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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Minnesota Justice; protecting Buffalo Bill from feeling threatened

 history notes that friendly relations or status and a bit of pre existing relation with the police  police 

has created selective non investigation and or enforcement or ineffective investigations.

or actually lead police to deliver a victim to a killer 

two examples that come to mind 

oj Simpson

Jeffrey Dahmer

minnesota's hear say based civil spawned family and dv courts as far as I can see create some nasty realities for the purpose of likely limiting the states liability and lowering violent crime but potentially at the cost of otherwise promising lives or just half decent.. no one should judge from outside perspective the worth and esp not when a hearsay claim matters an and what was said and or done before it leading up to it and or repeatedly might not matter but another citizen supposedly equal read the claim that you said something that made them feel threatened. This is so far from Annie form of Justice or protection of Rights.

if we use the common example of from fiction of Silence of the Lambs and apply it to Minnesota Family Court

The Buffalo Bill was already aware of what an ofp was God help the victims

In my experience police are unwilling to even give a slap on the wrist despite my parents forging my signature opening my mail for ginataan documents and at least one check I know a from mail address to me which is relevant because even if I were to just walk away it takes means to survive. Even if I were to accept police of granted them control of all of my assets and try to start over without lad like this enforced even without subsequent left afterwards I am not in a good position. We don't need all these parts we need at least some return to enforcement of actual law. And actual law can be whatever the fuck you want it to be soaking for me some of you are just in a position to vote on it more than others law is a concept we made up

But the other thing that would help is an order of operations like math has that concept applied to law enforcement. It could be done either directly or through a stated list of priorities of enforcement like are we out to protect everybody's life and what do we consider necessary for life in any given state figuring those values out first and if you don't well you have Jeffrey Dahmer's victims in family court because they made Dahmer feel threatened

Especially as we fight to expand Family Court to apply to roommates or people who have ever been in a relation or just the claim thereof

We're making state-enforced penalties under the belief that people don't lie especially not the first person to petition Court why would they lie?

It's like psychology hasn't known for over a hundred years that some people become damaged in a way where they get off on power and control over others or hurting them. Do we assume everybody's too dumb to figure out that systems that have no safeguards might be used as a means to an end?

And the reason I ask this is because I assume by default there are plenty of people smarter than me I also assume by default if this is how it is I am owed an explanation I'm entitled to very little but why I think is a human right

also the how gets sketchy. Like how does the court justify stripping my rights they stopped here safe when there's no enforcement of anything that would allow me to have the means to even attend court. They filed those ofps after changing the locks 8 months after they told me they were the night landlord when I move back in then a year-and-a-half of Maple Grove Police making me drive away from public property where all my valuables were stored in a car I don't have title to. At first I had two lovely Beautiful Creatures called Bonnie and Clyde who are technically pstd therapy companion animals. They were they're not my parents still have the ashes of one which was USPS address to me. They Forge my signature they have no qualms accessing my accounts with my driver's license number which at one point they took to take a photocopy of another point they took to take it. I didn't have it during the trial I don't know if I would have been able to get into court even if I had been able to show up. But the thing is I D two forms are required to seat income assuming I want to accept that because none of my rights are protected will criminal acts go on and forced against me unless I can just make food out of thin air I need income or savings but these last designed to protect assets already in someone's name and or their ability to enter and maintain contracts if this isn't enforced then can I fucking fly cuz I can't probably eat I better still make Court can I fly or does it cost money and how do I keep that money even if I could make it if these laws aren't enforced

It's like manufacturing the victim but hey we're going to copy what other abusers do at the state level and pick on the already most vulnerable

I found a document discussing Cass County of North Dakota allowing police to execute cross-border emergency medical holds in that document if something relevant I think to how corrupt and warped this system is because it excluded the ability to do it regardless of residency for police and medical professionals you don't create a just law by considering yourself something else but then try and do it bypass laws everywhere else for everyone else

If I understand correctly which is dangerous cuz I'm not a lawyer. If I understand correctly appearing is somewhat optional do any of these trials

But not appearing has its own consequences and as I've listed being able to appear is somewhat a function of criminal laws being enforced as they apply to protecting my rights. So basically we have hearsay strip someone of Rights if they don't show up after Wrights worn and forced and it's going to carry more consequences even if they don't show up this seems like a path to put anybody away for anyting. And also as I mentioned if someone can access my bank account and repeatedly steal from me

 what fucking odds do I have of even Staying Alive?

Let alone in pursuing any form of happiness or even staying fed clothed and sheltered? What's criteria for commitment? One way or the other it seems Minnesota has deemed that without announcing it we've created the system that if we want you you're going to be someone else's job security not human with rights or citizen with rights.

 If you live outside the US or the state take what I say with a grain of salt but I highly advise stay the hell away from it

North Dakota actually had better protections for the average person especially if you rent.

here's some of what I taught myself to do. to back the argument that this is insane if Minnesota today any homegrown propping of its economy. I might never go anywhere do anything that's not the point it's not saying I am anything marvelous. The point is if you take people with that potential and screw them over and do this repeatedly for years somebody that would have been Bill Gates from Minnesota but hopefully more ethical it's going to get screwed over and die in poverty. I don't think I'm dumb either I don't think I need any of this because it doesn't match Justice it doesn't match anything with logic it's put picking and choosing well we're not going to enforce that for them but if they want to claim something you might have done because it's their Fierce a claim well then you're going to have all these consequences meanwhile all these rights that we talked to you for all these years you're guaranteed to know they said something they claimed your which you don't have them anymore. The pictures below I figured out UV lithography made the tools to do it taught myself circuit board CAD me twerking projects some of them for pay contracted and the welder was my code running on the microcontroller this is the spot welder not the one they sold for me that was a wire feed welder this one was of my design because buying a commercially available one from a US manufacturer is a $3,000 purchase. For the record eighth grade I had a basic Electronics class where we made a buzzer that went off if you pulled a headphone jack out of a headphone Port attached to fishing line. That was like 2001 I have never even used in a silver scope let alone learn how to do any sort of CAD. Mice pets were barely a thing and power mosfets were still probably eight years away at the point I had that class. I've never had engineering classes in college I had computer science and management of Information Systems. In trying to learn everything I could I eventually figured out the reason why I've had struggles with math I understand the concepts but I suck at testing then I realized there's this thing called mathematic dyslexia or just calcula but ever since I've been running this rat-race enforced by two very sick people and an enforcement of laws or non enforcement. The only reason I was able to do all the ee stuff is I would good with computers I'm really good with codeine I'm really rusty cuz I haven't been able to look at it much other than your little bit of a plaid that I needed it for with these project and then spent two years accounting only dealing with mold other people caused back in 2001 Annabelle nutrition from the non enforcement of criminal law

And I didn't just do a toner transfer ferric chloride etch. I took a pile of plexiglass a roommate left almost a decade ago. With paint stripper I chemically welded it to create an edge tank and an exposure box I found a sheet of low iron glass from a local Saint Cloud supplier who is no longer there and implemented an led-based UV lithography vacuum pull down and cupric chloride process I designed the equipment in my head. Including a few tests boards I probably used it 10 times the copper met acid. The welder board is 8 thousands of an inch for the smallest traces on 2 oz copper. I've talked about this on electronics forms and people will stop talking to me. I don't know how good or bad it is cuz right after it and during the end of it I was dealing with problems created when I was in junior high or Elementary School by decisions I could not have made things that continue to threaten my life outside of what the court is now trying to do

There's a guy with the YouTube channel from Australia who used to be a professional PCB designer and I believe is an electronics engineer or an electrical engineer he has said he's replicated and akshat home and his lowest he's ever tried to go down to is 8 thou

That's the only indication I have that I actually did pretty well cuz that was on one ounce. You have to have great attention to detail because the thicker the copper-clad is which is measured in ounces it's weird I won't write two paragraphs explaining it. But the acrylic acid resist starts to you risk it flaking off you also risk undercut it's harder to do on a higher ounce copper the smaller you go because you got this tiny little strip of a acrylic and ask him one Steven eat copper under it that's only two dimensional protection X and Y and the copper is eating down on Z eventually it starts to want to eat any imperfectly bonded areas of acrylic to the top layer of copper and out from under the copper after it gets under that you have to have great attention to detail to pull that off on tiny features

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