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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I want my bike

 why would u do this? I worked so hard and u take away all of my things, as I save yours.

cooking is not something either of u taught me yet u take that away too

while I was bleeding at the last apt dad was in prescription eye drops (steroid) and anti fungle cream...

he was flirting with a girl my age who had a rabbit the next building over.. 

then makes sure I can't even go to friend s on my 30th birthday. Paul is lonely so he takes the key

when I was working my ass off he would come up a few times sit there talking about all the extravagant events they went to while telling me to make time to cook the curry recipy for them and refusing to bring Cosmos to see me

all those years I only wanted him once. just to see where I was. 

I've lost everything due to problems they caused lies they continue to tell and police misconduct in maple Grove 

I've been alone or near to since 3 great losses. 

my parents steal and destroy with intent to harm 

pretend to lose Bonnies ashes. 

pretend not to speak english

go on circles and steal if I pay them no attention

I'm run out beyond anything I ever thought possible and they keep metaphoricly swinging

they paid to be rid of their mold at their house. they put my stuff in the garage

won't even give me Bonnie and Clyde's favorite toy and have Bonnies ashes. they lie about any and everything sit silent in between 

say I'm doing it to myself.. 

they don't violate barriers they try to rip the. down and insist or recreating any given moment of my life with a lie

when police won't enforce crimes.. 

this is really sick

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