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peace officer

 it occurred to me that possibly peace while enforcing injury and or death by selectively non enforcing violation if several criminal laws repeatedly one party against another.

Peace in the sense that the dead make no disturbances 

if it's OK to overlook theft of documents legaly required to obtain employment and or gov food assistance.

we basicly have agents granted the right to kill via starvation

when they can Overlook repeated criminal theft of tangible assets and or check and mail fraud.. one party against another.. and the theft of docs for employment or gov assistance

we have state enforcers that subtly suggest to an undesired indivigual

trying to try is pointless we are here to make sure you get no where and starve or end up behind bars for trying 

That actually being true implies a few things. the perception or outcome may look the same from the viewpoint of one watching enforcement bias on a per party basis though 

short of this as intent there are also incentives to act this way in the form of fedral grants for certian crimes and local laws that may allow civil asset forfiture. 

ie the intent may be to excuse crimes to see if the stress uncovers a lucrative arrest. the issue comes from some crimes threaten life directly and or ability to sustain it. 

to me one of the keys in deciding there is some element of intent against citizens on at least some levels is that we also see a push to make the claim anyone would ever have an idea against another or possibly team up/organize to execute this.. both a social discredidstion and a psych diagnosis. 

yes there is a sickness that manifests this way. there's also the reality that some times some people or groups have incentive to work togeather in general and may find incentive financial or avoiding liability in "getting" you. 

in theory differential diagnosis protocols and oversight of a medical professional in this postion of power would help keep this safe from exploit.

 I haven't seen either well implemented and the perhaps as tell tale is the absence of its discussion. granted this may be going on and I either haven't found it or am not privy to it. that said, I've looked. I doubt a compelling or better yet logical coherent ethical argument can be made that this discussion should be esoteric in nature. at least not while proclaiming this to be a free nation of free citizens. you are as free as laws and processes that are black boxes to you may leave you imprisoned or starving... to me that doesn't sound very free. ymmv

also it would be incredibly disingenuous to say all officers are like this. I've seen some that to the best of my ability to reason took that job hoping to help people. 

factors that cloud that are human and orgization level. 

ie paid and able to eat makes one likely to ultimately tow any line and or make fewer waves

it wouldn't actualy take conscious intent for humans to undo ourselves with policy and athority

there is a somewhat differing per person but likely true over all limit on how many concepts or sensory inputs may be compared at once in a human brain. 

ie even with out study and accumulation of knowledge on orgization environments group and indivigual psych

failure to see complex interplay in policy could create the same end result

 we now have civil actions that pass with out the accused entering court and create express pass to criminal charges..

in my case I was served with 4 days to the am court date an hr and a half from where my abductors decided I should suffer. 

people who filed also knew the car had broken down 6 days before filing. 

in general this system has decided to abandon human factor and economic factor considerations and I don't see thst as a sign of good to come 


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