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how far our society has come (a u turn might be advised)

from realizing that in the days of farming, prosperity and continuance of a family line relied on having multiple children

to police helping force labor rob and poision an only child with no male cousins on his dads side.

Helping separating from 16 years of what he worked for and everything he's ever been given regardless of parent friend relative or even i t Consulting client. One such thing would be extremely useful right now three person CPA office I work for for 10 years doing their computers built four of them for the owner when they downsized and work from home instead of renting an office space I was given the Ricoh workgroup LaserJet printer. Now I'm trying to fight court cases or even decide if I'm going to be a live long enough to and I don't have a table that's not a folding I have Walmart discount growing mold from their house that they paid to be rid of make sure I get like a bio-weapon let alone a printer. But when I'm not dealing with I'm trying to paint me as violent I'm dealing with them trying to paint me as an competent but police are assisting them in making sure I have only exactly the Terror hell and hopelessness of nothing that they decide. Over 10 years I done it to live there I did have a TI and or the garage code for most of that. And some stuff with store sex but all of it was any Valium got moved back in January 2018 I was never told I was moving out I was told my mom is my landlord January 2018 $6,300 of services and it rendered between January and August

That doesn't even count upgrading their under kitchen LED lighting to have an RF remote 4 dimming and on off. That doesn't even count cleaning my dad's work space to try to have a space to do the contract and project so I was bleeding from the corner of the eyes covered in fucking wounds. That doesn't cover ripping The Moldy trim out of the basement. But they tell the cops I've never worked and it doesn't even matter that in 2016 I was running from my job at the fucking St Cloud Mall when the guy was knifing people. And now that the police realized there might be liability and or misconduct it almost seems they talked with these things but it doesn't matter anymore cuz this is fucking wack this is death this is poisoning if I get up active culture of black mold and aspergillus put it in an envelope and send it to the Senators and District reps I doubt I'll be walking around free yet when I show a picture Avatar that several other officers had seen several times while I'm being turned away from even public property outside the house all my things are locked in in a toxic Hazard alive cars I don't and will be given title to but was told if I don't clean it and clean it faster all of my things go away well I show a picture of what that look like to another officer January 2020 and he says I didn't see that put the phone away after insisting I live quite the life cuz they pay for this, but they forced me to do this shit in. We aren't by the people of the people for the people there's no liberty and justice for all there's fuck you and fuck you hard or till your dead here the police will help

But not only that well without legal precedent did they simply assisted and maintained zero notice lock change eviction 8 months after I moved all of my valuables and things other people paid me to build in, some Maple Grove officers we're almost to the point of yell what am I doing there outside my parents house sometimes sitting in the car in the driveway not having left the car sometimes even on public property outside. Usually went as I'm told at some point we're not keeping you from anything by my parents or you can come down and get it and then I drive all the way down there from the cell they picked out in St Cloud up and in The Moldy Hazard To Life forced labor car and nobody answers the phone. 10 minutes later to 20 Max I'm just sitting in the car and 123 Maple Grove squads Roll-Up.

I understand that Minnesota has Express the parents of adult offspring are not responsible for their well-being. In practice the seems to be enforced as parents can rob you blind demand Services then keep everything of yours and put you on the street while claiming to own you and threatening even your pets who happened to also be therapy animals

If anybody wants to listen that can produce recording after recording of phone calls where my dad insists I'm going to jail. He's not doing anything to me what he's doing is deserved because I'm a brat. I probably still have the one he admits they use false police report as weapons

Because of what was the locks changed eviction with zero notice even where I live right now was picked out for me under threat of this one sign this lease or you'll be homeless on the street. At very least I should have had the required written notice which would have offered the ability to even sell why things to afford a moment to think about it or get into at least somewhere and or sell it to buy a car that I have title to. If I understand Minnesota law correctly the amount of services rendered for them especially in lieu of it having established hey the police won't help someone kick you out with zero notice and take all your things then tell you you can't file theft you gave them to the moving out. I think $6,300 of service is over 8 months is it in a criminal offense to steal I'm not claiming to be a lawyer though. I'd love to get one but I'm in this position will have already starving because of them because they will steal things because they'll take ID they will open my mail they will sign my name this is insanity

But then on top of that if you call the State Bar hotline you find out that no matter how legal or otherwise police actions were nobody wants to touch an emergency medical hold even when it doesn't match any of the legislature for doing so. I'm pretty sure that there is a lawyer out there or a few that will but I'm pretty sure that by having the bar hot line telling people that you just eliminated a lot of the already worst off when this happens from ever finding that someone because time is usually a function of income and ability to take time off education plays a large role in being able to even find the words describe what might have happened to you and also in that mix State of Mind witch be able to put someone in a situation they're constantly dealing with something actually toxic that they happened to also be allergic to and then taking every coping mechanism they have let alone anything they worked for on top of the threats on top of the chaos that matches most descriptions I've read of human trafficking and or forced labor he looks at starvation. But I meant to just address generally and in general the medical records created pose a huge threat especially when it says that a very real substance that grows places and some of them are known to be not toxic on their own but produce chemicals called micro toxins which are some of the most dangerous things known to man also likely what drove the Salem witch trials but hey you know let's put that that was psychological on his medical profile well the family that caused it make sure he's still dealing with it. And I'm really fucking up generalization I really hate this I need my bike I need to be able to eat a decent fucking meal this is so like what we just read to find torture and it's not torture. Or we redefine having anyting as relevant to being able to get a job even though Lacey xydas required even though it's been held we redefine humans as not being able to eat and affected by nutrition or periods of being unable to eat it's all Terror till it's not and words matter More Than Words and actions depending on who says them first according to the family court apparently. Fuck this is disgusting

The only thing more disgusting is when I came across the history of Minneapolis Police Department. Which doesn't really end as a historical dust collecting thing.


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