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like ins on pay day, but at the leaky nuke plant

 you play liquidate maple Grove pd plays exterminator 

welder stolen from my garage April 2020

discussing when snow blew through car Feb 2019

id happily give everything but what I needed to care for Clyde if I could do it over. 

that wasn't even an option nor is much more than laying on the matress he died on. 

my dad why isn't car done faster why are you going slow this week

You think of any reason I'm going slow? 

I can list a hundred of your problems I'm not going to hop around all night

They keep me so wound up one thing to another and if I did close to any success they will commit crimes to set me back all the while pushing every button knowing the conditions they enforce are dangerous to life

I haven't even been able to mourn my cat friend I know this is irrelevant because animals don't understand but I told myself as I told him I couldn't take him when I left in 2014 he likes the yard too much. 

they wanted the 7mo old stray we got in 01 to be an inside cat. I took him on a harnus and leash untill 06 when I left for ndsu they were putting in a cat door. 

when their house made me sick and they made me stay in 2014..upon leaving I I was really scared for him. I told him I had to work I told him I had to get ahead I told him to go out side stay out of the basement. 

while I was working fist a consulting and office supply store my dad creep back into my life. For the first time ever not that I care but after like 7 or 8 months of doing the zero contact things that he does now even though he has all my stuff and I say he she's the reason behind it she threatens to do to him what she does to me but then they were talking about divorce and he was putting it on me. Then use me as a fucking God damn human punching bag. It's not my fault when they're violating laws to create the position of power. But they're also violating me having anything as a person anything holy any relations so they can have someone to fucking beat on every way. I beg to bring Cosmos to see me after he started talking again couldn't do it even when I was working 60 to 100 a week couldn't do it wants me to tell him that and I end up taking two days for my great uncle's funeral find out they've been holding my tax return check. Want to Spring Cosmos once and all the time to see me and the thing is when I got my license Cosmos used to ride around in the fucking car with me. In 8th grade Cosmos went to Wisconsin to pick me up from summer camp the vast majority of the time 2006 I didn't get to see him even though I had the garage code and the key for most of it  50 time I went home  it was ruthless and as I described elsewhere  despite the fact that I had diagnosed anxiety is my LP STD from the fact that I had found my dad almost dead  when I'm up in Fargo he would call 328 times in a row and when I explained hey  you make me think youre dying every time. He would say well I wanted to talk to you . If I didn't answer he would call my girlfriend. 

If I did answer told him I was studying for a test test tomorrow he wants me to stop and tell him like every two weeks every fucking step even if there's been no problems. What exactly do I have to do to graduate. One Summer doing websites I made more money than my girlfriend working 40 hours a week. It was one of the few I chose to live with them the whole time I hear I need to get a real job. That man got me an internship what they say about money is it over estimate but also I've never heard of it and titling someone to literally starve someone by crime while taking everything ever there's I've known people who the entire time I was at NDSU where my age and lived at their parents didn't work half the time some of them still do. Fact of the matter is I probably saved his life when I was 16 I probably saved their house and it would have been less damage if they had trusted my face at fucking senses in 2014. I had been in New York cleaning up a fuzzy fuzzy Molly house from Hurricane Sandy on a volunteering trip before that I had know where I've smelled that before and it's not a lot of places. Not everyone can smell it either it's probably a genetic thing and it's probably related to the one in three that don't tolerate it well. Marlene went through the whole range of claims that she's gone through this time anything to get what they want when they want and what they want is to never admit fault for anything even if it kills me

I rode the MS 150 for like 4 years on the bike that they won't give back even though they told the police two times as mine. I'm the type that hops on the volunteering trip over spring break not because I did anything from it cuz I wanted to help people. Paul wood leadership in his SEIU Local 4 probably as long as I've been alive until he retired at first it was every two years for their International Convention which was always family vacation and it was every four. Vice president of his local of an organization that supposed to be about Fair work for Port farepay protecting workers also has a bit of a membership thing but if you could be a member that as a minor I was as close as you could get in all the way through up until 20 14 I helped with every campaign in that I could too only for the VP of that local who happens to be my father to take everything I have ever worked for forced labor for his house and tell me he owns me will him and my mom make up false police reports what kind of person does Minnesota prefer for a resident Cutthroat killed their children

Six feet under a pile of Ashes has Ingenuity dies in the street like I said other places I'm really okay with whatever the government wants to be I will shut up and delete this all if they want to post that Minnesota prefers coat hanger abortion post-term or even better murder and what the criteria for when that is is I believe in informed consent I believe in the 14th Amendment Section 1 I'm not normally a constitutionalist either but that makes a lot of sense if the law is ever going to protect people it can't be applied like this it doesn't even fit the social contract it literally is slavery

there is no social reciprocity let alone Saftey in going near your parents after 18 if maple Grove pds responce is at all indicve of a larger trend. as much as Id like to say it's gender. in 08 somone I knew before graduating mgsh got choked out by her farther after turning 18 possibly still in school and heard from mgpd the same line I would from officer mmmbop in 2020

 "if you accept anything from your parents they are always going to have some control" 

that's way too precise to likely be chance. I didn't kboe ehy it sent shivers down my spine for some time after till I was able to place it. 

if this is how it is by code unspoken. 

you arnt very powerful if you enforce it from the shadows and play on the already victimized 

fucking kill me wussy or stop taking out ur issues unresolved on those that need a mediator not a bisexual priest with a josen for.. enthusiasm won't mater while packing a side arm mace and a tazer. 

I can't think of anything lower unless it wasn't officer Hanson in both cases. the possibilities there no better moral and still preying on those they ensure are weakened. 

either way, what were u doing at 20? step out of a plane after a 5hr training never having done it before no one strapped to u? 

could u have paid for 45 days and 4 countries (5 with Iceland) let alone have had the balls to finish hs and jump.a plane to nearly 5000 miles away and alone? 

step up or fuck off and uphold. in the way the dictionary defines Coward; I know one when I see one. 
it's also a lot easier to realize emulated light switch flip able inflection when one has no connection or emotional ties. dollars to donughts he wouldn't pass a rigorious psych eval. 

or if he does the fmri would still betray. if only helium wasn't scarce... 

the stuff in the garage is even worse 

damn it... now I have mmbop as an earworm

mm Bop contempt of.. bleeding out by

if I wasn't losing half my hair I'd do a weird all impersonation. 


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