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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

joy to the world a rotten slave

 ima call it how I see it. if maple groves officer Hanson is unconcerned about theft of physical id 5 months after I reported attempted murder false reports and a year and a half or so into " u just do t live here any more can't file theft you g a ve them your things moving out*.. 

if one party claiming to own another can repeatedly steal, threaten the life of, assult and batter, forge and fraud 

and the best police and the state will do is ban the victim from contact while the perp continues to steal.. 

mn promotes owning people 

in this case there's also a mold factor. I relatively sure it's in ny sinuses. 

my parents veil their threats and it apears police only want the lowest hanging already victimized fruit. 

if ofp truly applies to anyone then fuck me for not being psychic. 

what I mean is Aug 2019 when I'm looking for unreliable witness and or a Stern word to my parents who at this point have made me deal with the mold care for 8 mo through the death of clyde and threat Ed Bonnie's ashes, threatened to get rid of storage garage with my probably destroyed furniture stacked to ceiling. threatened to push me down stairs and 1 to 2 weeks later is trying. to push me over railing.. have been and continue to ope. and filter my mail. threaten all my valuables locked at their house desteoyed gone donated.. 

instead of if we put that on record we might be liable 

or even in adition 2, one of the 1 then 2 female officers could have said :

but u can try to get this thing called an ofp

instead "its not illegal to say you own someone". 

technically with out a legal and explicit definition of what constitutes slavery and police unwillingness to protect life.. 

fuck it. 

 snow blew through the car 

fungus gnats are swarming as I write this. 

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