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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 due to the theft of... everything than even some things given back and all earned in between. I have a filthy matress and a laptop. I dont have a place to eat other than floor or matress. due to that water spilled on the matress almost took out the laptop. 

for most people it would have equaled the end of that computers usable life. 

for me it was get out isopropyl alcohol, a tooth brush, dry by air then electric oven on warm for a few hrs. went from not a light on to indicate it sees the power brick 

 to functional with the only casualty being the battery. Which is annoying as all f*** because I only have a filthy mattress to use it on ergonomics and eyesight be down but on top of that I moved the wrong way and I'm looking at a black screen because the power turned off and the battery is not there 

I should have a workstation desktop that I built it was the third computer I built for myself by age 22 I had built 30 for clients. business and homes. 

Except April 2020 Paul and Marlene stole it from my garage with my MIG welder and compound miter saw . On it was every memory I've had since having a digital camera stop I need to build a portfolio to go with a CV and or resume to maybe get a decent job . They now taunt over why don't you have a decent job my dad has two times indicated he has the things missing from the garage my mom once. 

police again refuse to do anything. 1k worth of equipment (conservative estimate) stolen after ofp passed and felliny level theft again overlooked. This might as well be slavery 

 Im guessing hp has a trip once type fuse in them as it still held about 2 hrs of charge before the event and its unlikely but not impossible the battery just happened to hit end of life on the same day as the spill. 

with out opening it reading the number on the nms chip and pulling the data sheet.. and or cell voltages.. 

it's a good thing I could save it because  maple grove police see no need to apply any laws to protect me from anything really. 

as a result good to bear perfect credit from 2k6 to 2018 is destroyed I had never missed a min payment until 2017 usualy paid more than min. 

since 2018 my parents have virtually held me captive but less than virtual the first 8mo of 2018 with one 2017 event being pretty forceful detainment as well. I drove down not knowing their house was the cause of all the bleeding because my dad offered me a night away from it . Then besides because I won't tell him one arbitrary thing is taking my keys so I can't return to my apartment . April 2018 was another Direct I'm not letting you go anywhere this time on my 30th birthday the mold having been confirmed for 4 months . Despite living in Fargo North Dakota for 8 years mostly alone driving in every snowstorm there was and snow levels where a sedan doesn't keep the wheels on the ground and acts more like a toboggan acts more like a toboggan.. despite never having been stranded or wrecked Paul took my keys to protect me from a minor snow storm. in reality it was about him being lonely.  he had two groups of friends he went to the bar with at least once a week. yet a few weeks before he confesses to me that he feels empty and lonely because he doesn't have enough friends at the time this happened it had been two years since I had had a social outing. 

emotional incest now turned to distruction by Salem 1600s court in Hennepin County and police in maple Grove.  

Maple Grove police have for a year been hell bent on painting me as violent despite 30 years previous with a few speeding tickets and a minor in possession of booze at like age 19 or 20 in ND. aka nothing to suggest this otherwise. I am self-actualized long time ago I decided the change I wanted to be also known as the change I wanted to see in the world was minimizing harm to others within that context being violent with anything living has been a personal taboo . I am also of the belief that words are always greater than actions. There might be some exceptions dependent on postion of power, relation and or ability to enforce. as a general rule its holds though. 

breif detour to discuss that mip:

first its odd that age of majority is 18 yet a 19 year old gets a minor in possession charge. 

two I had actually kicked the party a roommate was having out then happened to be on the shitter in now quiet apt. A knock at the door had me needing to wipe and thinking its a drunken party goer returning. from the thrown I responded "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT" and it was answered with "FARGO PD". had it not been for the thought "gee that wasnt a great start to this interaction" I might not have opened the door and then got a minor for someone else's beer on the counter. live and learn right? 

bigger issue i cant cover here is that I found a paper written for the gov now trying to redefine anyone who doesnt roll over and plead guilt or let police and courts do as they want likely has a personality disorder... the encompansing issue is law is not moral though the two do occasionally overlap.

point was there is little to indicate im the person mgpd wants to paint me as and in doing so they continue to overlook fellony level crimes that endanger my life and continued existance.

now family court that was originally set as far as i can see to forward VAWL application and or collect federal grants for the state... originally scoped between lovers is being used to allow parents to stalk, steal from,attempt to murder, attemping still to  poison and have a legal position of power over their adult son. 

apparently incest is the best if you belive in hear say accusations with the burden on the accused and no provisions for the forced labor and relocation prior to the accusation. or fact that those accusing picked a court an hr and a half away on a good no traffic day from the apt they forced under threat and keep devoid of 16 years of things i worked for and earned or was given by anyone. aug 2018 i left for a hotel and shortly after the lock was changed. Gilligans 3 hr tour. I had moved in 8 mo prior and had 0 notice this would be the last time able to touch my things or others things. check fraud mail fraud, attempted murder year and a half of police telling me things like "I cant file theft i gave them my things moving out"  false reports leading to 3mo into the 3hr tour and 3rd hotel, i come back from getting snacks and a mgpd officer blocks the car in the hotel lot with a squad car. 

"I have the power to decide but i decided before I met you youre going in tonight" 


"I already got the ambulance and dont want to waste their time"

"Step out of the vehicle or i can remove you by force"

"turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle" 

surprise giligans island was deserted and crime-ridden but also features an inpatient mental ward or 3 day abduction at police point. 

near the end 

"I have an email with the mold pro and documents from the exterminator on my gmail on my phone"

"Patients aren't allowed phones on the ward"

"(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs, you will be here till Tuesday at the earliest" 

which was like 3 days away but then about 4 hrs later a nurse walks in

 "we mistook the type of hold you will be released soon" 

11 mo previously a hired mold pro determined their house had issues. the pic above is what i was mms(ed)/txted the night I was released from the mental ward. basically my dad saying look what i can do to you. they hired a professional to remediate the mold while their false police reports had me in a mental ward getting a psych diagnosis for said mold. 

Bonnie rabbit would die in their care maybe at max a month later. 

this life is so pointless even though i can go get food and eat it on my filthy matress i struggle to see the point

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