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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Paul Wuethrich and Sheet Rock

 a new addition to:

you're a brat

you're hurting your self

we arnt doing anything to you 

after we (rape) support you for number du jour et je suis un cul?

k so he probably didn't say the French bit. it's an understatement 

what he did say

 you damaged our sheet rock.

according to Paul Wuethrich his sons life is worth less than 5x10 of sheet rock and if Paul and Marlene want to destroy 16 years of accomplishment and everything earned

well maple Grove pd and hennepin County family court are on the job to make sure they can also take my heartbeat

city of Maple Grove MN  allows parents to rob their adult offspring blind if they so chose, try to murder them endanger and ultimately take the lives of their therapy  extort labor and hennepin County is there to wash the other hand clean

throw my body in the dumbster. Clyde needs to be with Bonnie and this police enforce murder needs to end. 

here's a headline:

Murder Victim Saves Incestuous Parents House (Minnesota yuck) 

police make sure even his bike is off limits while he is poisioned. 

son detects MASSIVE black mold and aspergillus at the house of a cnp working for children's st paul nicu and retired seiu employee

the couple puts him to work fixing it destroys all his things his mom takes fuck you as an excuse to want emotional support for her sex life his dad is taking his keys to keep him isolated on even his birthday, mom trys to murder him both therapy animals die. mom exploits knowledge of med system and false police reports to get him an emergency medical hold 3mo after they change lock 0 notice. both therapy rabbits end up dead 

couple keeps remediate 500k house son found dead with last human contact being police enforced narasstic incest

city of Maple Grove Aspirting to Dethroen Michael Phelps one Turpin parent at a time (webbed digits) 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

I'm not sure why I worked at all ever.

police help someone who claims to own me take any benifit from doing so, after most of the work is in and the financing for that required everything from working the two jobs.. 

so then hey let's make him clean our mold till.. 

oh u learned how to do things. 

not if they said otherwised

I know nitrogen in this shit hole bedroom or 240v across the heart with forks in my wrists  will do the trick.

Paul and Marlene stole post ofps as well but once again.. have to go to family court police say

I didn't chose or know when I would be locked out. the computers and network I rendered 6.3k of support on over the 8mo starting with my mom declaring herself my landlord.. built with out having charged them maybe 2012

nothing since Aug 2018 is given to me. they are paying to murder me or at best torture. 

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