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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

partial summery

parents house had mold since 01 confirmed in Jan 2018. not removed till Nov 2018 paid for pro remediation of 50x8 ft of wall 1500 Sq carpet and pad, deck from other side of houses back wall

issue mold pro first identified was wrong carpet pad. vapor barrier over sealed cement. they played general contractor finishing their basement about 98 to 2001

when I was in Jr high (also 2001) we got Cosmos cat. I named him after the heavens. he died in my lap 2017. visiting him transferd mold to my apt

I first detected it in 2014 and only meaning to stay a was 6mo they wouldn't let me leave

0 notice lock change eviction Aug 2018 which was 8mo after I moved back in

parents house had a professional confirmed major mold issue that had spread to my apt 

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