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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 listening to mn pr about the pandemic and hearing this person talking about how it set so many back to struggling to meet basic needs.

I do think I should have had to try to argue this once. 

except parents and police (esp after "we might be liable if we put that on record")

play this game called feigned ignorance. oh we put you in an empty apt kept your ID and what was needed to keep Clyde safe let alone what u learned u needed over the period living in apt since 2006 

oh we took everything why arnt u over it?

people systemize to get into a Groove. basicly to make it universal they have held me in the first week or two phase after a move. you don't know where anything is in boxes... except there's no boxes and if you drive to where your things are no one answers and 10min to 15min later police are there demanding to know what you could possibly be doing at the house u moved into then 8mo later they changed lock with 0 notice.

then police ignore check fraud mail fraud forced labor on moldy car under various threats. 

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