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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mental Health crisis moral crisis

 We've got vets not getting help  from  19 years of war. 

We've got a likely created by the medical system or states that implemented 72-hour holds realized it can be used to entice the medical system to create jobs and or stay in the state when you can only cut taxes so far

Depending on your city and or County you might find that your police force is interested in illegal weapons seizing your property regardless of if you've been charged with anything let alone convicted

In my experience with Maple Grove they've been interested in crimes that pay them and or enforcing personal bias with parents at the expense of creating slave life situations set up mail from Italy take my life

We've got Minnesota police

against an ambiguous  amorphous blob called Terror . We need to start with recognizing parents are responsible for most of their children's problems and that if they want to have kids those kids need attention that today's work weeks don't usually a lot of time to provide. Kids need at least two caregivers. It doesn't matter what their genders are

This looks pretty disgusting. If other people's experiences have been like mine this is ultimately going to lead mass shootings and not much more other than unfulfilled underachieving lives. I don't think I'll do this if this is what it comes to. I am basically being held hostage. Maple Grove PD has refused even told me they might be liable if they put on record that the report of DV was falsified and in general reports have been falsified as weapons. But in general if this is how it works you're not addressing DV you're creating a permanent victim of both circumstance and the state

If Minnesota sells me down the river as I predicted probably already incipient regardless of rulings what we've done maybe the risk to go near your parents as an adult we are literally disincentivizing having a family this is about as close to dystopian surf society as it can get but it's going to keep going cuz that's we don't I'd say we almost have to be teaching people not to be able to identify this rock of moral

Falling Marlene made decisions with their house when I was a minor that spread to my apartment. They made me sick they made me labor on their house they demanded and or requested and I suggested One update and I T support to the tune of $6,300 in 8 months and that does not count pulling the trim in the basement and all the work that I did down there for them on their house

They open my mail before judge my signature they literally my dad two times has claimed to own me a third he has claimed to have bought me

I left their house in 2006 and for most of that time up till 2018 my roommates were Bonnie and Clyde rabbit this isn't Rochas abortion of Justice this is forced labor recently slavery and then abduction and then just use special courts to wash your hands of the life you've destroyed I'll take my own before that they make sure I don't even have a printer let alone can't get free of their mold every good habit I had is still being destroyed they won't give me my bites despite Maple Grove Police being present twice when it was agreed it was my bike coping mechanisms are not free most of the time I can go for a walk but that's about it 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution Section 1 says I don't want to be doing this anymore respect my rights stop trying to make me into your little fucked up control package I don't want to hurt anybody I want to do what I'm good at

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