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Saturday, September 5, 2020


 it occurs to me that with no order of application of law and especially with ability to discrimante for any reason and repeatedly by police. epically one party vs another...

above 2015 view from bed. bellow, current 

table I cleaned a few days ago
derp.. lower.. I'm on my phone and blogger sucks I'll move them up here later 

this pic was the first night at the empty apt i refer to as the cell they picked to torture me in 

quite the racket when the state can create the conditions known to cause mental issues and anger let alone danger to life.. 

then allow a citizen to scream witch after years of put the lotion on your skin and labor for me 

and at best the accused is probably sentenced to psychological services for the brain damage the misconduct by the police department created. 

any state or nation can lower taxes to attract corps holding wealth. it takes a special kind of unethical to use law to ensure them a steady supply after targeting medicine 

but hey nice job to standing out mn. to borrow from a pop culture icon:
just my 2 cents
the cptsd is free 🤮
a nuscence who sent u sent for me? 

there is no freedom in MN

then there's the fact failure to be able to food and cloth yourself is further grounds for locking one up in a mental ward.

or detaining one on a medical hold. 

there are criminal laws against signing another adults name on checks, opening and or holding their mail... 

if those can be violated but not enforced and rhe result is hunger and the person they were violated against dead or imprissioned

no one's really protected here. Police in maple Grove will help put you on the street and let you starve

or overlook domestic bio terrorism or more traditional stated attempting to poision someone 

this is two days after spraying down with bleach and using green scrub pad

they paid to have the mold fixed for them

they take every chance they can to steal tools and steal id

they try to ensure I die early disfigured and or disabled 

meanwhile I hear from mgpd how good I have it

.. u think I have advantages u didn't? 

did u have the advantage of being smart enough at 16 to identify a medical emergency that would have taken your dad's life? 

how about make enough to maybe even live in mg (rent with out section 8) before turning 18 and not from family sources? 

did you save your parents property and once again protect health 

only to find police ensuring your life and every living being you loved plus all assets are seperated and or being destroyed. 

did you have police enforcing this while telling you how fortunate and or greatful u should be? 

can you define fascism? 

do you understand that the largest factors to how long someone lives and what they die of are diet and exercise? 

could u see how that's a function of assets on hand /purchased in the past and or income? 

one night perfectly content to chew me out for driving 46min with out ID and lie telling me that's illegal. 

then 0 legal precident insist I leave public properrt in a car I don't have title to outside a house all my valuables are being destroyed in

then its of no concern when I'm hungry the parents u defend have taken my ID and you are serving a ofp mid pandemic 

this might be cleshay but serious... 

heil Hitler!

or maybe an exestential finish:

is a facist asshole a facishole? 

nah... I'm not done even if I'm soon to be finished. 

little more on ethics:

how about when one has a union protected postion, paid time off, and misconduct usually at worse results in paid leave? 

so they use it to endanger someone's life limb mind body and assets? greatly decreasing lifetime expected income if not destroying life itself in another? 

how about in general any postion that can both lie to someone and use physical force or inflict pain for non compliance? 

yeah the reference to Nazi controlled Germany has been used quite a bit. 

I think it's closer to a match now then ever but what do I know, you're just doing your job right? 

to be clear I don't think I'm superior or better than anyone. what I'm trying to highlight is what sort of mind set must someone have to tell someone being pooisioned and starved they were given enough because the accused said so? 

what sort of mind set or mental issues must one have to pidgionhole precived advantages and justify real risk to life? 

sounds a lot like splitting. all or nothing grass is greener justification. 

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