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maple Grove Police enforced incest trafficing and murder

 it's funny how in 2004 I notice my dad has one day taken to using the cordless phone as a remote. 3hrs later my mom joined me in Norths waiting room. 8hr aortic aneurysm surgery

I left for Europe for 45 days in 06 then ndsu in Fargo.

2014 I suspect mold in their house 

Jan 2018 my mom says she's my landlord as I move back in 6.3k services rendered on skilled labor done for pay in past 

false police reports as they gas light the mold and Marlene Wuethrich cnp tries to get me a mental diagnosis by anyway she can. while dragging aspergilis into children's nicu mn

Eventually resorts to trying to push me over railing. I've been throwing away stuff other people paid for four major projects that were contracted. Paid for by an associate in California's company. Throwing away my stuff throwing clothes I laundered and put back on my bed into the basement on moldy carpet into the garage. Every time I turn around something's hiding they both threatened Bonnie and Clyde rabbit. My dad's wanted me to go to the bar taking my keys on my birthday cuz he's lonely well if I manage to leave for an hour I'm up to no good but if I insist the mold that's already been proven by an expert is not in my head and told to leave a few times my rabbits threatens then all my stuff threatened then. She threatened to push me down the stairs and maybe two weeks later my back was to the railing and she keeps pushing then she falsely reports domestic violence claiming I shoved her across the room when I did no such thing of them have laid hands on me or second time she did was slamming a door on my leg well I was seated in car and ask her to back off and she kept approaching while she was talking. At one point living there I had told her fuck you. She turned it into an excuse to try to vent about her sex life to me. Well they were any time I turn around also taking my keys disconnecting the battery to the car and taking the keys if I put a tile key finder on it I might as well as lit $25 on fire because if I somehow got my keys back it was minus the key finder. My rabbits needed antibiotics about the time I left for a hotel for what was supposed to be 2 weeks Max and ended up zero notice locked out which I still am but thanks True Lies to the court a year-and-a-half later there's now a ofp is very independent MC after I've been starved for 30 days in 2009 and I don't even know in 2020 I can't even get my bike back to spect despite the fact that it's been discussed two times in front of Maple Grove PD that it's mine. I am worried about diabetes I usually cook well I'm worried about heart disease I'm worried about every aspect because I have not had control of my time under threat to my life to my things to my rabbits to the remains of my rabbits. All well dealing with their mold that they paid to get rid of in November 2018 but now use like a biological agent of Terror. From a position of power lawlessly enforced and entrenched by Maple Grove PD


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unchanged needs with Mal nutrition and poisoning still present 2020 27 10

Immediate  Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward  this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me  this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal  I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to.  my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can

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Nothing on this list is new. Most of it most of directly because the last 3 years of my life have been consumed by problems they created. With no bindings even to law and police refusing to allow me my property or care even when my ID is stolen.. 9mo of clean this car we made snow blow through made the landlord here unhappy it was clear I would be asked to leave end of lease from maybe 5 or 6mo in. They tried to evict the garage. Clean this car or your stuff gets donated recycled..etc I can't even wash clothes which is my fault. They steal to make fixing the dryer hard while I still don't have a glass in the cupboard but I have Clyde in the freezer and they play the let's rotate out what lie we're going to tell today game 20 days to be out of this apt (March 31 2020) still empty car broke for 6 days Marlene and Paul file domestic violence restraining orders in a family court an HR and a half from the apt they forced the lease in. 45min by freeway from their house no car