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Peer group and presumption

 I would think there be an ethical violation with allowing hey parent to is likely at least 18 years vast majority more experience or alive longer then their child to file a one-sided no-questions-asked burden on the child to disprove parents claims no context or what might be going on what the police might have screwed up in has the child been forcibly separated from everything they own after poisoned to cause the dependents from what I read I should not have heard once from the police I cannot enter that house let alone for a year-and-a-half he made the drive away pre ofp from all of my valuables under lock and key Envy threatened. With no desire to check anything but with the court deems relevant to the case well if that's a parent on a child then it's presuming that the child is already flawed buy a cultural assumption because it's the child or adults Offspring to be independent then grow or it's presuming that there is nothing apparent to do that wanted to create the pendants which starts to argue that there's no factors of getting or keeping a job likelihood thereof there's nothing crime lies that the police one catch there's nothing the police might Overlook even though we know selective enforcement is a thing even though there's federal grants and the ability to seize assets for some friends and not others it seems that this is a clean up operation and I'm sure it does make violence go down because even if the victim or intended future homicide Target ends up behind bars while no one's breaking into prison to kill them and most people aren't that connected to have it done inside so I'm sure it looks defective but what's the ethical cost what's Sleepy Hollow to you what's the morality of not looking at their record while doing this sure it's irrelevant cuz whatever you say is relevant is relevant and what isn't isn't I play this game all day with people I don't have to bet my life they're doing it for me are full-blown cluster B personality disorders. They both told me is this was getting hellish on separate occasions mind you I get what I want when I want. Both also managed to mention we're the same person. If you don't understand the psychology there find someone who does instead of sentencing potential victims to it. Unwilling detainment and or punishment or fear of more harm is always trauma this isn't a mistake that should be brushed off as nothing. We can't have Justice without accountability and without ethics. I never bought business . ethics in college either you won't tell me a hundred times that it's okay to call a class ethics give me a dress business that they expect each that the only ethical actions of Corporation are to its shareholders. Walmart has even found the really sick way that unless they pay better the shareholders are ultimately hurt by theft so either way you come back to is this the actual right way to say it teach it think it be it I guess it depends do you want competent citizens or I don't think I'll win this argument I hope I'm wrong


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