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Friday, September 18, 2020

Logical Oddity

 I find it funny there's been a few instances where people have been charge for hypnotizing someone to then violate them. Or the deaths that occurred I think the last one I heard was the principal who hypnotized teens.

It's not funny b

ecause it happened. It's funny because at least my experience with Maple Grove Police if you did this to a child as their parent and we're good at it you're never getting caught with that.

It also makes me wonder who they were because from my understanding of how criminal charges work today. the only one that decides to bring them is the state prosecutor district attorney. So I mean it's possible you murder someone and there's no charges even if you alright shoot them. Right now I'm being poisoned all my mail is being opened my mail is being held cards are taken out of my mail check Friday's her against me but the only thing in the state state is interested in is a year-and-a-half into this my parents were either told by the police or figured out on their own maker file ofp then even further strengthen their position of Terror and murder. This is no safe in this country unless they have at least one person with their back I didn't choose to be born an only child.

 This truth is far from ever communicated

I see a Common Thread with narcissism and aspd some text refer to it as waiting fixing. Well that'll teach him or I'll teach him for. Or he should have known better then now he's going to or she whatever. But it's almost like the legal system has been set to do this the same way psych had this really good concept called informed consent. If States or federal governments are going to mandate school until age 18 or 16

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