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mgpd and hennepin County wash each other's hands, assists in destruction of evidence while man poisioned and robbed

my freedom and life may depend on ability to prove anything with docs and numbers. 

Yet with out legal president Aug 2018 till the ofps were activated may 22 2020.. 

I've been made to drive away from public property outside the house I had moved all my stuff into 8mo before. my mom said she was my landlord I render 6.3k in services and police assist 0 notice seizure and continuing destruction of everything ever mine.

made to drive away in a car I don't have title to and 4x everything has been taken from such a car since. 

or maybe the ofps arnt active.. from what I real they might not be valid.. but hey people with my bank cards and mail willing to destroy a 6k car to keep me from the court date they set.. I have 3 moldy folding tables and only thing in my kitchen is my pstd companion animal in the freezer while same people threaten the remains of my and his friend Bonnie. who also happened to be a usps parcle adrressed to me at their house. aka held mail.

how could I possibly have trouble surviving like this? 

let alone making court. 

considering 7 times that I know of Paul and or Marlene have come up 45min to the cell they hold me in to eat her steal intimidate or call in a welfare check.. 

yeah clearly they were worried about eminent domestic violence when knowing the car that I had but not title to was broken down for six days by the time they filed. They were so worried about it that two days after the court date they were up here and then four more times just to intimidate after I'm in another welfare check then said came back to steal things from my garage

this is disgusting terrifying and dehumanizing.

it makes alleged words worse than words and actions based on who knows about and has ability to make civil court first. 

I suppose Maple Grove Police figure enforcing it even when Stearns wouldn't serve it makes pretty high odds I'm on the street or dead before I can never hope to have anything address but all I want is my life back all joy All Purpose has been taken and I'm continuously Poison by the mall to my parents paid to have removed from their house. They set the budget so I can't get rid of it they picked the place where the humidity is Sky High. I have none of the things I work for let alone have ever been given by anyone or if I have them back they're still growing fucking toxic mold. That mold was caused by decisions made when I wasn't even a teenager about how they finish their house.

About August 2019 I finally got in my mom recorded admitting that what she reported as DV was her trying to kill me police didn't want anything to do with that going near record

I don't so much find terror in the fact that an or like this and system like this exists. it's the level of brain washing and grooming tied into it. 

show up at mandatory school k-12 as officer friendly before robbing you blind and taunting as an adult.

its one thing to be unethical and cover your ass but when the officer who said they might be liable then denies ability to have charges saught for mail fraud or check fraud.. hearing a check was taken from mail adrressed to me my name endorsed. after hearing what I want is false reports as a weapon to stop or a slap on the wrist. 

when someone has said they are out to make you suffer, lie to the police and then police refuse to acknowledge they are being lied to... 

well "they can open any mail that goes to their house"

"why can't you manage your finances"

oh should I take it by force if she grabs hold? or call you to ignore the crime?

What I found says the view of the state of Minnesota has is parents aren't responsible for the welfare of their adult children. With the way the police enforce it though it would appear to be parents can at any time repeatedly torture murder and abduct their adult offspring. Parents can use decisions made that generate poisonous toxic and or allergenic substances decisions made before the off-spring was an adult doesn't matter I could see this going down as if you can figure out a 8-year time release you can stick a cyanide capsule I could see this going down as if you can figure out a 8-year time release you can stick a cyanide capsule into a ten-year-old in the parent probably won't be held responsible. This is really sick this goes beyond a generation leaving its problems for its children were literally creating Generations that prey on their children

It's almost like something told some sick assholes through psychological study that if you want to be real bad to people if you allow them to take it out on their kids still probably tolerate it. I'd say there's some suggestion of that in the Stanford Prison Experiment. 

We all have heard at some point or most of us that is pretty frequent you grow up to recreate your home life this is a really bad path for Humanity

but what that ultimately is hard to see otherwise is police taunting an abuse victim while refusi g to acknowledge attempted murder, creating a slave like situation and ignoring repeated poisoning with starvation.

I'd think if we still have sanity it would also be seen as assisting in the distruction of evidence.


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