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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

No fuck you.

I do not deserve to lose everything. Somehow I always become so divorced from any reason that we let parents kill their children in adulthood after forcing labor so the parents can have some attention and keep their standard of living.  threat to their house caused by the mold they caused

I guess that's the privilege you pay for in Maple Grove. I don't think any of these officers would allow this to happen to themselves or never would have. I understand it's partly where laws that but I also see quite a bit of evidence that this is done for specific reasons we found family court  more profitable and job securing would be my best guess

But if it's going to and has ordered Millions to Psychiatric Services perhaps if she pay some heed to the sort of incest it supports  in some cases

Minnesota is looking to Dethrone Michael Phelps we might be on the right track

filper children for some, the abortion of critical thought and ultimately justice for the rest. 

a society helps parents pray on their young doesn't need covid to have a pandemic on their hands 

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