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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

If this is quite the life

Officer Hanson of the maple Grove police department told me around Jan 2020 I live quite the life. 

Which we could imply is an argument about luscious yards but if this is quite the life.. 
is his grass brown cause he smoked it or? 

the two above were day or 2 ago and blown out two or so months ago. next section of photos was at parents house

note the mushrooms left hand side of non cotton candy by pink panther. fiber Glass probably doesn't grow mold on its own. issue is yeas of dust and condensation via pipes this particular chunk is covering 

above was at my parents house in maple Grove. all of my things either there or the little bit transfered back is still being destroyed by mold they paid to be rid of. Bonnie rabbits remains were cremated and mailed to me at their house. she remains a  held usps parcel. meanwhile my mom sets budgets that don't acomidate ending the poisoning or any more than eating fast food when if my kitchen stuff was given back I can cook more healthy meals for far less. my mom is also still filtering my mail by opening anyrhing with a bank card. 

I had credit between 2006 and 2017 never missed a min payment in that time ususualy paid more than the min. 

a lot of what was mine was bought with hard earned cash. 

bought on credit or cash doesn't matter maple Grove police have and continue to allow it to be held and destroyed 
woops this pic should be above too. 
everything below is stuff forced to deal with at empty cell with Clyde rabbit in the freezer and declining health from 3 years abduction terror forced labor starvation and malnutrition. 


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