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I don't want to live like this

 there are no rights in MN. parents can force labor then poision their children and Ault offspring. 

Some Medical Fact 

to best of my researched knowledge. 

diet strongly influences the function of the immune system.

 outlook and purpose strongly influence general health longevity as well as odds one recovers from operation infection etc.

dental health strongly influences heart health. 

basic hygiene might be the reason you and or your mother are still alive or ever were at the same time (making Dr's wash hands before delivery)

giving someone 9 mo of dealing with toxic mold In a location u picked for them to do so and against the medical advice and observed improvement when it was followed...

is attempting murder via poision

if it gets to a point one needs systemic antifungles(pill form) uve insured a high risk of liver damage.

mn did ground breaking research on starvation and Mal nutrition at the end of ww2. to the point it even raised the ethics question should anyone be perscribed psych meds if dietary deficiencies exist.

now we've fallen to a point where several criminal laws pertaining to one's ability to get or keep employment, keep money earned, ultimately stay fed or escape can go unenforced

while family court will attempt to hang the victim off accusations they are a witch. he said the threat words (or so they allege) BURN HIM AT THE STAKE, POISION ISN'T FAST ENOUGH

me: somebody say steak? shit child molester and aspergilis laiden nurse practitioner took my grill

but luckily if a Dr perscribed Lamisil to be taken internally then gym showers never again pose a ringworm threat. /sarcasm

the point being absence of retribution and or enforcement of laws that are violated and endanger my ability to escape this situation and life itself.. going to yet another doc

is like treating athletes foot while u continue walking gym showers barefoot..

the reality is multiple times one will then bare the risk of taking systemic anti fungles

when if I could even cook how I normal would..I might not need it at all

I'm watching everything I tried for things I succeeded at destroyed along with my health my body my life. Someone who claims to Own Me is allowed violate all laws that would allow me to escape if otherwise protected. Toxic substances they caused with decisions about their house when I was in elementary school or Junior High are still being used as bioterror agents to poison me despite the fact they paid to have their mistakes corrected for them. The six months at hotels five hotels three cities 14 rooms 1 mental ward AKA made sure that I wasn't really able to sit still think things through stay in one place for very long after they decided to change the lock 8 months after I moved in. Those were largely free of symptoms until right before the forced Liz starts my dad make sure snow blows through the car that had been in there moldy house in the attached garage every night for 9 years then it was 9 months so deal with there mold from their car or lose everything that Maple Grove Police allowed them to Keith and through the death of Clyde some of the things allowed to keep their Basics I needed to keep him alive

Paul and Marlene are attempting to Murder by poison I have explicitly communicated the fact and I shouldn't have to that now years of malnutrition and or starvation have left me in no state to deal with any of this at all nor should I have ever had to

But then the less moral officers like officer Hanson who doesn't want any details contrary to his personal bias enforced with deadly force or the ability to deliver it. He doesn't want the details how much I've ever made but he's telling me my parents give me enough and you look quite the life and if I ask them when it cost to keep a slave alive he doesn't want entertainment conversation I show him a picture of The Moldy car I didn't see that put the phone away. I made 2 Grand from SEO web updates and creating a web server for a company in 2019 every cent of it was spent on the car. Out of what they claim they give me I had made a budget for what it would take to do that car one of the things was I can't do it if it's the only means of Transport Maple Grove PD also kept me from my bike meanwhile when I made that to Grand the only bank account I have left U2 all the fried is the one my parents are still on they made sure I didn't have more than the two grand. In other words if I earn to achieve what they made me predict would be necessary to do something I never should have had to do. They just cut to make sure I don't have what's required to do it and make me watch money just burn knowing that I'm likely to die in poverty or face that's fucked up Court and then have time sentenced to learn all the shit that I know if I wasn't allowed to be tortured by violations of several criminal laws

Jan or Feb 2019 my dad was talking how he knows the storage garage all my stuff was amd is held hostage in is packed to the ceiling and takes more than one person to move

he used offering to pay one of few friends I had left to interpersonal sabotage and make me the flake. 

he would only do it if I asked if 16 an hr was OK. 

this is another firm if grooming. both my parents gaslight to cover each other's misdeads. mn can declare parents have no responsibility for well being of their adult children. That doesn't mean that a parent won't always have trust or pull on their offspring. Basically in Minnesota the way I've seen this go down is an only child might live and die in slavery. The unfortunate combination of the fact that Society doesn't want to see parents as root sponsible for anything or capable of doing these things creates something that psychologists acknowledge is a denial of what's actually happening or what may be the case for the individual experiencing it. The backlash Raven worst part there is if you have two parents who your entire life cover for their misdeeds tell you it's a lie no one else sees it and everybody else tells you not only that parents wouldn't do that but to respect your parents.. 

It's not saying that that person doesn't have a chance but the odds are very small. And that's assuming rights would be protected or criminal actions that infringe one's ability to maintain Independence would be enforced rather than police who are supposed to be trained to check their personal bias at the door on the way out to start their shift often appear to check the door.

Paul and Marlene got alerted to the issue that threatened their house and now try to take my life after they got everything they needed done when they want it done on their computers and I say they're sort of sarcastically because those are two units I built for them. Largely out of parts that I had from doing it support for business and homes since 2004. They got $6,300 at minimum oit services in the eight months I live there the hotel's when I can't touch will my things I didn't decide on that that doesn't really count as anything they gave me but what it does count as he is they were spending up to a hundred and twenty a night aloe safe bet would be 3 Grand a month. I have told them and ask them even if they understood that if a problem grows back if you paid to have someone deal with it it's literally burning money to make sure I don't have basic needs met but have your problems to deal with

Minnesota has a government that similar to if Shire Corp financed a summer camp

Every time I turn around I lose something in here. But that Minnesota is wants me to defend what in most courts would be perjury in their claims in a non-criminal family court will police ignore crimes criminal law violations that directly impact my ability to get there let alone Be Alive is insanity. Minnesota encourages poisoning people at least that has been my experience and continues to be

All these pictures are of food that I used to make when I lived in previous Apartments without police deciding that I owe nothing because my parents decided to change the lock 8 months after I move it back in. I provided several link if you have access to Medical journals it's even easier for you to find the best of human knowledge says everything they are doing and combination is trying to kill me because it's known negatively influencing even without the theft aspect what someone eats affect how long they live and even the function of their immune system. Then add the toxic mold and the sorrow over the fact that the only thing in my kitchen is Clyde in my freezer I haven't even been able to see Bonnie's ashes other than a picture my dad sends me to show that he can get away with anything he wants. And really when this sort of fucking Kangaroo Court exist with police that will allow parents to execute their adult children insult to injury is then some members of that Force telling me it's not illegal to say you own someone fuck you your fucking SS officers
That's presuming the defense that you're just doing your job


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