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mn starvation experiment

 I was looking for an image to suggest how it's known and been known repeated starvation and Mal nutrition plus labor causes issues.

thought that came to mind was "Arbeit macht Frei"

and associated imagery. 

But what I found when looking for a starving concentration camp victim what's something that living in Minnesota my whole what's something that living in Minnesota most of my life I had never heard of. 

It was the Minnesota starvation experiment. Conscious objectors during World War II were given the opportunity to volunteer in other ways. There was a desire to collect information on starvation repeated bouts of malnutrition and long periods of both in a desire supposedly and probably truthfully to determine the best course of action when supplies are available again to maintain or minimize the damage to their life expectancy and or health. The Victor generally writes the history book is why I say supposably and with having never heard of this before I wonder why it's not mentioned very often. But assuming everything is as stated what actually happened was volunteers from Minnesota or monitored by health professionals while they agreed to eat the rations provided by the doctors that mimic different levels of famine in Europe and it became known as the Minnesota starvation experiment

A Moment On Control Freaks And Food 

there's a related discussion not being had here I might discuss later... food additives and or not food as food.

plus the food industry playing pr and mind games with gmo label and whether or not it matters while likely trying to undermined labeling requirements. 

screw gmo label id say that just enforce ingredient law with regards to science and how it names things. ie Latin geneish and species

Phaseolus vulgaris or

Phaseolus vulgaris 257? let me decide where my dollars go and if it's worth my time to figure out the difference

I feel it was related enough with the common thread being even with protections eroded, our suposed to be capitalist system still has the side channel of voting with your dollar as far as your choices regarding basics like food go.. but if and only if one can have what's required to identify the difference

seems to me Latvia intent or coincidence related to desire to sell and to have passive consumers we might end up destroying every concept there is a why we should do anyting but alone choose one thing over another like this spinning into nihilism which from what I'm seeing will probably come before the massive suffering and loss of human lives that's likely to begin soon. I really hope I'm wrong. But if I understand writings by a fellow who is Sigmund Freud's nephew then the time you try to make sweeping man may be otherwise opposed changes is dream a moment where there's momentum in every direction because his writings indicated the enemy to change is momentum we look more wound in every direction than I have ever seen in 32 years of life right now.

Mental Health

Find in this experiment over gave me another place to look for medical evidence indicating that nutrition is required for mental state. All you have to do is look at the date stamps and my previous efforts but I've realized this for a long time it's not profitable so it's not talked about but it's also not unknown to the medical community.

But a bigger issue that I think is now relevant to Minnesota again is even in the BBC synopsis of what this was there was a mention of how it might not be ethical to force treatment for mental disorders or even possible to achieve decent treatment if nutrition is not considered. It seems Minnesota has knowingly gone further down the ethically rotten path

Because things like ofp are direct to Criminal Salem witch trial events where if someone doesn't have perfect emotional inhibition all one has to do is claim they felt threatened by words and the court doesn't care about the context apparently or the history between the two or but you might case that police have been allowing them to destroy everything I ever learned and decide where I lived what work I have to do and how I'm poison for a year-and-a-half pre ofp order that the ofp was applied for knowing I had no transportation to the court they selected an hour and a half away from the apartment I often referred to as a cell that they also selected

So if it's not a crime to starve someone and if crimes related to their ability to possess the objects required for optical nutrition or even desired or even what they used their earned dollars to procure and own as it applies to nutrition if the police can Overlook the crime of theft of those things and the court with no consideration of anything else will hang you 4 alleged words that put feelings in the other person

How close are we again to owning people? You don't even have to experience anything the court will take your word for it. You can make it up there's little-to-no safeguard or standard of evidence on the accused part. Or you can even commit crimes that might go on unenforced to cause it

with no concern for concept and as I can see.. ex parte appears to be used in every way it works against Justice especially for the least financial means party or the party that might by police misconduct being a human trafficking situation where they're being poisoned I'm starved but no I'm supposed to have a lawyer or public Pretender do they even give those in these cases

Don't look behind the curtain it's just the modern Holocaust


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