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Pending societal possibly just economic collapse likely

I'm not even sure if that's clickbait. It's not necessarily going to happen or set in stone but here's what I fear. Three or four years ago now I realized currently available at that time levels of Technology Kirby lemonade or we're about to be able to eliminate long-distance Trucking retail and fast food positions for humans. I then looked up how many people in the US were employed in each.

 I forgot cab drivers.

I also forgot airline pilots. It's highly unlikely that we will see a pilotless plane even though we've been capable of it for quite some time. What I find incredibly likely is the co-pilot position disappears and that has happened before there used to be a flight engineer physician who sat behind the Pilot's managed making sure the plane was performing okay and radio communications if you look up the original 747 cockpit you can see their position. 

I find it highly likely Airlines will eliminate the co-pilot pretty soon because like I said the plane could fly itself so what we'll end up with is someone there to babysit this computer and make the rest of the paying customers okay. I'm not sure how the numbers go with drones but last I checked AI cars that self Drive which a few companies have been experimenting with are far safer than human drivers. But we brooms generations for a long time now that they're feels matter more than any sort of logic. It was brilliant forever sizing but for once I guess company's bottom line and ethical action was being only to it are actually going to come back on him I'm paying for positions that don't need to be there. Not that I agree with any morality or ethics in that statement I actually find myself wondering what's the point when we can eliminate all these positions like Why Pay anybody why anybody work. The bigger threat in my mind is who decides who lives and dies in this world. Because going on for maybe two decades now if you watch United Nations meetings or even normal politics you'll catch a whiff of there's too many people and we're ruining the biosphere. I highly doubt there would be another Holocaust at least not as obvious but there's a lot of ways to eliminate people. Most people with the current work hours don't have time to even looking do what might make them live longer or not and might not have the financial means either way but I'm digressing.

So even forgetting airline pilots and cab driverst he number still came to something like 30% of Americans.

But then maybe a week ago I noticed something extra disturbing in this context. Boston Dynamics is now pushing a new Logistics robot. The picture looks like it can load and unload pallets. So basically every Amazon fulfillment center plus every other company that supplies things. The demand for labor worldwide if this is implemented is probably half of what it currently is if not less. 

I have a feeling World War 3 start soon. 

top of my head World War 2 the run-up to it was Spanish flu and then Japan cancels the Olympics I could be wrong I'll look it up later. 

It's not all doom and gloom there's one Ultra Elite player at least trying to put us on another planet well heavily attacking carbon output with what I thought was a really Noble desire and execution strategy. I'm not saying I can know what he actually is about or not but I like what I see. Of course I'm referring to Elon Musk. 

His whole plan with Tesla was make the ones who can afford it Finance the developments until we get it down to what an average family would spend on a sedan. That's why the model X came out first. Also there's business reasons to do this but at the same time there's environmental reasons to do this and if you look at his patent filings he's been all about getting Cobalt out of the batteries

I also hear he frequently works all the way through the night pretty much till he drops maybe Maple Grove Police should go investigate him. We're certainly maintaining the American dream where parents can end their family line post-term coat hanger board and in the meantime they demand that I work minimum wage and only minimum wage until they're satisfied. If they can steal anything from me repeatedly what chances do I have. I always thought of my dad is a contract negotiator a union guy he was about protecting people. Perhaps the proper view was he's a janitor and doesn't want to see his son Eclipse that. Marlene on the other hand is on the same hand and if I didn't get a good grade in something doesn't matter what happens to that showed or later demonstrating the ability to apply it and having found I lightly have mathematic dyslexia anytime I try to do something usually degree-level didn't you get a bad grade in that class? Now it's become did you even go to school whatever justifies your murder mom. Kind of hilarious I was using UV lamps made for like refrigerators for disinfecting because in studying how to do UV lithography I came across that concept. In fact there's a lot of evidence that you didn't blue light works on a lot of things not everything though nor does UV. She calls me batshit crazy and says it's a sign of how much help I need and then a few months later I'm back living at their house and she doesn't say sorry she doesn't acknowledge what she said earlier but she tells me that she saw a rum glowing blue at Children's that day. I didn't have the heart to ask her if that was Xeon pulse or constant blue.

Also as far as my plight  is concerned I'm not saying I'm on anybody's level when referencing here but I'm not even sure if all of them are on their level. What I'm getting at is Bill Gates was a College Dropout who lived in his parents basement until about 30. Had Maple Grove PD done to him what they're doing to me we might not have someone with an honorary non medical degree telling us about coronavirus right now.

But since we do remember what he's good at is making money. What is appearing to give you is Health advice. I would question that or take it with a grain of salt as they say.

Nikola Tesla was also known to keep very odd hours and eccentric habits. For a while will I had plaid at hotels because my dad had threatened to put my rabbit the clothes washing machine after Bonnie rabbit had died I was joking that I'm usually up all night I'm living at a hotel and instead of pigeons I have my buddy Clyde. 

This picture and the one below taken at hotels one of the above was pet friendly. Which is relevant here because realize the psychology of a rabbit. His nature was a prey animal. A pet friendly hotel smells of new Predator everyday. I was across the room working on a web server via internet looked over and saw this on the bed. You don't abuse an animal to trust you that much you only gain it baby learning about their personality and respecting of their species interact treating them as an individual. We also know that give me animal world if something's brightly colored it's pretty comparable to a valid reason to make a verbal threat in the human world. It's also theorized that that's how verbal threats evolved one of many potential reasons they're used is to avoid physical conflict that might take someone's life. Police can arbitrarily decide not to enforce crimes that might lead to the same result to then punish the person who makes the threat rather than takes the action to take the life is beyond insanity. Now I'm really off topic. That's what happened subject to the Maple Grove Minnesota in justice system

I guess Jeff is trying to get us off the Planet too but he's going a little bit different route. We'll see how Amazon Fulfillment centers go.

But tired all up for the end we've replaced the old knowledge of where you begin usually determines where you end up with this deadly message of you deserve poisoning torture and murder if somebody says you accepted money from them. That's not a comment on if I did or did not I clearly did. I want to try to deny that. But I think a lot of what goes on is I had it rough you should 2 and 1/2 that's what you get. The only people I see this beneficial to are those already at the top already in control because it's the only way you can not even safely anywhere is start out minimum wage 18 be ready to leave your parents what are the odds any individual has overcoming poverty let alone getting anywhere or doing anything with their life. And it's really not arguably safer because there was no evidence that we would generally consider evidence to allow the police to state that I deserve this or that it's hearsay you're so used to overlook constant things that are crimes and threatened or endangered my life. But as it relates if the labor force is credible by 50% if the people that are at the top and have decided that a large portion of us have to go I guess if nobody thinks of it that way enjoy

I've had conversations like this in person with people I know and random people and one of the justifications is well if they got to that position they deserve the power but that dream is long ago rigged and of our design what we're basically arguing is social Darwinism but applied from a what can make the most money which in this system generally involves either Grimley Innovative breakthrough for ripping people off. That's not necessarily Duff fittest especially when it wasn't a survival need to do so I do really worried about if we escape the solar system what we spread to the Galaxy and I don't think it's an eighth to humanity I think it's our own creation and or will be the selection of the nastiest to survive

I need to come back and edit it because that's probably where I could end this but when I needed to address along these lines is also education. France that I know of Europe in general things like the back and what we called tracking or career path tracking we just stay here that you need the grades to get a job. But that isn't really in line with the American dream of anybody can own a business anybody can make it and I think it's more modern developments as well. But as I've been pointing out for other justifications people that Supply the pay if you get the grades didn't necessarily get nor were they capable of getting it themselves and even more to the point when it comes to actual innovation do you think Nikola Tesla graduated any class in electrical engineering.? The amount of people planet can support is largely a factor of human innovation. We shouldn't have gotten to this level it was our ability to invent tools technology largely facilitated by a human's ability to network. Play Network I mean communicate symbolically with language and communicate not just what's in front of us but Concepts like recursive symbolism I guess would be a good way to put it because every word is made up every word symbolizes something. When we start deciding there's too many people for the planet to support there's only one way to have a good shot and that's grades and an already existing player being paid by them that's bad enough we can call it whatever we want but it's going to look a lot like genocide however it plays out. What's even worse is if you have political climate where expressing ideas or even talking to neighbor becomes taboo

And I think there's been evidence that it's gotten better while it gets worse like it's always a constantly changing landscape and I'm not speaking to intent but in the context of getting the grades getting into the school versus how much time someone has think about after school activities extracurriculars in that context in the American system. The reason I say it's improved in some ways is I hear high schools Tech magnet send me a life do you think was like robotics now that's great. Still not everyone is going to be caught with the system has been learning disabilities will go mist and very bright people might end up starving or dead on the street. That's going to happen either way that's the fact of life but what I'm saying is especially in the context where we might come to the belief there's too many humans we got to go this is our own doing this is our own sin there's nothing that says this is certain but it certainly says it will continue to be if we remain on this path

Not sure how common knowledge of what's called American Stonehenge is but if you look something up called the Georgia Guidestones I think it might shed some light on this . 

I can't know nor can I tell you I know for sure if it's at all related but here's what I can analyze and show the work in doing so.

there's no telling who put that there. There's a Wikipedia but without like work orders and proof anybody could claim it as well. It's murky Origins is the best I've discovered.

If media covers it they insert the suggestion that it might be or is meant as a monument to guide humans after an apocalypse we might have found through than advertising but that's highly dependent on how you define apocalypse or cause of societal collapse. Tomato tomato, that works better out loud Slaughter apocalypse whatever I guess I would take even what the media says with a grain of salt.

What we do know for sure because you can go see it:

 we can discern is its there.

 It's astronomically aligned 

it would have been astronomically out of the budget for most Americans. The materials used  the amount of land it's on  and how hard it's been for people who have tried to figure out who paid for it  secrecy also requires cost  or great power and threat to life . 

Of the many things written on it or rather inscribed

 maintain Earth's human population below 500 million.

 If that has any relevance to what I think we're about to see if not in the beginning of, I suggest asking yourself 2 questions

Do you have any esoteric backing to lead you to believe you will be in that 500 million? 

If not and going with 8 billion for a nice round number.... 

are you 6% of all humans

I'm not but either way a follow-up question is what are you willing to do and How likely do you think you can do anything to guarantee your survival in it? I doubt it will look anything like a concentration camp but I do think a lot of people will just be doing their jobs to enable it. 

After all:

work sets you free


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