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Mind Blowing

Reasons to leave MN or Avoid like covid-19/the plague. To be fair this might only apply to maple grove and or hennepin county. the flip side is ive recently heard this referred to as "mommysoda". in my personal experience it not just feels but somewhat objectively is that Minnesota has all but renamed murder to post term coat hanger abortion at any point except to quote Chicago "he had it coming" 

and he can be her son for offending her ego when what that was over was her and her husbands decisions finishing their house when he was like 5th through 7th grade. Then when the friendly black kitty he named Cosmos after heavens (and in 01) gets sick in 2016-17, caring about his friend he manages to transfer black mold and or aspergilis to his apt and car. 8mo of bleeding world spinning later, move back in to what turns out to be the source. 

mommy murders much and doesnt care about things like,two%20Cornell%20University%20textile%20experts.

or the fact she works at a NICU as a CNP, or any sort of respect for anything but what she wants at the moment...

well instead of dealing with the Stachybotrys chartarum and aspergilis issue professionally confirmed around jan 2018... hey lets gaslight 2 on one.

what ever you do dont let him remember 2014 when he intended to stay a month, got sick eventually figured mold and a mini version of all of this occurred. deny he was there at all. 

whats really fucked up is, the mold pro determined the sealed cement slab then vapor barrier carpet pad they picked was the issue. barrier on barrier, moisture trapped between. that carpet was picked out in 2001. I had moved from elementary school bedroom (10x10 upstairs cell in 2018) to basement bedroom that same year. its the year we got Cosmos and there wasnt yet carpet in the downstairs bedroom. Whats abhorent is i probably helped paint that slab in 5th grade. 

in otherwords, I identified this problem that threatened the value of what as far as i know is a paid off house, back in 2014. Im now fighting to stay alive, out of jail and with risk of commitment and or forced mental services for what they did and what made me sick. what endangered the lives of sick newborns at her work. 

even worse, around the end of June, I catch marlene throwing away parts for a project needed to complete contracted work. like 10 min after she said "I Havent seen them im done throwing away YOUR STUFF, I DONT TOUCH YOUR STUFF ANYMORE" i fianly leave the room to look places i wouldn't have set them...inanimate things dont actually grow legs. find the part in a pile of trash headed for the garage. 

i ask her how this can be and she tells me to either go down stairs or clear the stairs before she pushes me down. 

short while later week or two shes pushing me, i step back in narrow tile hall between garage door and front door. this puts my back to the railing to the basement. she keeps pushing. im barefoot on we tile floor. admittedly it was wet because of my actions, ask me in person if you want that story but getting tile wet hardly justify trying to push your son over the railing to what would have been 12 ft (from eye level) likely onto his head. 

feminist mother who went to women group meetings. bought her son a play kitchen as a todler, was just fucking weird judgmental as a teen about things like ... i bought activia yoget once... then heard about how thats for women. excuse me for having picked up on gut flora by respecting what my mother does... and by virtue of her teaching at st kates but not knowing how to make power points... it was maybe 5th grade when they got on her about no longer using the overhead projector, guess who transferred her curriculum to teach nursing to PowerPoint. God if only i had paid attention to marketing for a fucking product and knowing a yogert can be gendered or that my mom missed the message degender dont regender.  

this is all really fun to share (is your sarcasm detector working?) . i figure its a lot better than going down as the "that guy" that mgpd may benefit from painting me. I need a lawyer but am kept dealing with their mold and starvation to this day. I have briefly interacted with a former law enforcement officer in another state. they obviously acknowledged different states do things differently but there would seem to be likely some misconduct has occurred. I dont want to get ahead of myself

back to back to railing. I felt a foot slip as she kept pushing. shes about my height and had shoes on. this isnt a strength matters game i wasnt trying to fight. leverage would be sufficient and shes maybe 3 inches shorter than me maybe 4. poor footing makes the rail the fulcrum my back the lever if my balance is lost. I guess women are equal but always weaker even if one of humanities first simple machines and force multipliers is used. 

I eyed a corner and hatched a plan. used the fight or flight to catch both of her wrists and we walked to the corner likely slower than either of us or my dad has traversed that distance since they bought that house. the room next to the front door sticks forward from the house. the corner we walked to was front door and divider wall. as i caught her wrists 


everything up to call the police is VERBATIM burned into my mind. im pretty sure touching is what she said at that time. when you go from life endangered to realizing she wanted to kill you and now is going to falsely report it as son dv against mother... 

its terror on trauma. 

but thats probably not a statement of intent right? what would it matter, if police dont care about anything but what they want to and courts dont ... idk why im trying to live. 

when we got to the corner i stoped, let go and ducked around it. the whole point was the concept of 3d spacial awareness flashed through my mind. I took a bet that if i can get us there her subconscious knows where she is relative to the walls and corners. I dont know what she will do when i free her arms. what i want at that point is no one gets hurt or feels pain, no one has to risk being a vegetable or dead from dropping over the railing. 

gaslighting and attacks continued till aug 2018 when for marlenes benefit i left for a hotel because she had a surgery and was following me around screaming im delusional. I had picked up work on a website for a business in st cloud. it handled credit cards an i was in charge of transferring it to a new host. so the liability plus the fact I didnt think it would aid her recovery that my presence and her mistakes equal raising her blood pressure... 

"hey dad maybe a hotel for me would be in her best interests"

the now 16 months of bleeding from corners of the eyes and pin prick wounds up and down my trunk began to clear up almost overnight. by the end of the second week I was told not to call or come around anymore. the access i had was through the garage keycode. that lock code was changed. 0 notice. my two rabbits from 2007 on (also first year in apt was 2007) were among what was/is mine and still at their house. 

when i moved back in she said she was my landlord. at minimum 6.3 thousand dollars of IT services were preformed over 8 months living there. I've had business law at SCSU. that a lawyer does not me make. that said; its something ive done for pay and for business plus home clients since 2004. market rate is around 150 an hr. I found plymouths estimate for residential square footage rental rate. its $1.32 a sq ft a mo. Try to get onsite Computer support on demand and 0 schedule or contract for under 100 to show up, i dont think you will and the market data anyone can look into supports that. (hint, google) 

so despite this all and this publication by MNs homeline renters rights org I end up 0 notice locked out all my things in their house after essentially leaving with what was on my back for 2 weeks max.

ever since maple grove police have enforced this with 0 concern for the fact all my things are being destroyed. 

0 concern 

is this about policing for profit and cost minization with no concern for whom you harm or actual justice?


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