger. My mom tried to push me over a railing a 12 foot drop. I don't just feel threatened I was threatened I'm still having my life endangered by the threat of them their criminal actions and their lies to the police and the police reluctance to indicate that anywhere. Natural Justice in the form of a criminal trial kind of goes out the window when someone can repeatedly steal from you so how would I hang onto evidence bank records are only even required to be kept how long? Subpoena what we can trade you under the bus at any time forever meanwhile with no enforcement of criminal law good luck getting somewhere where you can it's fucked the moment someone Christ witch it's a one-sided ban with penalties and punishments even if you don't attend court or heaven forbid because no one would ever do this right no one's ever been able to block somebody else from attending court right? And no as in my case $1,000 of my things were stolen from my garage after 2 days after the court date they were up here calling in a welfare check I got more calls from my mom's number than I have since leaving their house in 2006 until 2018 in one day 2 days after the ofp has passed. 4 days that I know of after the welfare check in the next two weeks and one day I highly suspect because I walked out of the apartment door and within at Max 2 minutes my dad sends a text message are you going out to eat? So he was likely sitting somewhere in the parking lot or across the street but then another welfare check 2 weeks later so you're telling me they fear imminent violence despite zero record other than the one fraudulent DV report in 32 years of my life and have him make sure I can't drive down there and knowing that before I filed this order is to protect against eminent domestic violence cuz I can all the sudden fly this doesn't make any sense it doesn't do as far as I can see anything that claims because how does it change police response time? In fact Stearns refuse to serve it. May 22nd I rolled up to the cul-de-sac because I was again starving because of situations created I'm still being poisoned and intermittently made the dough hungry but I forgot the police refuse to do anything about the April theft of all that stuff. But May 22nd Maple Grove Police. That was active it was the longest they've taken in over a year and a half at that point of keeping me from that house when usually all that happens is I show up in the cul-de-sac 10 to 15 minutes the police are there. Even if I've been invited down. It was like 15 to 20 when they thought the ofp was in place. What actual protection has this granted? I hear one officer saying to the other no we can't it's not active Stearns didn't serve it and then oh that's just great. What the fuck Maple Grove? What are we done when lies this messed up that the enforcers after separating what are we done when lies this messed up? You can't put yourself in the position of how you feel I've never so much as raise my voice in front of the officers everything they have to go on is hearsay the reason it doesn't happen is cuz I tend to give expecially people that I know can shoot me unlikely get paid time off and haven't had a psych eval but also people that I grew up believing are there to protect you and your life I tend to give those people respect also there's very little emotional attachment between me and a stranger. When someone telling me they love me is starving and poisoning me or anybody with anybody in this situation that is very valid and likely to produce emotional response starvation or malnutrition effects emotional inhibition and fight or flight is a known thing you threaten somebody's life with actions you will create a highly-charged moment if not to responding with words it's about the most mature thing you can do that anger that adrenaline has to go somewhere or I mean it's just going to go to cortisol and heart disease among other things. I'm fucking done cuz likely people smarter than me and as smart as me are in the judge position some of them in La positions some of them in La maker position I'm not the only one to ever use them through this. Now if you can explain other than it makes our numbers look good cuz if we end up with somebody in jail and or prison well most people aren't TVs Walter White so even if there's a victim you're not killing them if they're in prison. So violent crime goes down hoorah I'm sure the person behind bars or with court-ordered anything really appreciates that when all it took to get them there was angry words over laws being violated to make sure they starve. The situation when check fraud mail fraud and theft all go on enforced unless your butt can ship hundred dollar bills is pretty hard to escape


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