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mgpd doesn't seem to get it.

 when some officers are outright excusing assult and battery others won't add unreliable witness to the record " if we put that on record we might be liable"

makes me wonder what they were told at the start. 

I know at least once my dad told them I'm sick in the head. I overheard it from the split powow

wish I could get an air filter going up here let alone do laundry or eat. it's really not that. I'm just pretty damn human. I have basic needs I have unique conditions and or property to meet my needs it only applied to me or that I know how to do officiants Lee or I know what I need is another way of saying. Instead what happens is Paul and Marlene threatened to get rid of all my stuff unless I do whatever they want at the moment and even if I do it they just come up and steal things

The right and navbar click on the food link. I don't think it'll ever be a charge but on a personal level I do not enjoy watching my future destroyed my hard work to have a future destroyed watching what was likely one of my cousin's call my aunt rather listening to getting yelled at my Aunt apparently got a harassing call early on in this like before I was even out of the house thing is I don't have her number nor would I do that I like Aunt Mary I don't think I've ever talked to her once outside of family Christmas though or Easter. Aunt Mary has a lot of money. Even if I didn't like Aunt Mary I wouldn't have made that call one of my cousins called Maple Grove PD from Virginia the state not the city based on third-hand alleged info. And this is a cousin I haven't seen or talked to pretty much at all in like a decade this is someone who says even now it's my parents right to hit me up if they want hurt me if they want but if I punch sheetrock I have an anger problem and that's clear to her. This is coming from a cousin that's been to court-ordered anger management two times. This is coming from someone who also States you should be further in life you had better parents and again note the haven't seen in a decade she has no idea where I was. Thing is getting further takes work and if someone can interrupt you take it all away and say start over after years of work and this would be the second time now this is a really fucked-up system I don't want to take it out even in a blog post on a cop I don't want to die alone in this shit hole that the cops at forced by not protecting my rights. 

But back to Marlene Paul standing outside the door or the window to the high school bedroom

side effect of him building my highschool basement room and bathroom with windows to look through and or npd parenting in general (both would frequently try to listen to phone convoys or in person from other side of the door.. 

I'm always on heightened alert around them. 

reading this you are free to think what ever but you actually arnt suposed to do that if you want a healthy teen or well adapted adult.

npd parents are known to do exactly this. 

now I have to figure a few officers understand what that is or what a personality disorder is. 

if not, might I suggest study offer Hanson a far. a text book works too. I wouldn't say I know for sure but I have a reason for assuming

if you are in a postion where you end up deciding if you want to destroy someone's life. it would really help the next person if mmore officers or pds understood there are pds in the wild and parents with them will do unthinkable things.

there no sense of scale. 

them being wrong about the mold issue and the ego hit let alone financial was enough to justify it. 

there's another possibility as far as mgpd and pds in general. it's that a little bird told them.. chirps like the apa.. 

little bird said abuse, trauma and adicition ususlay run togeather. which wouldn't be a concern for the person sorta issue. trauma would not aide in anything congruent with that person seeing recovery or beating it.

nor would ensuring slave like conditions or the trauma of watching crime after crime and poisioning... 

but some of this likely  borders on liability, personal prejeduce/bias/beliefs then policy, and I think law might have been considered as an after thought maybe be one of the calls

Help identify a problem and I didn't even do it this time it made me sick as hell this time identify that some time ago forgot about it. I loved Cosmos cat visiting him spread it to my apartment. When I move back in my mom said she was my landlord $6,300 in Services were rendered just in the it support. Kind of relevant cuz I've done that since 2004. Which I think would go quite a ways and establishing that it was services for rent or if it wasn't then it probably criminal theft of service but I'm not a judge. Or lawyer. I also started the Remediation in their basement

Very Maple Grove officers we're created situations where I'm starving exhausted and pretty much I don't see a point to being alive anymore but then here they are yelling they don't owe you anything what are you doing here John. Well the officers are ensuring everything I worked for over 16 years is destroyed

Or that it's usable as a biological weapon but when I showed up at your aunt's in the car that many others have seen the inside of he didn't see that put the phone away was the response

 have a feeling there's another layer to this cuz I know someone else who got alignment he gave me that night and it was from Maple Grove Police but 10 years prior same line.

At the same time what I don't understand is I do know some people that actually have lived at their parents this entire time without working or close to it and buy entire time I mean since I graduated high school. Why you got to come at me bro or in general why would you ever help a dad steal his kids bike Malone poison starve torture and probably murder pretty soon

maybe just man slaughter. 

bad medical charting kills 100k to 250k Americans per year. aka mistakes not illegal emergency medical holds because two people with an inclination to 

"get what I want when I want" got it.

person to person, everything I was doing for pay and job wise is provable and thst it worked as proveable.

I really don't want to die with my mom trying to push me over the railing as mg last human connection and because of u guys I've spent all this time being poisioned still. 

what I think is sort of tell tale for what the majority of the force are there for is the 0 concern for someone who tried to push me over railing slamming a car door on my leg later

or let's go more concise 

in reporting to the police my parents get all the benefit of the doubt (possibly because probable cause yadayada statistics)

I get my adult protections of mail and contracts ignored 

I get everything I've earned as a teen or adult destroyed contaminated and or held 

I get police treating me like a child and ignoring economic and or legal realities 


there are upstanding officers on that force not sure anything would or wouldn't come from mentioning their names. I'd rather bank on them still being around the next time maple Grove pd helps parents with pds burry the messanger 


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