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tooth and lies

Im pretty sure this is going to leave me permanently disfigured. The Cptsd is already setting in but heres the other worry.

maybe 2002 I should have lost my last baby tooth. Technically I did. Except the 2 on either side of it weren't having it

So of course... All these fucking years and it has to go with December 2017 to exit stage pttt.  

I was told dental implant is the best option and insurance doesn't cover it. 5k, Dont wait more than six months 

3 months hiding my keys while my mom threw my clothes on the floor (after I launder them put them on my bed in the bedroom that I was renting) while my dad disconnects battery, every time i turn around keys are missing. tried a tile key finder (probably 2) always have to ask dad for my keys back and with out the key finder

Back to the tooth: Paul 3mo in says "you idiot I said I pay for it"
only to switch to making me clean their moldy car and terrorizing with you idiot I told you to get that taken care of back when you had insurance. 

-------ive gota clean this up more for relevance to topic below but feel free to read on if you like

At the same time, they hold my insurance renewal in 2018. presented me with a form to give them power over my health care decisions. 

2019 even though I asked them to forward it two months before two months after it should have came eventually get forwarded the cards and I don't even know where they went. Its a cluster fuck and i basicly have a matress to lay on because the living room ac sucked up the car mold after 9mo. im swatting fungus gnats as i edit this. 

in other words they opened my mail and signed my name. who knows what else. now my dad illueds to they are paying for private health care. Which wouldnt say anything on its own about if that includes dental. Wonderful when you hijack accounts and file a one sided restraining order. more wonderful when you've had one of two forms of ID required for any work. Destroyed things other people paid for to destroy my credibility and social circle. But not before first giving 100 different timelines for plans so I look the flake on top of it.

they now keep me here in this empty shit hole with Clyde in the freezer and not so much as a printer. I know how to organize my work and living space. It took a long time to learn. They are trying to bust every habit if not my life and body. 

Who Do We Call? 

if only some actions one citizen to another might impede independent function and or threaten life? did you know money and ID are crucial to staying fed sheltered and clothed? how about employed? 

its like there exists things that if someone else had mal intent one citizen vs another might get problematic... maybe we should entrust some sort of agency or force to... one sided endanger the life of who ever isnt first to call them. errrr shit thats maple grove pds m.o. 

was aiming for act as an authority to ensure safe peaceful outcomes for both parties? nah theres no VAWL federal grants, civil asset forfeiture, DEA grants... no funding for that right? This M=must be what happened to the separation of powers as well. police now just play executioner and privateer? sometimes in quicker ways than others. What im really trying to get at here is:

the shit part is I cant change Marlene Wuethrichs or Paul Wuethrichs malicious actions towards me. or their actions at all. the shittier part is people can hurt other people through actions. say it with me 4th district 

"Actions are greater than words"

good job! gold star? first i need an essay on salem 1690s ish as it relates to issues where people might lie or munch moldy rubins. for bonus points: how does flipped burden relate to the npd concept of "walking on egg shells?" profit is not an acceptable answer nor is force educating potential victims 

pardon that deture ... just talking to the court.

How realistic is it to expect police to do this? well, id expect them to stop showing up or read the 14th amendment section 1 of the united states constitution

between maple grove pd and marlene and paul i have nothing and need some things. Some are 
basics id wager police themselves would likely find extremely troublesome to be with out...nope...enforce on someone else ? NO WORRIES! why cant you care for your self? dear god did they clone M and P? seriously I report the DV was false and her trying to kill me while also trying to press charges for mail fraud or at least get "Unreliable Witness" on record. As it stands I belive the police record still says I got aggressive and pushed her across the room (their lie) But then describing how my bank statements are being held opened...etc... 

"why cant you manage your finances? "

its like gee... should i take the mail by force? she tries to kill me and now im labeled violent. does this sound like a good fucking plan? officer? i was way too dumbfounded to get here at the time. i forget if it was before or after but the other shit kicker of that meeting

"its not illegal to say you own someone" 

how about now that i have a fakatka it puts the lotion on its skin and court fucks it for us again restraining order? should i go take my mail from them? could anyone in this state see how someone holding mail could cause issues let alone if they have no qualms signing your name, know your DL number and SSN? guess not. 

world but somewhat just world that isnt living in 1890

A Note to Marlene and Paul:

how about i stop dealing with your mold you stop trying to micromanage me into dead disfigured and or broken for life? is that too much to fucking ask? I told you 2018 I was at my limit you keep me running in circles and destroy all value for having run at all soon my body

 they haven't told me even the address to the storage garage where they kept all my stuff I have lived alone since 2007 or in apt at this is insane they are picking and choosing everything I have they come and steal back things they gave me I have no way to organize during this I have their mold they paid to get rid of I have no kitchen I cannot set my nutrition I cannot bike but then I have the terror of  don't steal my ID they'll tell me oh too bad you didn't get your teeth taken care of when we told you to which didn't happen but now they tell me that I have . What I do know is mail fraud is illegal forging my signature is illegal. I made 2 Grand for webwork in 2019 they make sure to all went towards their mold and then they took away my stuff that needs to be cleaned of it they stole it from my garage after filing from the ofp s  6 months  they had my ID or a second form of ID I never left their house intending to move out I moved in 8 months later I left for maximum two weeks at a hotel all the sudden they changed the lock 
 if you don't hear he actually admits to I own you I've been saying from the beginning actually wrong November 2018 is the first time you told me he told me two times in a third time he said he thinks he bought me then he would deny it now in this text the other day he admits it but he tries to cover it as if all well I said that because I thought I owned you and I think I own you because you accepted money. If I build him market rate for every time hey come help me on this computer as an on-site it support call I think she told me but I don't want to put it that way he's the fucking freak claiming to Own Me starving me stealing from me he fucked up his house he's taking it out on me. 

And also 30 or NDSU is when I switch to am is from is he doesn't know his head from his ass hole he talks out of it and tomorrow he'll come up with the new story. Despite the fact that during that time if you wanted to get ahold of me he would call 6 to 10 times in a row and sometimes call my girlfriend if I didn't answer. I had mild pstd that I sought treatment for back then from finding his ass almost dead on the couch. I tried to explain to him in no uncertain terms death every time you call like that I feel like it's clear somebody's dying like that stop you trip everything please don't do that and every time well I wanted to get ahold of you.

And the truth of the matter is at 18 I could have moved out without Section 8 I was told if I don't go to the Fargo and start NDSU right away I better be able to pay for college on my own I got $11 an hour telemarketing job doing mortgage refinance I have for regular business clients for it support two dozen home. There was Commission on the mortgage refinance. I still managed to maintain a few of those clients my first one I got when I was 16 I had for 10 years. And the third summer of NDSU I was working over the summer paid internship for NDSU anyting he wants to say he will say and he'll say something new tomorrow so will she

And almost every dollar they give you spent on stuff they make worthless


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