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needs for stability at the moment

much of this is driven by fact eviction ban stopped notice to vaycate at end of lease needing some basic organization that's being kept from me by theft when necessary. Making me fight this battle between I'm incompetent or any thing that works today to win the favor of God I hate this. I cannot drive down to 4th District Court every time they come up and steal something of mine this seems like a total racket. How do I prepare a case without so much as a printer when I'm hungry in sometimes a month old clothes because he knows the washing machines broke he knows there's holes in the wall from when he starved me they hold on to my credit card thin sister gave me one of my out when they give me another space steal anything they gave back when I could actually use it to make money they admit they know I've made over minimum wage with it in the past. But then the next day they don't they didn't they won't they will it's all your fault you bring it on yourself for telling people we're not doing anything you deserve it because you're a brat. I cannot keep going hungry my mom version is ice told your. I cannot keep going hungry my mom version is ice told your computer why don't you do better budgets. Or they have my ID and that's why I don't get a job 

my mom has admited she thinks I deserve this because I'm a man. What I want to know is how can this court usually end up sentencing Psychological Services when they don't recognize any aspects of psychology? Narcissistic parents and NPD is about 50 years old but Sigmund Freud new of narcissist full-blown narcissism well before like a hundred-year-old concept. The fact that parents with it will sabotage their even adult children again fifty-year-old to a hundred-year-old concept

immediate needs and wants to achieve stability:

  • can of mold killing primer 
  • mold control solution 
  • to borrow a spare for this car to have key blank I bought programed. 
  •  a trailer hitch /tow bar for this car. cheaper to rent trailer than truck if I have to move 
  •  industrial shelving unit for apt (currently have 3.5 in garage. 1 side 2 free standing other is 1 extended. aka 3 end posts not 4)
  • replacement vac filter for the  certified hepa vac ($100) I could vacuum off the current one but the shark is plugged and needs a new filter and Paul wuethrich took the ryobi stick vac and batter needed for it and my drill. 
  • a nice meal
  • my friends 30lb propain tank (he will need it shortly for heating and Paul took it. anything they can to ensure I have no social support or bonds outside of incestuous monster murder parents) 
  • 4ah 18v ryobi battery it was attached to a stick vac and probably with the propain tank
  • my compound miter saw(stolen April 2020)
  • my bike, my bike rack bike shoes. 
  • vit d. it's been like 5 years since I've had time to go out during the summer, with the car went a 12 dollar bottle of d3
  • My welder
  • proper desk 
  • kitchen stuff 
  • fix washer 
  • lies to stop. threats and harm to stop 


They reinvent the past any time it's inconvenient. also insist on I gave you 2k always have, when it was 1500 and now it's approaching 30 days as of today, 300 deposited when I first published this but insists on 2k. if he had I wouldn't have had to return the mold control solution of be hungry waiting for 40 bucks back on card. as he put 300 in he says he will call management to have washer fixed. months ago repeatedly I explained how if they come in and see the state of it.. aka I create your hell and control how every dime spent with veiled threats, destroying everything u earned and repeatedly playing that by default u trust me. 


 I have four of them. Including a Richo work group laser with three trays. This was given by a CPA office I managed IT for for 10 years
aparently tell police in Maple Grove that your son never earned and will help you kill
 him while telling him how entitled he is and making sure he's made to leave public property outside the house his valuables are locked in. 

but what's nuts is launching court battles keeping me from so much as my printer while every time I turn around somethings stolen to set me back again. mgpd says either I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out or I have to drive an hr and a half from the apt I didn't chose to Hennepin County 4th district. how practical does this sound? how to prepare for court or find a lawyer? oh I don't even get to try because in in empty clothes on the floor molding shit hole they forced lease then forced 9mo of clean our mold car through the death of clyde while threatening Bonnies ashes (addressed to me via usps still held) 
Pretty shit situation when you can admit that if you put something on record you might be liable then watch as the parents start civil court battles while you still make sure I have no access to any of my things this is freaking ridiculous

 My compound miter saw, my welder. These things were taken from my garage with my computer which I could also use back April 2020. What I need is an air filter I had bought the Plexi to upgrade one taking it apart and then the saw I need to cut it blocks out of my garage. My dad has indicated he has it but just like the power inverter he took from a car he wants to know what color my welder might be. Meanwhile Maple Grove PD insist that nothing is ever theft and the only way to get this continuing every time they take anything back is to apparently drive an hour and a half to a different County to see their family court. Cost-saving and population reducing you get to cut out a whole family line. 
further item by item rationell below pictures. These pictures are all within the last three months except for the mold car moonroof but having to clean that car here is why my air conditioner looks like it does and why it's upstairs other than the back wall of the bathroom. That's likely been here well before me and painted over every time. It's the same wall That's molding in the garage a floor below. And despite the exhaust fan running pretty much 100% since I moved in the paint is it in peeling over the tub. I'm also running to 30 pint dehumidifiers in a 600 square foot apartment this place was picked more as a murder cell than anything the moment one kicks off at usually edges back if not passes 60% humidity which is not good for controlling mold grow under 50 would be ideal


I drive a car I don't have title to. But more than that mild physical exercise or activity lowers hunger craving improved blood glucose is an escape or a coping mechanism is good for clearing the mind. Doesn't have the cost of dollar per gallon miles per gallon they literally control how far I can move from the little ship all they shoved me in. They make itself if I'm having to get out of here and not walk I have to calculate if I can afford the gas to go on a 10-minute drive to clear my head without going hungry and then just make sure I go hungry anyway. Two times in front of Maple Grove Police in 2019 it was said it was my bike I should have it back they agreed it was my bike please do not follow up. I haven't been outside in like five Summers I need the vitamin D3. I bought a bottle of vitamin D3 which isn't is bioavailable they stole it from the fucking car I don't have the $12 to replace that I'm hungry again while they insisted give me 2,000 when they gave me 1800 from January of 19 my dad knows it's a two-person move to get my stuff out of storage and you can look right here I cooked like crazy when I have my kitchen but they make sure I have nothing they make sure every dollar is consumed by either their mold they paid to get rid of for them they use it like a bio weapon or I'm fast food which is killing me I've been alone for half a decade as well. January 2020 I see it's probably going to be a warm spring and again I'm asking for my bike I'm dad I have a move approaching and I can barely make it up the stairs anymore and he says well if you can barely make it up the stairs why would you need your bike this is the level of sick fucking micromanagement because they are trying to take out their mistakes with their house on me they will tell anybody anything to accomplish the end. Presser took a moment to highlight when we covered civil and torts that minors can own property. My dad says he owns me Maple Grove Police have made sure I can own nothing I don't want type 2 diabetes and to win a court battle fuck you

Spare Key

this is the difference between making appointments or time sensitive obligations or even a job on time. it's the difficult nce between a bad day and a terror day. 

when I'm allowed to possess let alone stop distruction or repedstive theft and hold of my things (which maple Grove pd has enabled since Aug 2018 after 0 notice lock out) I set up orginizational systems and rarely lose a key like once in 8 years did need need a spare. if course I didn't have it then  1x at the apt/cell Marlene and Paul poision me in its been lost under a pile of clothing once I fried the rfid chip and then I lost it again recently and was starved 3 days stranded 5 then vacuuming up glass from breaking the window because Paul couldn't be bothered to text the door code let alone... I said before they force me here.. 1key not OK. 

they assure me they stocked empty apt with bibs what more could I need?

, well a good start would be don't question your son's basic senses especially when you volunteered cleaning out a moldy Sandy house Hurricane Sandy and thought there was mold there because of the smell in 2014. I've even found the research that says not everybody can smell it a genetic thing most likely I've always been able to taste it on Ice Cube's like if it's mildew from the freezer and that was the first time I noticed other people couldn't but because of this I've looked it up. It's not exactly something that's a hey do you taste mold on Ice Cube's expecially when you're. It's not exactly something that's a hey do you taste mold on Ice Cube's expecially when you're a guest and someone has offered you a beverage. But eventually.. 

I could smell it in their house back then. The mold guy eventually confirmed it have been there since late 90s early 2000

Second what more I could need is you honoring your word you not lying to police. You're not doing things that endanger my life and stealing opening my mail anything you can covertly to try to trap me in the situation this is fucking sick

And then there's also you tell me three different things every other day or sometimes you go a few weeks without demanding I do something else but demanding to drop anything I'm doing to come support your computers that I built for you or how do you do something on them but then you're also encouraging me to talk to locals about opportunities to either be employed or start something business-wise with them or get in on one like the cell phone repair Edina or wherever That Was Then I call the guy you made me make plans with the people I knew only to make sure I could not execute them you still make sure that happens to this date but you first made sure tons of different timelines were communicated you guys stuff at us everything and it's really fucking sick cuz then you also want me for emotional support it's gross

I've had my failures like I learned I'm probably math dyslexic there's times I could have put more effort in but even when I run myself nearly to death you just fuck it up for me intentionally and then you try to tell me how much you think the stuff you're holding net me in just my games and movies that I bought with money I made even when I was in high school but probably only cost or only sell for a dollar a disc if that now but Mom sure that's a lot of money when you know that you fucked me out of 60 to $100,000 a year and you send me the article about the town that it would have been in the article about how everybody spleen San Francisco no better way to say I know what I did to you but I don't think you would have liked it. Except it's more devious than that when you also admit the conditions you force vile everything you do that's a moral not just immoral are dangerous or not good for life. You had a co-worker whose daughter committed suicide when a cat died that was maybe 2012 you told me you never want to see that happen to me blah blah blah blah blah you've made sure I work straight through the death of Kosmos Bonnie and Clyde you pretend to lose Clyde's ashes after Dad does you sick fucking bitch. When I say fuck you while you're trying to Gaslight me then you take that as an excuse to vent to your son about your fucking sex life well you're also yelling at him anytime you leave your fucked-up house?

I did actually use Kilz mold killing primer over this. I wish I had realized how much better value the pint Still Standing spray can I might not have gone hungry no I probably would have went either way.

This picture is not recent this was February 2019 discussing how the fuck did snow blow through the vents. I was at Maple Grove Staybridge Hotel. I told him I can probably have them check the camera because when snow was blowing through the vents I thought she's this is odd in all my years driving I know who likes to drive let's call my dad. Immediately change the subject to hey I brought stuff to the hotel that you neither asked for nor did I announced that I was coming. Change the subject without addressing that I'm saying hey I'm sitting in the car with snow blowing through the fucking vents

I got this for a hundred and fifty on clearance because it was version 1. I'd watch the price fluctuate for 8 years on 140 amp welder. The Hobart Handler sometimes goes for as much as 600 for the hundred and 40 amp. Unforgivable Google transcribe. The numbers are atrocious. The clutch unit pictures even a metal wire feed mechanism. Hobart eventually released 130 amp cut down version of their Handler 140 back to the plastic feet even that cost 350 the last I look. Northern was about to release version 2 when I noticed this last one on clearance. I got to use it for one project for someone else then Paul and Marlene stole it from my garage in April 2020. A reconditioned version 1 is back to 350 fucking dollars. This was bought with part of a savings bond from my grandma on my dad's side. It was a great investment one that I knew because I had watched what a product in its class goes for for nearly a decade. Nothing is a good investment when nothing is protected on a per party basis one party always as protection the other doesn't it starts to seem like a racket when the suggestion is than that I can't figure anything out I either need counseling or I must be some criminal but in the meantime what you're doing is going to kill me the trust money to get away from this. My parents demand I only work minimum wage and those two man that well they've taken a form of ID required while they're starving me well the fucking washing machines broke so go get a job 4 days hungry in month worn clothing. And in reality if they can take anything from me even what iron with that I can never get away from this but what they've taken is all expectation and all work that I've done to have some sort of life. I shouldn't have to argue any of this when mail fraud check fraud theft ID theft repeatedly go overlooked my mom literally tried to kill me and I was told when I wanted unreliable witness on the record that the department might be liable if they put that on the record. I know this doesn't generally fly here but it seems like Hennepin County Family Court helps ensure that a police department within its jurisdiction always has Revenue if not clean hands. Which is both the same one hand washing the other illegal concept and good advice for covid-19 . Somebody has quite the tennis racket going on here intentional or otherwise I'm sure the likely outcome in most cases is Psychological Services get court-ordered business. In this case it's likely to be that the actions of Maple Grove Police eliminate a family. I'm the last male in my family line. I don't think that's intentional but intent or otherwise that's likely to be the outcome

I don't need counseling to learn habits that you don't care if I had before or not and especially not well the reality is most require asset or personal property to execute which requires money and or income. That's a function of time and if nothing is protected and a party is continuously stealing from me or even other parties were to steal from me this is like fucking meditated the abused for the sake of job creation. I'll kill myself before I allow that. I won't even have to though chances are what's being done to me will kill me before it ever comes to that point. Directly at their hand mostly from crime definitely from malicious action 3 years of malnutrition and or hunger and starvation I am not a child anymore. Just started at age 29 this is significantly likely even if it stops today just significantly curtail my life expectancy if not outright kill me

I finally patched the hole still visible here.

This is the chair that was bought in 2019 for the folding table desk. I haven't sat at it or been in that room for a few months because it's directly in the path of the air conditioner which is growing the crap from the car

This lamp is down in the garage in a box of tools I did get back. I found it relevant to post because when I got that box back it's that on the Shelf ever since. In other words it's not something that I've been in or around or near. In other words their house is trying to grow on me and in this building it's not something that started on me trying to grow in this apartment. Further to that point mold is fungus so is ringworm. Have you ever bought a can of Lamisil that said once you treat it once you can walk Barefoot in the gym shower for the rest of your life? How about treats it for life and you can eat anything you want or not eat at all and you'll still be healthy at least from fungal infection? That would be fucking retarded to believe but you won't find it on anyting. If my primary doctor Works be asked for comment and where I work to give however that would go down in an official sense around February 2018 he told me to get healthy get away from the mold

This one's actually from at their house as well 2018
Relevant direct quote from Marlene "WAAAAA my eyes HURT! WAAA my credit SCORE"
They might feel threatened but it's really not for their life even if they tell you otherwise 

The Hitch 

is 150 to 200 usd for a class 3 hitch for the car that's not mine. 

the car that Paul says he will transfer title to but doesn't. the 2014 ford taurus sel can an pull up to class 3 maybe not all the way through and the price difference for the more limited lower capacity hitches is like 30 dollars. if a hitch is to be had its the way to go

then again Paul wuethrich took the ryobi stick vac and 4ah battery I need for my drill to install it. that was March 2020

maple Grove police insist the logical action is drive an hr and a half to family court every time my parents take something from me. 

that's cost effective policing right there. It creates a lot of jobs because when people don't end up in prison because another was trying to kill them well the coroner probably gets a lot of work maybe the mortician or maybe just the furnace as well. 
Besides the fact that without Paul returning my battery let alone the vacuum while I'm dealing with his mold and malnutrition for 3 years. Without the police overlooking someone terrorizing and trying to kill another generally

a trailer  trailer rental is wayyyyyyy cheaper than truck.  But it requires having a tow hitch. 

there's also tons of opertunities to make cash or score something needed like a work surface cheaper... with the limitation being haluling it 

as far as I can see it's a wise investment. This apartment that they picked out in a town they picked out in a county they picked out still empty other than stuff on the floor and their mold used as a bio weapon... well the apartment company wanted to evict the garage for having to clean Paul and Marlins moldy car under threat that they would destroy all the assets that Maple Grove Police continue to help them hold on to or steal sense and go without punishment or so much as a stern word. I was pretty sure and I was correct notice to vacate was given at the end of this lease. The only reason I'm not homeless is covid-19 .

The police also have had little concern for when my parents hold onto or come and take my ID in all reality as soon as this place can give me notice to vacate it's probably coming again. Meanwhile more starvation is on the menu fuck me right no fuck you. 

The Shelf

Among two things still stored at my parents are boxes not of the cardboard variety. Moving out of the last place because mold was confirmed already I looked up and followed mold protocol a lot of that was with money I made not from them I have no rights to anything as far as Maple Grove is concerned because my parents told them that they paid for everything I've ever had and I've never worked. The really disturbing part is none of the officers want to hear any evidence counter to that so if you want to kill somebody and Maple Grove but terrorizing first just tell him a good story and then cost savings will come into effect.

The ultimate effect might actually be elimination of Family Lines because I'm an only child. In the meantime I fight between them trying to label me as incompetent and unable to care for myself or manager adult life and well if I can't then there must be something wrong with me will they Overlook all these crimes that include mail and check fraud but hey why am I hungry why don't I have anything or I must be spending it on drugs no not money already in my name is allowed to be taken from my mail my signature forged there's no protection for money for me or anyting it's like selective acknowledgement the fucking reality likely with the purpose of case building against the party with the least means or life expectancy to defend

That said I've been down buying like Rubbermaid totes or whatever is cheapest because I've got clothes all over the floor what I do have is random odds and ends I've been given back $150 shelving unit up here would really help walk around or not take 20 minutes to find something I might not even have because I have to move 10 piles of clothing or be able to vacuum the fucking floor

It would also facilitate being able to move in a timely manner and or look for a job let alone another apartment be able to move around enough in the apartment to cook even if I had my kitchenware. But I don't but Paul and Marlene are allowed to continue coming in and stealing from my garage while I'm blowing out what looks to be black mold after forced exposure for year after year malnutrition from unanswered crimes. Minnesota can you Define murder however they want. This is still a rose


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